Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner, M.A.

September 22, 2020

Greetings from Bali, Indonesia. A nice place to be. I’ve thought about leaving many times over the past. Couple of months. Never to the US where I’m from, though instead to other countries with less emphasis on masks and hand sanitizer and more on moving on with life and love. However, the island of the gods has proven to be the right place for me to be. I’m loving it here.

I’ve been going back and forth from Ubud to Uluwatu. I have a house in each place. A jungle/rice fields house and a beach house (fancy, I know). It’s continued to be a time of rest for me. A time for inner exploration. I’ve been focusing more on music and astrology than anything else. Long morning yoga practices and deeper friendships. I’m loving my life currently and I hope that you are seeing a big picture and somehow are able to appreciate where you are at during these times.

Please know that through the upcoming months, so much will change in the world.

Let’s explore…

The new moon in Virgo was on September 17, marking a new lunar cycle in the sign of sacred duty and the details of ceremony. This would have been a good time to set intentions for the time we are in now. Another option is to set your goals during a bigger cycle of the sun.

Equinox takes place on September 22. This is when the sun rises and sets directly over the equator moving south in our sky. This begins autumn in the Northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern. Wherever you are, it is a midpoint in the sun’s yearly cycle. Depending where you feel to start a cycle of course.

I learned recently that only 10-12% of the world’s population lives south of equator. That is a fascinating fact. Seeing that so much of astrology is based on the seasonal points of the year. Equinox being one of them. Basing much of our meanings on which season we are in; I still challenge this idea. One could argue that it’s not about the season like a weather pattern, though rather season being a directional point or part of the year.

Meaning, this equinox is not solely about whether the days are getting longer or shorter or if the weather is getting colder or warmer. Rather, it’s when the sun is moving directly overhead to those of us in the tropics. Symbolizing balance of these dualities. Night and day are equal twice per year, and this is the point we are in. The directional point of the sun moving south can be honored just for that.

The light will return. The dark will return. When they meet in the middle, is now.

Now is a great time to honor the cycles of life and to set your intentions for this entire season or portion of the year.

The new moon in Virgo began this lunation to be one of sacred ceremony, ritual and honoring the feminine. We can now balance this with honoring the solar cycle as well. Now in the sign of balance, harmony and togetherness which is Libra.

When the sun reaches the equator moving south, this begins the season of Libra.

The sun is now illuminating the mysteries of relationships, communication and collaboration. We can see it in the sun and in the moon. A. beautiful balance has come together for us to witness, observe and learn from. I encourage us all to not only bear witness though to honor. Through ceremony, which could be nearly anything. Ceremony is what you make it. Anything done with reverence, sacredness and clear intention can be your own way of doing ceremony.

If it honors the energies of balance, then you are truly tuning into the Libra mysteries and the solar cycle. With that connection, you are more likely to manifest your desires as they are more in alignment with nature.

Nature is our teacher. One great relationship to focus on is your relationship with the earth. Another is how the earth relates to the sky. How the sky relates to the earth and how inseparable they are to one another.

Like us…

How you relate to your friends, partner, family, community. How do they relate to you. How inseparable we all are to one another.

Precious. These relationships are vital for our wellbeing. Please don’t let your fears get in the way of connection.

The relationships between the planets are in very tense dynamics as well.

The movements of the major outer planets in dynamic with the inner planets will certainly give us new experiences coming very soon. The last few months of this tumultuous year will be fascinating. We will surely see 2020 go out with a bang.

We recently had at least 7 planets moving retrograde or backwards until Jupiter went direct or began to move forward on September 13. Big Jupiter will be followed by Saturn moving direct starting September 29 and the Pluto on October 5.

Once these major planets that have been together in Capricorn all year move forward, we are sure to see what’s next in the dynamic of 2020 happening in our lives.

As Jupiter meets Pluto one more time for the closest conjunction of these two planets in thousands of years: whatever happens, will be big.

Then Saturn and Jupiter meet in the next sign of Aquarius just before the December Solstice beginning a whole new year, new phase and new dynamic. All will begin to be very different. A new chapter for humanity.

We are in for a wild ride from now until Solstice. Let’s set our intentions and say our prayers this Equinox time.

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