Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

September 3, 2020

Greetings from Uluawatu, Bali. I’m down here hanging by the ocean. A nice place to be. I’ve been working on music and connecting with friends. Praying for all people and sending love to you during this full moon time.

The full moon is a good three-day window. From the exact moment the moon is opposite the sun, there is at least a day of that, with a day before, and a day after.

The full moon illuminates the sign that it is in. This time the moon is full in Pisces.

Pisces is the energy of healing, dreaming and wonder. The archetype of a healer, musician, poet or mystic. To be in the oneness of all things. To be connected to source energy and loose oneself in this experience is the intent of Pisces.

A water sign which is emotional and feeling function oriented. Pisces is deeply in tune with energy and healing. Pisces is an in service to spirited sign, or mutable, which utilizes it’s capacity to feel so that it can help to heal others.

Deeply empathic, compassionate and caring.

Ultimately Pisces seeks the rapture of divine union, mystical experiences of pure bliss.

This full moon is tuning us all into our hearts.

Near Neptune, which is the planet most like Pisces. Neptune adds in dreaminess, fuzziness and feelings into the full moon experience. Which can also be felt as confusion and delusion.

A very watery full moon time.

Venus is also currently in Cancer, the water sign of the mother archetype and is opposing Saturn, the planet of structure and form in Capricorn. Saturn is close to Pluto and Jupiter.They are all working together this year to transform our world. Venus being the sacred feminine within us all, is now confronted with this shift.

The sacred masculine as well. Mars in the sign of the Aries warrior has been dancing in a dynamic with these same Capricorn placed planets lately.

Mars and Venus are in a square dance with each other and the 2020 planets too.

All of which is shifting our dualities. Masculine and feminine are in a dynamic shift with very powerful planetary energies of definite change.

May this full moon bring us into our hearts where it all merges into one. Love.

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