Shamanic Healing
Initiatory Process

Shamanic Breathwork® Training Level 1

Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (SHIP)

Unleash Personal Healing and Transformation Through the Breath

The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

December 17-30, 2021

Change your life with Shamanic Healing 

Join us in beautiful Bali for a transformational journey through the ceremony of Shamanic Breathwork ®

A powerful healing process that inspires individuals to reconnect with their own inner healer. It’s a journey taken by connecting the breath, chakra-attuned music, focused bodywork, art, and group sharing to leave you empowered with the magic of who you truly are. Through Shamanic Breathwork, old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed, bringing wholeness and healing back into your life, your loved ones, and the world around you.

This 14 Day immersion will take you through the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process.

The program is a series of five transformative initiations based on the 5 Elements. This highly experiential process taps into your inner self, releasing blocks to higher love and wisdom. As you re-integrate through an embodiment of the 5 Elements, you will be set free to stand in the truth of your authentic being and walk a path with heart. You will journey beyond the limitations of ego identity and shape-shift into your sacred soul purpose.


In this Shamanic Breathwork Immersion, you will:
    Learn shamanic tools to create real and lasting change in your life.
    Transform troubling issues from the past that still impact you today.
    Reclaim your passion and your power by recovering lost aspects of your authentic self.
    Deepen your connection to unconditional love for self & others.
    Enhance your ability to support others, share your unique gifts & sacred purpose with the world.

You will have the best possible facilitators to ensure a safe and meaningful journey. Master Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators Levi Banner along with a team of shamanic facilitators will teach from a blend of ancient traditions and modern methodologies. They bring you to open, loving hearts and minds, willing to support and travel with you wherever you need to go. Along with initiation into Shamanic Breathwork and your own personal healing experience, you will take the first step towards sharing this sacred work with others and become eligible to take the level 2 training. Daily integration of Yoga practice, Pranayama, Meditation, Astrology, Shamanic Ceremonies, and other activities provides a well-rounded experience touching body, mind, heart, and spirit.

The training takes place in the world renowned The Yoga Barn, located in Ubud, the spiritual center of beautiful and exotic Bali. A beautiful place with a high vibrational community of seekers, healers, and teachers, it is the perfect locale for spiritual awakening. By the end of this 14-day immersion, you will be a 1st Level Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner and Ordained Shamanic Minister and discover keys to unlocking deep personal growth, healing, and happiness.

Are you ready to step onto the shamanic path of transformation?

Are you ready to journey into personal healing through the power of the breath

Are you ready to change your life in a magical place brimming with spiritual energy?

Join us in Bali in December – The Time To Heal Is Now

Your Guides

Levi Banner

With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world – teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Yoga, Breathwork, and Astrology comprise his trinity of mystical knowledge. He creates a safe, peaceful classroom space where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential. Levi’s specialties are a strong, consistent vinyasa yoga practice; precious yet powerful pranayama practice; relaxing and healing restorative yoga, and divining deep astrological insights through the cosmic viewpoint.

Levi is a Master Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. Mystery, transformation, and healing magically combine as he leads intensive Shamanic Breathwork journeys, helping participants reconnect to their highest selves. By gifting students with personal empowerment and self-healing, he strives to create a community of open-hearted difference makers with world-changing potential.

Levi can be found teaching at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, or traveling the shamanic path as he conducts workshops and immersions around the globe. In Yoga, Levi is rated E-RYT 500, the highest level of Yoga Alliance certification. Enlightened techniques and ancient philosophies learned through his studies in India, Guatemala, Sedona, and Bali are transmitted into his practice, gracing students with an unusually well-rounded experience and profound lifetime benefits.


Specialties: Vinyasa, Restorative, Pranayama, Shamanic Breathwork ®, Astrology.

E-RYT 500 – Highest level of Yoga Alliance Certification.

Master Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Ordained Shamanic Minister by Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

Certifications and training from 7 Centers Yoga Arts (Sedona, Arizona); School YogaInstitute – Advanced Yoga + Shamanic Studies (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)

Certified Pranayama Teacher by Kaivalyadham Yoga Center in India by O.P. Tiwari

Advanced student of the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center

Studied Iyengar Restorative and Pranayama in an intentional community in Portland, Oregon

Certified Shamanic Astrologer by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

Bachelor’s Degree in Sacred Elemental Studies

Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices

What’s Included?


The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (SHIP)

You will process through five levels of shamanic healing, each an initiation based on one of the 5 Elements. The five initiations each feature a Shamanic Breathwork® journey, utilizing the breath, sound healing through chakra-attuned music, energetic bodywork, soul return and extraction, shamanic art processes, scribing and group processing. Journeyers enter an altered state of consciousness that transforms and integrates trauma experienced earlier in life; creates a connection with their soul and spirit guides; and receive visions about their sacred purpose in the world. You will walk between the worlds: working on physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels as you learn to embody the elements.

In addition to the guidance of your teachers, you will have the support of a co-journeyer – a fellow student who will assist you with whatever you need during your psycho-spiritual voyage. You will switch roles with your partner halfway through the day, helping to create a nurturing, supportive, and safe space in which all participants can grow together as a community. Upon completion of the elemental teachings and the elemental experiences you will know how to embody these natural forces in your life. There will also be optional daily practice in Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Astrological insights.

Elemental Initiations
  1. Water: The Spiral Path and Five Cycles of Change

    Each time we come back to something, we come back changed. Constant renewal is the shamanic path – the spiral of life. Everything in the universe flows in a spiral. Here we get settled in and see what’s stirred up in ourselves, as we are new in the space and like water, fluid. We connect with our new community and to the new practices.

  2. Earth: Your Family Tree and the Tree of Life

    The family we choose is our family of choice. We begin to release the blocks and barriers of our own heart – the habits, patterns, and traumas or wounds developed from our family of origin. Here we see in a solid way what they are, and how to free ourselves. We tap into these family roots and the interconnectedness of the tree of life as we embrace family and friends.

  3. Fire: Meeting the Shadow and Inner Work

    Here we shine a light on our dark places – what’s beneath the surface, what’s following you, and what you can’t see. Fire transforms all it touches. In an intense and cathartic initiation, we use the power of fire to burn away our patterns; to release anger, frustration, and blame; and finally, come to a warm heart space.

  4. Spirit: Opening to the Inner Beloved

    We all posses an inner beloved and have the capacity to connect to the divine. Here we learn to love our ourselves, our innate gifts and our inner other. Now that we have cleared so much, it is time to see how much we can open our hearts to our own inner self – that part of you that you show up for. Connecting to our inner masculine or feminine, we experience the union of duality.

  5. Air: Rising to the Call of Your Sacred Purpose

    The deepest human longing is discovering what we are here to do and why. We embrace forward movement – becoming empowered agents of change, and enabled in our mission. Here we accept the seat of a teacher and learn how to carry this role forward into the world. We step into being the best versions of ourselves as we finally connect to our true life purpose.

Sample Daily Schedule

(Subject to Change – may include late nights, fun surprises, and day trips…)

  • 8am-9am (optional) Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation
  • 10am-10:30 Community Circle or Morning Rituals
  • 10:30-1pm Breathwork Session or Elemental Teaching
  • 1pm-3pm Lunch Break
  • 3pm-5:30 Breathwork Session or Elemental Experience
  • 5:30-7pm Dinner Break
  • 7pm-8:30 Processing Groups or Evening Ceremony
Activities, Ceremonies, and Practices
  • Astrology Insights
  • Balinese Blessing and Opening Ceremony
  • Ceremonies – Cacao, Dance, Sound Healing
  • Daily Practices – Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation
  • Sacred Water Temple and Waterfall Visits
  • Shamanic Drumming, Dancing and Dreaming
Certificates Received Upon Completion

Certifications are received through the Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

  •    Level 1 Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner (SHIP) Certification [Please note: SHIP is the first of two courses on the path to becoming a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and becoming certified to teach Shamanic Breathwork. A Level 2 training, Facilitator Skills Training, is required to be fully certified as a facilitator. By completing SHIP in this program, you become eligible to take the Level 2 training. The Level 2 training is not offered in this program.]
  • Ordained Shamanic Minister of the Shamanic Minister’s Global Network (Optional) [Please note: Upon completion of SHIP, you will have the opportunity to be ordained as a Shamanic Minister, the only such certification in the world. This is optional. Your instructor will provide all the necessary details on how to obtain your certification.] *Certifications are received through Venus Rising Association for Transformation.*
Healthy and Delicious Meals

Included in your cost of tuition is a healthy and delicious dinner provided daily at The Garden Kafe at The Yoga Barn. The meal menu will consist of natural, wholesome, organic foods in a delightful array of raw, vegan, gluten-free, and Ayurvedic choices. Prepared in a creative fusion of Eastern and Western styles, you’ll experience a symphony of yummy, healthy fare that will flood your body with nutrients and ignite your chakras. Vibrant, fresh cold-pressed juices will keep your energy high and be thirst-quenching proof that it’s possible to both cultivate health and have fun.


Accommodations are not included in the cost of training, but many housing options are easily found in Ubud. We’ll provide a listing of nearby and affordable choices to make your travels easy. Please inquire for an accommodation package as we have booked out the closest and most comfortable housing, which is literally steps away from the studio space at the Yoga Barn Nest.


The Yoga Barn Since 2007, The Yoga Barn has been the center of yoga and healing in Ubud, Bali. This beautiful, inspirational environment is one of the largest and most famous retreat centers in SE Asia. Offering daily classes, workshops and retreats in Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Ayurveda, Detox, Breathwork, Healing, and more, The Yoga Barn strives to provide classes and events taught at the highest quality, deepest knowledge, and with experienced authenticity. Teachers and students from around the world travel here to become part of its nourishing and spiritual aura – an ideal backdrop for personal healing, renewal, and high-vibe education.

Ubud, Bali Founded in the eighth century by a Javanese Hindu priest meditating at the confluence of two rivers, Ubud takes it’s very appropriate name from the Balinese word ubad medicine. Ubud is surrounded by lush jungle and verdant rice paddies in its hilly location. It is the cultural and spiritual center of the island, home to artists, craftsmen, healers, spas, art museums, and Hindu temples. The center of town has artisanal boutiques and tasty restaurants, while nearby the Balinese live in traditional villages and engage in colorful religious ceremonies. Peaceful and serene, Ubud is the perfect place to journey for a spiritual reawakening.

Dates and Rates


December 17-30, 2021

14 Day Immersion


$2,450 USD

Enrollment is limited! Secure your spot now.

The time to heal is now, the time to remember who we really are is now.
Come to a place where Healing is the Teaching and the Teaching is the Healing.
Are you ready to be transformed through Shamanic Breathwork®?

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