Shamanic Astrology
Relationships & Inner Sacred Marriage

Shamanic Astrology
Relationships & Inner Sacred Marriage


Learn powerful tools for creating greater wholeness within yourself and the best relationships of your life  in a unique astrology course that will open a whole new world of intimate possibilities for you!

May 2-8, 2020

The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Did you know that better relationship compatibility , increased personal wholeness, and even better sex can be found through astrology? Join us in romantic Bali to eat, pray, and love the Shamanic Astrology way, in this one-of-a-kind Shamanic Astrology Relationships and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training. You’ll explore what Mars and Venus have to do with who we are as women and men — diving deep into what we project onto our partners, your true relationship intent, and how to achieve wholeness through the Inner Sacred Marriage process.

Led by Daniel Giamario, the Creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ and Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™; and Levi Banner, Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™, this exceptional astrological approach will include special integration ceremonies and fun surprises. Taught at the world-renowned Yoga Barn, and tucked away in The Nest, its air-conditioned sanctuary, you will be in the optimal location for spiritual learning as you delve into heart-centered mysteries of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™.

By the end of this 7-day immersive training, you will have learned a unique approach to using Venus and Mars in astrological readings to create stronger relationships with yourself and others, powerful tools to help you achieve inner wholeness, and invaluable insights into compatibility, sex, and gender understanding through chart reading. You will also gain course credit from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ toward receiving a First Level Foundational Certification in Shamanic Astrology and becoming a Shamanic Astrology Practitioner — all while having an incredible experience of healing, transformation, and connection to your fellow students and the world around you!

The Shamanic Astrology Relationships, and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training is for you if:

  • Want to learn how to read a birth chart for greater compatibility in relationships
  • Want to have better relationships by understanding what we project onto partners
  • Are curious to learn what your soul’s relationship intent is
  • Desire better intimacy, sex, and sexual partners
  • Want to experience wholeness and happiness whether you have a partner or not


Today, our culture tends to encourage looking outside ourselves for completion, wholeness, and happiness. Many find they are longing to find the magical other, their soulmate, the twin flame, the beloved. This is not a criticism, as this quest for a relationship and wholeness motivates you to learn more about yourself through another. However, even if you find a wonderful partner, that alone does not create inner wholeness. 

In The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, the process of creating inner wholeness, with or without a partner, is referred to as the Inner Sacred Marriage. Through this process, you will get clear on what you tend to project onto a partner — which is often different from what your soul’s relationship intent is. You will discover ways to determine and understand your personal path to wholeness through the Inner Sacred Marriage Process, and how to share that with others. 

This singular training is not found anywhere else. It allows you to access powerful Shamanic Astrology tools that will teach you to become your own best partner, achieving an inner wholeness that will increase your ability to strengthen your existing relationship or manifest a new one. Joined by a loving community of like-minded seekers, you will undertake a shamanic journey into the self and the sexes, journeying through Venus and Mars to emerge with deeper understanding, greater connection, and self-nourishing wholeness that will take your love life to a whole new level!

What you will learn:


  • Your path to wholeness through the personal Inner Sacred Marriage Process
  • How to read a natal chart for chart comparison, compatibility or Synastry
  • The 6 paths of relationship/partnership
  • The 24 Shamanic Astrology expressions of Masculinity and Femininity 
  • How to have enhanced compatibility, intimacy, sex, and better opposite-gender understanding in your life — helping you strengthen an existing relationship or manifesting a new one


Do you want to learn how to read astrological charts to achieve greater relationship compatibility for yourself and others?

Are you ready to engage the Sacred Marriage within, becoming whole and ready for a powerful loving relationship with yourself and others?

Are you looking for enhanced relationship compatibility, amazing sex, and better opposite-gender understanding in your life?

Join Us in Bali in May 2020 for a unique Shamanic Astrology training, journeying within and without on your path to whole-hearted love!

Your guides

Daniel Giamario

Daniel Giamario is the Founder-Emeritus and Senior Advisor of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ (SAMS); and creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, also known as The Giamario Approach™. He joins together an academic background in Comparative Philosophy and Religion, with teaching meditation in two worldwide organizations, and extensive world travel.

Daniel learned astrology in the late 1960s, and was part of Dane Rudhyar’s humanistic astrology movement in the 1970s. After a vision quest experience on Mount Shasta in 1981, his astrological vision and spiritual path became more Earth-centered. A shamanically-oriented astrology was born. For many years, his specialty has been connecting astrology to the night sky at secluded locations and sacred sites in an “As Above – So Below” direct experience.  He has been a full time astrological consultant since 1984.

Shamanic Astrology has evolved as a rich blend of psychological, mythological, spiritual, and shamanistic elements, specifically designed to assist in the unfolding of the individual’s life purpose and in navigating this pivotal point of the Turning of the Ages.

In the early 1990s, with the help of Cayelin Castell, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ was conceived as a land-based, nomadic, and virtual curriculum for training counseling and therapeutic professionals in the use of the most important and transformational astrological tools and techniques.

Daniel lives and travels with his wife Lynne, going back and forth between Southern Arizona, Europe and South Asia. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Daniel traveled extensively, teaching workshops in over thirty locations. He currently is traveling less, except for regularly scheduled events in the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™ curriculum; as well as international events with the Renaissance of the Sacred Feminine organization, and with the Alignment Center in Bali.

Daniel’s passions are growing the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School’s™ body of knowledge, further evolution of The Giamario Approach™, and continued research to obtain answers to his life-long questions: “Who are we? And what the hell happened?”

Levi Banner

With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world — teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Yoga, Breathwork and Astrology comprise his trinity of mystical knowledge. He creates a safe, peaceful classroom space where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

Levi’s specialties are a strong, consistent vinyasa yoga practice; precious yet powerful pranayama practice; relaxing and healing restorative yoga; and divining deep astrological insights through the cosmic viewpoint.

He can be found teaching at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali — or traveling the shamanic path around the globe conducting workshops and immersions. In Yoga, Levi is rated E-RYT 500, the highest level of Yoga Alliance certification. Enlightened techniques and ancient philosophies learned through his studies in India, Guatemala, Sedona, and Bali are transmitted into his practice, gracing students with an unusually well-rounded experience and profound lifetime benefits. 

Levi is also a Master Level Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator.  Mystery, transformation, and healing magically combine as he leads intensive Shamanic Breathwork® journeys, helping participants reconnect to their highest selves. By gifting students with personal empowerment and self-healing, he strives to create a community of openhearted difference makers with world-changing potential. 

Levi's Credentials
  • Specialties: Vinyasa, Restorative, Pranayama, Shamanic Breathwork®, Astrology, 
  • E-RYT 500 – Highest level of Yoga Alliance Certification
  • Master Level Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator and Ordained Shamanic Minister by Venus Rising Association for Transformation
  • Certifications and trainings from: 7 Centers Yoga Arts (Sedona, Arizona); School Yoga Institute – Advanced Yoga + Shamanic Studies (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)
  • Certified Pranayama Teacher by Kaivalyadhama Yoga Center in India by O.P. Tiwari
  • Graduate of Advanced Training at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center
  • Studied Iyengar Restorative and Pranayama in an intentional community in Portland, Oregon 
  • Fully Certified and Initiated Shamanic Astrologer
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sacred Elemental Studies 
  • Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices

What’s Included?

The Shamanic Astrology Relationships and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training explores what Mars and Venus have to do with who we are as men and women. It helps to have previous experience in Shamanic Astrology to take this training. If you want to take this course and haven’t taken either the Script and Archetypes or the Shamanic Timeline trainings yet, it’s recommend you do that first to get the most value for the material. You are welcome to take this training without having taken these other courses; however, be advised that we will be covering content and philosophy that is not covered in another approach to astrology.

Venus and Mars

The Shamanic Astrology Relationships and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training utilizes a unique approach to the use of Venus and Mars. Rather than the popular over-emphasis on the Sun sign, the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ perceives the sign of Mars on a man’s chart to be the archetype of current life intent for a man. Similarly, the sign of the Venus position on a woman’s chart indicates the archetype of current life intent for a woman. There are 24 different and specific expressions of Masculinity and Femininity and these hold considerably more archetypal significance than the Sun sign.

The Inner Sacred Marriage Process

In this paradigm, the sign of natal Mars for a woman initially indicates a projected longing, or the archetype of relationship that she will tend to look for outside herself. A man’s Venus position similarly indicates his initially-projected archetype and longing for wholeness. Whether successful or not in literally manifesting this projection, these archetypes offer a significant clue for what needs to develop internally in order to arrive at inner wholeness. The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ therefore posits that the path of relationship can become an addition to one’s wholeness, rather than maintaining that a partner is necessary in order for a person to feel complete.

Practical Guidance to Help With the Relational Journey

Shamanic Astrology understands that men project onto their partners or potential relationships the sign of their Venus, and women project the sign of their Mars position onto their partners or potential relationships. The tendency is for Men to look outside for their Venus, and women to look outside for their Mars. This is true even in same sex relationships. The key to the Sacred Marriage process, is for men to connect with their Venus (or inner Goddess), and for women to connect with their own Mars (or inner God), rather than to be at the affect of the projection. This applies to everyone, even those have been successful in manifesting an external relationship.

The Six Paths of Relationship/Partnership

The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ uses an innovative approach for discovering the current life intent for partnership and relationship. These six paths are derived from the pairing of the Ascendant/Descendant, and are often very different from what the culture has believed is the path to a relationship.

Relationships, and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training Lessons

  • Lineage Review – Your Natal Moon Sign as your relational skill set coming into this life
  • The deeper Meanings of Mars and Venus from the Shamanic Astrology perspective
  • Projections of the Masculine and Feminine for all genders
  • What Really is Feminine and What Really is Masculine? (It’s often more than what most people think)
  • Relationship Intent as described by the Relationship Axis (Ascendant/Descendant)
  • How the Outer Planets (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, etc.) provide personal Insights and Strategies for Relationships
  • Working with the Descendant as a way to understand your intended connection with others and your Sacred Marriage Journey

About Shamanic Astrology

Shamanic Astrology is an evolving system of astrology sourced and developed since 1970 out of the direct experience of founding astrologer Daniel Giamario. Shamanic Astrology operates through an archetypal and mythical framework anchored in the As Above, So Below mysteries. This creates a ceremonial and participatory approach to astrology, designed to create greater awareness of a person’s life purpose and their relationship to The Great Mystery. 

The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ has unique features that form the foundation of this approach to astrology. There are two underlying assumptions that inform the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™:

We do not incarnate into this life as a ‘blank slate’, as expressed in the idea that individuals are born without mental content and therefore all knowledge comes from one’s life experience or perception.

The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ understands that attitudes, habits, addictions, and expectations exist prior to encounters with our parents, or the culture or historical time period we are growing up in. In other words, there is a (personal) nature before we experience nurture. This nature includes DNA, family history, possible past-life material, and a mysterious “other” component that includes a karmic package separate from DNA or family — the inner awareness of divine powers guiding a person’s life.


Our life has meaning and purpose that includes an “original intent” directing us toward our life purpose.

The quest for meaning and purpose is the real foundation of what inspires people, and this approach provides an understanding of what that meaning and purpose is for an individual and within the greater collective. Even if there were no existence of a higher meaning or purpose or some transcendent, implicate order, our essence as a human being is nevertheless to create meaning and purpose. 

Shamanic Astrology’s main purpose is to give a person the understanding of their original intent, empowering them with knowledge of life purpose and the cycles of initiation everyone encounters. This approach provides a vision of the possibilities a person is here to experience, so they can make more conscious choices. Shamanic Astrology provides powerful tools intended to assist a person in taking responsibility for their own life.

Differing from Sun Sign Astrology, Shamanic Astrology recognizes the whole chart as important. Extracting any one element from it does not adequately describe a person’s intent or their soul’s purpose. It is important to know that in this system, ALL the archetypes of the signs and planets are equally valid and equally important. No one sign or archetypal expression is greater or better; and no one sign or archetypal expression is worse for any of the planets or angles.  Shamanic Astrology is a full spectrum approach, presenting the vision and understanding that all archetypal approaches to being human are valid.

The Eight Main Principles of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm 

(Formulated by Daniel Giamario, and also known as The Giamario Approach™)


The foundational philosophical truth of Shamanic Astrology (and arguably of everything) is from the opening lines of the Emerald Tablets of Hermes, “As Above – So Below, As Within – So Without.”


Shamanic Astrology is ceremonial and participatory, and operates from a mythic perspective.


 Shamanic Astrology is experiential and Earth-centered.


The death and rebirth motif of shamanism inspires Shamanic Astrology in two basic ways:

  • The understanding and experience of the natural rhythms and cycles of the planetary bodies are linked to the initiatory process in human beings. The universe is supportive of, and power is accessed by, human beings who consciously participate with the initiation cycles.
  • Planets (especially Venus, Mercury, and Mars) disappearing below the horizon, are seen as entering the underworld, dying and later being reborn when they rise above the horizon.


The practitioner of Shamanic Astrology is trained to track and understand the planetary cycles and their relationship to the process of initiation. 


Shamanic Astrology values the totality of the human experience with all its light and shadow, equally honoring evolution and involution


Shamanic Astrology especially values the Divine Feminine, the Circle of Grandmothers, and that the “Earth Mother” is ultimately whom we serve at this Turning of the Ages.


 Shamanic Astrology believes that the greater history of global humanity embraced collaboration, cooperation, and a system of non-ranking (gylany) between men and women, with little or no hierarchy or dominator ideals. 200,000 years of our common DNA still reflects this, and these realities can still be accessed.

Daily Schedule

(Training begins with Opening Ceremony 7pm, May 2. Ends before 1pm, May 8. Daily schedule Subject to Change – may include late nights, fun surprises, and excursions.)

Astrology session


Astrology session


Evening session (Night sky viewing, Astro-drama, or Ceremony)

Activities, Ceremonies, and Practice

  • Astro-Drama
  • Special Integration Ceremonies
  • Night sky viewing (if visible)
  • Balinese ceremonial invocation and blessing
  • Cacao, and Fire ceremonies
  • Optional Yoga and Meditation Classes available onsite at The Yoga Barn before training starts each day
  • Optional Body Work, Sauna, Energy Work, Healers available onsite at The Yoga Barn Center for Wellness and Healing before training starts each day
  • Fun surprises and more!!!

Certificates Received Upon Completion

  • Certificate of Completion, Shamanic Astrology Relationships and the Inner Sacred Marriage Training, from The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School™
  • Course credit from The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School toward receiving a First Level Foundational Certification in Shamanic Astrology and becoming a Shamanic Astrology Practitioner.
  • Learn more about certification from The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.

Meals, Housing, and Location

Click below to find out more

Healthy and Delicious Meals

Meals are not provided in the cost of this training. This gives you the opportunity to join your classmates in discovering Ubud’s world-class restaurant scene — full of healthy, affordable, and delicious options — during lunch and dinner break periods. Or, you may choose to use your meal breaks to take in a famous Balinese massage or spa treatment.


Onsite, you can enjoy nourishing and delicious meals from The Garden Kafe at The Yoga Barn. The Kafe menu features natural, wholesome, organic foods in a delightful array of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and Ayurvedic choices. Prepared in a creative fusion of Eastern and Western styles, you’ll experience a symphony of yummy dishes that will flood your body with nutrients and ignite your chakras. Vibrant, fresh cold-pressed juices will keep your energy high — and be thirst-quenching proof that it’s possible to both cultivate health and have fun. 


Accommodations are not included in the cost of training, but many housing options are easily found in Ubud. We’ll provide a listing of nearby and affordable choices to make your travel planning simple. The Yoga Barn also has limited on-site lodging available at The Yoga Barn Guest House and the Yoga Barn Nest. Please contact them directly for more details.


The Yoga Barn

Since 2007, The Yoga Barn has been the center of yoga and healing in Ubud, Bali. This beautiful, inspirational environment is one of the largest and most famous retreat centers in SE Asia. Offering daily classes, workshops and retreats in Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Ayurveda, Detox, Breathwork, Healing, and more, The Yoga Barn strives to provide classes and events taught at the highest quality, with the deepest knowledge, and with experienced authenticity.  Teachers and students from around the world travel here to become part of its nourishing and spiritual aura — an ideal backdrop for personal healing, renewal, and high-vibe education.

This spiritually aligned center will be your sanctuary throughout your Shamanic Astrology training, cater your shared lunches, and provide your comfortable, air-conditioned group spaces in The Nest. Each day before training, you’ll have the option to join in daily scheduled yoga or meditation classes; or perhaps enjoy a nourishing healing or bodywork session at The Yoga Barn Center for Wellness and Healing.

Ubud, Bali

Founded in the 8th century by a Javanese Hindu priest meditating at the confluence of two rivers, Ubud takes its very appropriate name from the Balinese word ubad, meaning medicine. Ubud is surrounded by lush jungle and verdant rice paddies in its hilly location. It is the cultural and spiritual center of the island, home to artists, craftsmen, healers, spas, art museums, and Hindu temples. The center of town has artisanal boutiques and tasty restaurants, while nearby the Balinese live in traditional villages and engage in colorful religious ceremonies. Peaceful and serene, Ubud is the perfect place to journey for a spiritual reawakening.

Onsite, you can enjoy nourishing and delicious meals from The Garden Kafe at The Yoga Barn. The Kafe menu features natural, wholesome, organic foods in a delightful array of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and Ayurvedic choices. Prepared in a creative fusion of Eastern and Western styles, you’ll experience a symphony of yummy dishes that will flood your body with nutrients and ignite your chakras. Vibrant, fresh cold-pressed juices will keep your energy high — and be thirst-quenching proof that it’s possible to both cultivate health and have fun. 


May 2-8, 2020 

(Training begins with Opening Ceremony 7pm, May 2. Ends before 1pm, May 8.)


Early Bird: $610.00 USD

(ends April 2nd, 2020)

Regular Tuition: $710.00 USD

Enrollment is limited!

Take advantage of early bird pricing and secure your spot now.

Special Offer

Sign up for both Shamanic Astrology courses and receive $100 USD off the total price!

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Do you want to increase your ability to strengthen your existing relationship — or manifest a new one?

Are you interested in gaining powerful tools for creating the best relationships of your life and greater wholeness within yourself?

Is it time to stop wishing on a star, and instead use your newfound knowledge of reading the stars and planets to find your soul’s relationship intent, inner wholeness, and the keys to compatibility?

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without

Join us in Bali on May 2-8, 2020 for a Shamanic Astrology Training that will take you to Venus, Mars, and beyond.

It’s time to create the love you’ve been waiting for all along.

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