Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner
August 19, 2020

Greetings from Bali everyone. I’m down in Uluwatu and enjoying the space to create. Looking into the next year and offerings in balance with relaxing and letting things be as they are.
I understand many of you are in double strict lockdown. Some of you are protesting. Some of you are simply unwinding. Some of you are worried about finances as there is no income. I’m so sorry. From a middle world perspective, things are hard. From an underworld perspective, things are deep and transformative from the depths of who we are. From an upper-world perspective, all is unfolding as it should. It’s good to have an all three worlds approach to all of this as it helps us to see more meaning and purpose.

Today we have a new moon in Leo. The sign of radiant radical self-love. The sign most focused on self-awareness and expression of creativity.
As all new moons are a time to plant seeds of intention, I invite you to set your intentions in the center of your heart. For it is only here that our truest truth and brightest light shine from. It is our own self love and self-worth that shines outwards and is an inspiration for others.
So with all the chaos and disconnect from being able to create anything we want or go anywhere we want. Now can be a time to focus on self. This new moon cycle is giving full permission to work on self-love. Even if it’s the hardest it’s ever been.
What is self-love, really? Where do you choose to say yes or to say no? What is worth giving and how do you receive? Do you actually see yourself in your potential? Do you truly appreciate and love who you are?
Now can be a time fully reflect on that. As you set your new moon intentions you can focus on these questions and where you might need work or more awareness. Your intentions can then be to create that or find that within yourself.
External validation is also nice. Leo loves to be seen, and should be, in all their glory. Though to truly indulge in the spotlight, one must be the star of their own story. Coming from a place of having fun, making it up anyway you would like, the show goes on with passion and creativity. Something others love to see.
Some of us, this is our path. To be able to be seen. Regardless, all of us could use a bit more self-love.
Happy new moon everyone.

In other news the conjunction of Mars in March with the 2020 activators Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter has now turned into a Square. This means that Mars has moved a quarter turn around the wheel and is now in another dynamic alignment with these 2020 teachers.
Mars is showing us the collective masculine and what we are shifting through all of this forced change. The masculine on the planet is going through massive transformation. Within society and within each of us.
The feminine as well. Mars is also squaring Venus. Following which Venus will conjunct Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter.
The Masculine and feminine within ourselves and within culture is now under pressure to fully transform and change. This has been building for years. Forever really.
Now is the time to change as deeply as possible. Before the 2020 teacher planets begin to move forward in September and October, now is the time for the deepest shifts possible.
2020 is a time for transformation.

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