Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

August 3, 2020

Greetings from Bali. I moved down to the south side of the island, to Uluwatu for the month, where I am currently overlooking the ocean as I write this. I much needed expansion of space and decompression from all the grounding I’ve been doing in Ubud. There seems to be a small migration of people from Ubud to Uluwatu recently. Soon the tourism in Indonesia is set to open in September. We shall see.

I have reset all my 2020 trainings to take place in 2021. I am taking it slow for the rest of this year and looking to next for even more offerings.

I will continue to write these reports. Please let me know if you enjoy. I love hearing from you.

In planetary news, the full moon is upon us.

Just yesterday on August 2, the sun, currently in Leo, squared Uranus, currently in Taurus. Creating a dynamic that helps us see into next year with visions and futuristic planning. I will explain.

I suggest a theme for this full moon is actually visions and future planning. I say that reluctantly and excitedly as there is still so much shadow work, transformation and composting to do to get through the rest of this year’s alignments.

The full moon is now! August 3, the sun is in Leo, and the moon is shining bright in the opposite sign of Aquarius.

This full moon in Aquarius might feel like an expansive, decompression from all that we’ve been through lately. Though again, I say that reluctantly and excitedly as it might also feel like a building pressure to something much bigger.

It’s like all of the human shadows coming up this year. The fears, the suffering and the fighting seems to keep bringing up and out more and more of what’s been beneath the mainstream view. It’s taking much less time to take action. It’s taking much less effort to go down a deep rabbit hole of truth and discover hidden information. Just take a look.

The full moon illuminates the sign it’s in. Aquarius is the archetypal energy of a rebel, a radical revolutionary, an avant-garde and unique individual.

Aquarius is the visionary that looks to the future more-so than any other sign.

As we look to the future, the dynamic of Aquarius and Taurus will be playing out in 2021. We can see that now as the full moon, just after being through the midst of eclipse season in the middle of 2020, is square to Uranus.

In 2021, Uranus in Taurus will be square to the Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions happening in Aquarius.

Uranus is the abrupt, surprising energy of change, currently in Taurus, the sign of physical pleasure and enjoyment of life’s delights. This will be in a dynamic alignment with the expanding energies of Jupiter and the contracting energies of Saturn which will be where this current full moon is now: in the sign of radical, consciousness expansion, Aquarius.

So as you release what no longer serves you and expand into the bright new wave of consciousness during this full moon. Please also know there is so much more to come. In order to step into our light, we must also embrace our shadow.

The more inner work we do now, the brighter we will shine as we are faced with so many choices at the end of this year and into the next.

Aquarius and Taurus is a dynamic of technology vs nature, computer vs human or consciousness vs physical. Which will you choose when you are ordered a vaccine or are offered tracking devices or robots for mundane tasks? Right or wrong, good or bad, you might have to choose, and I strongly suggest some deep, deep awareness of who you are to the very core and what your heart and soul need is in alignment when you do.

The full moon in Aquarius is urging us to expand our consciousness as far as it can go, in all directions. Outward and inward.

In other news, Mercury is in Cancer during this full moon time. Opposite the alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in which the moon just passed by the past few nights. Mercury in Cancer is keeping our minds focused on the confrontation of the Capricorn alignments of this year. The composting of the cultures of humanity currently happening.

Mercury will move from watery Cancer into Fiery Leo the day after the full moon on August 4. Brining our collective thoughts towards that of self-love and creativity. Then, Mercury will square Uranus on August 10, continuing to bring out the future vision of 2021.

This same day, August 4, the magical masculine, Mars continues his dynamic with the Capricorn planets, moving into a square with Jupiter. A buildup of tension since Mars was conjunct the big Capricorn alignment in March. Now 90 degrees away, movement is happening. The masculine is reforming.

We are breaking down the old versions of the masculine so that we can start a new way. See the pedophile reports on many people in power and the black lives matter movement. The time is now!

Mars will also square Pluto on August 13, then Saturn on August 24 and is nearing the end of his two-year cycle. A new masculine will shine forth on October 13. That is, after these dynamics play out. Tension with the masculine will continue this month.

The new version of the masculine, Mars. The new version of Aries is coming. We are in an incubation point now.

The sacred feminine and our collective destiny come to a meeting point this week as well. Venus will conjunct the North node on August 6. In the sign of Gemini. A very needed, very different energy.

Gemini is the trickster, eternal youth that has the most fun. The sacred feminine is being strongly guided to embody the looser and freer version of herself.

Venus in Gemini is like a female peter pan living in never-never land.

Venus will hold this Gemini energy as an overtone for her entire year and half cycle that she recently started, even as she moves through all of the signs. The first of which, will be when Venus moves into Cancer on August 8.

The sacred feminine will now embrace her more motherly nature, though will do it as an eternal youth version of herself.

Some August sky viewing points:

If you didn’t get to see the extremely rare comet Neowise, then please take the time to do that. It’s incredible. Check this out to find your way:

Also watch for the heliacal rise of the star Sirius just before sunrise. The dog star from the dog constellation used to symbolize the dog days of summer.

Sirius will become more visible throughout August. Watch for your first chance to see it. This will greatly depend on your latitude and your horizon line visibility.

And finally look for the Perseid meteor showers, peaking around August 10-13 near Venus in the morning sky. You should be able to see meteors through August 18 just before the new moon.

See you then!

Love and Magic~

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