1- 7 November 2019 at The Yogi’s Garden – Bali

Are you ready to live the magic of earth and sky, journeying deep into the mysteries of Shamanic Astrology and discovering your Shamanic Timeline – while immersed in natural beauty, under endless star-filled skies?

Join us in Central Bali’s beautiful countryside for a stellar shamanic experience, at a magical garden retreat surrounded by lush, green forests and wide, open skies.


You’ll dive deep into Shamanic Astrology to learn the Planetary Cycles of Initiation, Astrological Rites of Passage, and The Shamanic Timeline of Your Life.

Led by Daniel Giamario, the Creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ and Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™, this unique intensive will explore the most important mysteries connected to the Outer Planets as initiators, teachers, and guides.

At the end of this 7-day course, you’ll have discovered deep insights in your personal chart; received the tools needed to determine the most important cycles of initiation for yourself and others; and gained course credit from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School toward becoming a 1st Degree Shamanic Astrology Counselor — all while having an amazing experience of transformation and connection in a peaceful, natural location.


Are you seeking an intensive astrology experience unlike any other, connecting deeply with nature, community, and your Higher Self?

Are you ready to step onto the shamanic path, journeying into self-knowledge and rebirth through Shamanic Astrology?

Join us in Bali, 1 November – 7 November 2019, for a journey of Growth, Learning, and Transformation along the Shamanic Timeline.

This Training Is for You If:


  • You are interested in astrology, and in learning more about Shamanic Astrology.
  • You are seeking a shamanic path to personal transformation and understanding, using the planets as guides to grow and evolve.
  • You want to learn your Shamanic Timeline, and how to determine your personal and generational cycles of initiation to achieve the best results for your life.
  • You are seeking a break from the stresses and pressure of urban life; and want to find peace, insights, and loving community out in nature, under the stars.
  • You are looking for an intensive, unique, and fun Shamanic Astrology course that incorporates ceremony, astrological insights, personal charting, and sacred site visits.


The Shamanic Timeline Course takes place at The Yogi’s Garden, a serene retreat center set within an organic farm in Central Bali. It’s surrounded by natural beauty, ringed by lush forest, and joined by a flowing river. This tranquil oasis offers spectacular views of ancient volcanoes by day, and seas of shimmering stars and planets by night.

You will be joined by a loving community of like-minded seekers along this starlit shamanic path. Together, you will go deeply into the outer planet initiation cycles and natal complexes. You will gain understanding that the outer planets are teachers, guides, and initiators here to assist our soul’s journey; including the intended evolution and growth each planet represents.

Uniquely, you will explore The Shamanic Timeline of Life – the age-related cycles we all go through, along with our personal initiation cycles that can occur at anytime. You’ll learn how to identify the Flashpoints when several age-related cycles occur together, representing unique pockets of time throughout our lives. You’ll learn to determine which are most important for yourself and others; and how to unlock that power to fuel personal transformation.

Empowered, you will share in ceremony, astrological learnings, and commune with nature. As budding Shamanic Astrologers, you will connect to the fullest expression of life, grounded on the foundation of “As Above – So Below, As Within – So Without”. You’ll recognize and celebrate the unions between Soul and Spirit, Land and Sky, Feminine and Masculine, Body and Mind, and Shadow and Light – and emerge refreshed, energized, and transformed.


    What You’ll Learn in The Shamanic Timeline Course:

    • How to calculate the planetary cycles for both personal and generational cycles (including special case transits for Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto etc.).
    • What the major and minor “Flashpoints” are that occur during a person’s lifetime. For example, why full adulthood occurs around age 29; what cycles are happening during a “midlife crisis”; significant age-related cycles throughout life.
    • How the planets are teachers and guides; and how to work with them for best results for yourself and others.
    • How to explore the essence of each outer planet as a guide; and how these planetary guides are helping us to grow and evolve.
    • Understanding all your life phases with greater clarity (especially for those new to Shamanic Astrology), and how these Timings are invaluable for personal ceremonies.
    • Deep astrological insights through personal charting and night sky experiences.
    • To engage in shamanic ceremonies and rituals.


    Your Guides

    Daniel Giamario

    Daniel Giamario is the Founder-Emeritus and Senior Advisor of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ (SAMS); and creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, also known as The Giamario Approach™. He joins together an academic background in Comparative Philosophy and Religion, with teaching meditation in two worldwide organizations, and extensive world travel.

    Daniel learned astrology in the late 1960’s, and was part of Dane Rudhyar’s humanistic astrology movement in the 1970s. After a vision quest experience on Mount Shasta in 1981, his astrological vision and spiritual path became more Earth centered – and a shamanically oriented astrology was born. For many years, his specialty has been connecting astrology to the night sky at secluded locations and sacred sites in an “As Above – So Below” direct experience.  He has been a full time astrological consultant since 1984.

    Shamanic Astrology has evolved as a rich blend of psychological, mythological, spiritual, and shamanistic elements, specifically designed to assist in the unfoldment of the individual’s life purpose and in navigating this pivotal point of the Turning of the Ages.

    In the early 1990s, with the help of Cayelin Castell, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School was conceived as a land-based, nomadic, and virtual curriculum for training counseling and therapeutic professionals in the use of the most important and transformational astrological tools and techniques.

    Daniel lives and travels with his wife Lynne, going back and forth between Southern Arizona, Europe and South Asia. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, Daniel traveled extensively, teaching workshops in over thirty locations. He currently is traveling less, except for regularly scheduled events in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School curriculum; as well as international events with the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine organization.

    Daniel’s passions are growing the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School’s body of knowledge, further evolution of the The Giamario Approach, and continued research to obtain answers to his life-long question: “Who are we? And what the hell happened?”

    Publications and Links



      Levi Banner

      With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world — teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Yoga, Breathwork and Astrology comprise his trinity of mystical knowledge. He creates a safe, peaceful classroom space where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

      Levi’s specialties are a strong, consistent vinyasa yoga practice; precious yet powerful pranayama practice; relaxing and healing restorative yoga; and divining deep astrological insights through the cosmic viewpoint as a Fully Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer.

      He can be found teaching at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali — or traveling the shamanic path around the globe conducting workshops and immersions. In Yoga, Levi is rated E-RYT 500, the highest level of Yoga Alliance certification. Enlightened techniques and ancient philosophies learned through his studies in India, Guatemala, Sedona, and Bali are transmitted into his practice, gracing students with an unusually well-rounded experience and profound lifetime benefits.

      Levi is also a Master Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator.  Mystery, transformation, and healing magically combine as he leads intensive Shamanic Breathwork journeys, helping participants reconnect to their highest selves. By gifting students with personal empowerment and self-healing, he strives to create a community of openhearted difference makers with world-changing potential.


        • Fully Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer by The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
        • Specialties: Vinyasa, Restorative, Pranayama, Shamanic Breathwork®, Astrology,
        • E-RYT 500 – Highest level of Yoga Alliance Certification
        • Master Level Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator and Ordained Shamanic Minister by Venus Rising Association for Transformation
        • Certifications and trainings from: 7 Centers Yoga Arts (Sedona, Arizona); School Yoga Institute – Advanced Yoga + Shamanic Studies (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)
        • Certified Pranayama Teacher by Kaivalyadhama Yoga Center in India by O.P. Tiwari
        • Advanced student of the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center
        • Studied Iyengar Restorative and Pranayama in an intentional community in Portland, Oregon
        • Bachelor’s Degree in Sacred Elemental Studies
        • Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices

        What’s Included


        The Shamanic Timeline Course

        The Shamanic Timeline Course is a 7-day intensive focusing on the planetary cycles of initiation and the outer planet complexes found on the natal chart, what they mean, and how to work with them for maximum results.

        Activities and Ceremonies

        In addition to in-depth Shamanic Astrology theory, you’ll also initiate into ceremony; gain significant personal astrological insights; make deep tribal connections; and enjoy a peaceful, beautiful environment that will create a strong connection between earth and our classroom, the night sky.

        About Shamanic Astrology

        Shamanic Astrology operates through an archetypal and mythical framework anchored in the “As Above – So Below” mysteries. This creates a ceremonial and participatory approach to astrology, designed to create greater awareness of a person’s life purpose and their relationship to The Great Mystery.


        Shamanic Astrology’s main purpose is to give a person the understanding of their original intent, empowering them with knowledge of life purpose and the cycles of initiation everyone encounters. This approach provides a vision of the possibilities a person is here to experience so they can make more conscious choices. Shamanic Astrology provides powerful tools intended to assist a person in taking responsibility for their own life.


          The Eight Main Principles of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm

          (Formulated by Daniel Giamario, and also known as The Giamario Approach)

          The foundational philosophical truth of Shamanic Astrology (and arguably of everything) is from the opening lines of the Emerald Tablets of Hermes, “As Above – So Below, As Within – So Without.”

          Shamanic Astrology is experiential and Earth-centered.

          Shamanic Astrology is ceremonial and participatory, and operates from a mythic perspective.

          The death and rebirth motif of shamanism inspires Shamanic Astrology in two basic ways:

          • The understanding and experience of the natural rhythms and cycles of the planetary bodies are linked to the initiatory process in human beings.  The universe is supportive of, and power is accessed by, human beings who consciously participate with the initiation cycles.
          • Planets (especially Venus, Mercury, and Mars) disappearing below the horizon, are seen as entering the underworld, dying and later being reborn when they rise above the horizon.

          The practitioner of Shamanic Astrology is trained to track and understand the planetary cycles and their relationship to the process of initiation.

          Shamanic Astrology values the totality of the human experience with all its light and shadow, equally honoring evolution and involution

          Shamanic Astrology especially values the Divine Feminine, the Circle of Grandmothers, and that the “Earth Mother” is ultimately whom we serve at this Turning of the Ages.

          Shamanic Astrology believes that the greater history of global humanity embraced collaboration, cooperation, and a system of non-ranking (gylany) between men and women, with little or no hierarchy or dominator ideals. 200,000 years of our common DNA still reflects this, and these realities can still be accessed.

          Sample Daily Schedule

          (Subject to Change – may include late nights, fun surprises, and day trips…)

          • 7-8:00am Yoga and Meditation (optional)
          • 8:30-9:30am Breakfast
          • 9:30 am-12:00pm Astrology Session
          • 12-2pm Lunch and Free Time
          • 2-5:30pm Astrology Session
          • 5:30-7pm Dinner
          • 7-8:30pm Evening session (Night sky viewing, Astro-drama, or Ceremony)
          Additional Instruction






          Ceremonies and Activities


          Balinese ceremonial invocation and blessing

          Cacao, Dance, and Fire ceremonies

          Excursion to sacred astrology sites (not normally seen by tourists!)

          Healing Centre with Body Work, Sauna, Energy Work, Healers

          Nature walks

          Night sky viewing

          Sound Healing and Shamanic Drumming

          Fun surprises and more!!!

          Location, Dates, Housing and Rates


          Our home for The Shamanic Timeline Course will be The Yogi’s Garden, a peaceful retreat oasis set amongst an organic farm in Central Bali. The farm and facilities are owned by world-famous The Yoga Barn, and created by the same designer who created all the beautiful buildings there. We are privileged to be among the first to use these plush new facilities.

          This peaceful, serene place will envelop you in the energy of the land. Wide, open skies will beckon you with spectacular nighttime starfield views, perfect for our astrology learnings. Frogs and crickets will serenade you, as fireflies dance on the gentle breeze passing above the sacred land. Our lovely “astrology shala” hosts walls of glass that wrap our daily learnings in visions of lush greenery, tranquil enchantment, and stunning views of the holy Mount Agung volcano.

          Surrounded by stillness, this is a spot to reconnect to nature. A fresh water stream runs through the land, on its winding path meeting lush forest jungle that is home to sacred banyan trees and a sacred cave. Here, you can go for long walks alone, or choose to be surrounded by loving community together.  Like the farm’s organic vegetables, you will find space for growth, spreading your roots in deep transformation and nourishing connection.

          The Yogi’s Garden is an hour north of The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. Since 2007, The Yoga Barn has been the inspirational center of yoga and healing in Ubud. The Yogi’s Garden is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud. It creates a welcome, corrective balancing that makes it an ideal place for inner connection, and the deepening of your understanding along the shamanic path. In oneness with the earth, it is magical.

          Shuttle service will be available from Ubud to The Yogi’s Garden at the beginning of the course, and back to Ubud at its completion.


          Elegant, comfortable accommodations will greet you at The Yogi’s Garden. The brand-new housing will make you feel right at home, blissed and snug while meshed into the synergy of retreat center, working organic farm, and glorious natural environment.

          Accommodations are available in shared or private, with options including 4-bed Dorm Rooms, 2-bed Standard Rooms, and 2-bed Deluxe rooms to suit your budget or requirements. Hot water facilities, coffee, hair dryer, towels, robes, and slippers are furnished with all accommodations. Standard and Deluxe rooms host private bathrooms, and Deluxe rooms have a bathtub for luxurious soaking.


          All housing is onsite, nestled in the Bali countryside, and featuring scenic views of the lush surroundings. Together in this magical environment, we’ll have the opportunity to laugh, learn, and bond with our Shamanic Astrology tribe.

          Stay at The Yogi’s Garden is a requirement for the course; and is the only option as the retreat center is located away from major towns. Housing is a separate cost from training. Please see details listed below in Dates and Rates.


          Included in your accommodation costs are three healthy and delicious farm-to-table, buffet-style meals a day. There will also be an all-day table stocked with healthy snacks and fresh fruit to keep your vibration high throughout the training sessions.


          The meal menu will consist of natural, wholesome, organic foods in a delightful array of raw, vegan, gluten-free, Ayurvedic, and meat options. Meals will be primarily made with organic food grown directly at The Yogi’s Garden, or locally sourced organic foods whenever possible. The organic farm supplies much of the produce and fruit to The Yoga Barn and it’s three Ubud restaurants.


          Prepared in a creative fusion of Eastern and Western styles, you’ll experience a symphony of yummy, healthy fare that will flood your body with nutrients and ignite your chakras. Vibrant, fresh cold-pressed juices will keep your energy high — and be thirst-quenching proof that it’s possible to both cultivate health and savor the deliciousness of it all.


          The mid-day lunch period will include free time, perfect for getting to know your fellow astrology students and exploring the natural beauty of the retreat center grounds, either together or alone. Fresh and healthy as can be, mealtime will be a highlight of your stay here.

          DATES & RATES

          1 November – 7 November 2019

          7 Day, 6 Night Training



          Regular Tuition $660 USD



          Shared Accommodation in Plush, Contemporary 4 bed Dorm $420 USD

          Shared Accommodation in Plush, Contemporary 2 bed Standard Room $480 USD

          Private Accommodation in Plush, Contemporary 2 bed Standard Room $720 USD

          Private Accommodation in Plush, Contemporary 2 bed Deluxe Room $780 USD

          Housing cost is per person for 6 nights & includes 3 nourishing buffet-style meals daily.

          Includes shuttle service to and from Ubud or Ngurah Rai International Airport.

          Flights to Bali, Indonesia not included.

          *A limited number of camping scholarships may be available. Please contact us for more information.*

          Are you ready for a magical Shamanic Astrology course in Bali that will open your mind, transform your life, and empower you to create change?

          In a magical Yogi’s Garden, surrounded with the land’s vibrant energy by day, and a universe filled with unending stars by night, we will bridge Earth and Sky together.

          Using the planets and starlight to guide us, we will journey the Shamanic Timeline together- and emerge reborn.


          Join us in Bali – As Above, So Below.

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