When you book a personal astrology reading with Levi, he’ll use your date, time and place of birth to create a map of the sky at the moment of your birth. That map represents the blueprint to your evolution, the song that you were born to dance to in this lifetime.

Levi will sit with you for 60-90 minutes, exploring the significances of your song and its implications for every aspect of your life: career, family, and relationships. As he weaves together the connections, you’ll get a glimpse of the celestial symphony of which you are a part: what comes naturally to you, what you’re here to learn, and where you are in relation to significant transitions, initiations, challenges and opportunities.

Whether we realise it or not, the music of the stars is playing in the background of our lives. A session with Levi will connect you with your own personal tune, and aid you in dancing more gracefully and powerfully.

Levi Offers Two Primary Approaches To Personal Astrological Readings

Birth Chart Analysis

A birth chart analysis, which covers the major factors in your own life, your gifts and challenges, and elements of the cosmic concerto with particular relevance for you.

Relationship Reading

A relationship-focused reading, which takes into account the charts of you and your family members, including a partner if relevant, and lasers in on soul-level connections and opportunities.

Levi also offers readings specifically for returning clients and those who’ve previously received a shamanic astrology reading.

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