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By Levi BannerJuly 21, 2020Hello everyone from Bali. I’m continuing to enjoy the slower pace here, though things have started to open up. In fact, our Beloved Yoga Barn opened its doors up last week with small, limited space classes and corona precautions. Those in Bali are welcome to join the reduced daily classes and healing sessions currently on offer.I’m taking time to myself to work on music and be with friends. So am sitting out for the time being. I have postponed all 2020 trainings and workshops and am planning 2021 now. Next year will included several trainings including a 300-hour, advanced yoga course and some more Astrology trainings. All in person.

This current new moon on July 20/21 is a perfect time to set intentions that help you see beyond 2020 vision. Now is a good time to look beyond the slew of eclipse energies that we have been in this past month.

The new moon is always a time to set intentions, plant seeds and begin a new venture. After three eclipses in a row, we can now move on from all that dense energy and shadow work we have been doing as a collective… Sort of…

This new moon is in Cancer and is set exactly opposite Saturn in Capricorn. Also, close to Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, which the sun and moon recently opposed. The planets that are dragging us through the depths of human experience this year…

..So actually, we continue our collective shadow work.

The sign of Cancer is about community, family and connection. To care for another and oneself. Setting intentions for self-care and possibly, dare I say, being with community at this new moon is in alignment with the sign the moon is in.

Saturn is opposite the new moon. Saturn confronting us with tough reality and hard facts. What is possible and what is limited are aspects of Saturn’s influence.

Quarantine continues in so many places. Though it cannot be overlooked that community and human contact are extremely important in the realm of Cancer. It is time to gather and love one another when the moon is new in Cancer.

Could it be time for you to do that too?

Humans have always gathered as tribe.

A very interesting fact of this new moon is that this is the second new moon in cancer in a row! This makes four new moons in a season which only happens about every three years and begins the change in order of new moon and full moons in a sign.

For the next year, the sun will move into a new sign and then the full moon will happen first. After that, the new moon will happen at the late degrees of that sign.

This creates an opportunity to bring in all that dynamic of the full moon, opposite sign, into setting our new moon intentions. We can plant seeds utilizing the lessons already learned through the whole sign, before moving into the next seasonal sun sign.

As this new moon happened in the late degrees of Cancer, the sun soon moves into Leo on July 22. The full moon in the opposite sign of Aquarius will happen two weeks later on August 3, Before the new moon in Leo will happen on August 19 in the late degrees of the sign.

The solar and collective consciousness will now shine the light of self-love, confidence and creativity. Teaching as about whatever is in the way of our own radiance.

Then, on July 28 Venus will Square Neptune and Mercury will square Mars. A day of tense, dynamic energies.

Capping off the month with Mercury opposite to Jupiter on July 30. Then Mercury will be opposite to Pluto and Saturn in early August. Following which, Mars will begin a series of Squares to these main 2020 planets throughout August. A tense dynamic set to happen from early in the year, when Mars was directly related to the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. Setting off this year’s events.

2020 is now more than halfway through. We can do this. Together.

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