Want to learn about astrology? Now’s your chance. This workshop is ideal for anyone with an interest in astrology, from total beginners to hobbyists.

In it, Levi draws upon the vast wisdom available to us through astrology and lays out the fundamental components in a clear, simple, practical way: you’ll leave with a new understanding of how your entire birth chart, not simply your sun sign, influences your worldview, potential, and challenges.


Illuminate your love, with a workshop that reveals to you aspects of yourself and your love that you never knew existed.

You don’t need to be married or in a partnership to enjoy this workshop. Ultimately, we contain the entire Universe, and by spotlighting both who you are and who you seek to be, you can bring both your passions and patterns to conscious awareness, refining our relationships with yourself, partners, friends and family.

This workshop is about so much more than simple compatibility. It’s about who you came here to be, and who you attract into your life to support you in that journey.



What’s up, astrologically speaking, and what’s on the horizon? This workshop takes a planetary snapshot and looks ahead to approaching alignments and transits, giving you the inside track on the movement of the cosmos over coming weeks and months.

It’s a compass to guide you through the movements of the spheres and let you know when it’s a good time to make big decisions, when to hold off, and what beauty and turbulence lies ahead.

Ideal for the commencement of a new year, this workshop is also valuable at any time – every day’s the start of a new year, with fresh movements and transitions to explore.


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