Comparing a single breathwork class with a day-long workshop is like comparing an appetiser with a full meal. A class can give you a taste of what’s possible, but it takes a day – or longer – to really explore the depths of this magical discipline.

If you participate in one of Levi’s workshops, you’ll be initiated into a sacred space and engage in ceremonial practices to create unity between you and other members of the group. There’ll be time and space for sharing, group processing, movement work, Mandala art therapy, and a much deeper bond of connection with the group.

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3-,5-,7-, and 10-day retreats take this process even further and deeper, with some teachers extending retreats to as many as 30 days. At this level, breathwork becomes truly life-changing, with days of immersion into the process, the exploration of deeper and deeper levels of the psyche, and many more teachings. You’ll explore the spiral path, gifts and challenges from your family of origin, the five elements, shadow work, and your connection with the inner beloved, a process that ultimately moves you away from the agendas of your ego and towards the sacred purpose of your soul.


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