Breath is the connection
between mind, body, and
– ultimately –

The breath ignites and
informs the practice,
awakening the body’s
innate wisdom and
making every movement a

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First sweat, then surrender. The first two hours of this workshop are a powerful, upbeat vinyasa flow practice, coupling a great playlist with Levi’s light-hearted delivery and deep, sincere commitment to the practice.

You’ll touch your limits, and then surpass them, reaching beyond what you thought you were capable of. In the process, you’ll discover that you can do things you didn’t imagine were possible for you, reprogramming your mind and shifting your entire outlook.

The final hour is a time to unwind and process, melting into restorative poses and feeling your heart melt as you absorb the power of the vinyasa practice and walk out of the studio transformed.


Shamanic yoga is a walk between the worlds, using our bodies as the ribbon between heaven and earth. This workshop invokes the power of ritual, as we create a sacred space and call on shamanic traditions from around the world to bless our practice.

We’ll use drums, rattles, and the shapeshifting powers of our bodies to connect with earth and sky, animal totems, and – ultimately – a deeper realization of who we really are.


Inversions and arm balances are some of the most appealing poses, but often some of the most challenging. This three-hour workshop makes mastering them fun and exciting, rather than scary and frustrating.

We’ll break down how to align the body and stack the bones to maximum effect, discuss the best ways to calm the nervous system, and turn the whole experience into a light-hearted adventure rather than a terrifying ordeal. Levi has been getting people upside down since his breakdancing days – you can be next!


Pranayama is the bridge between the physical elements of the practice and the esoteric ones. Traditionally, yogis saw all that bending and stretching as a prelude to the real work of sitting in meditation.

This workshop will connect you with the energetic and physical components of the yogic breath, and the experience of being breathed by the vastness of the universe. Practical and profound, you’ll learn the yogic breathing techniques that unleash prana (life-force energy), and the foundations of a personal pranayama practice.


Usually the workshops take 3 hours but,
all these workshops can be adapted
to fit different timescales.

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