Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner, M.A.

May 22, 2020

Greetings from Bali where it has been pouring down rain for the past several days. This is very different from the dry heat we have had for the past couple of months. Like most of the world, there is partial closure of businesses and the way everything usually runs. Confusion continues to circulate as to what is out there and what to do about it. Or for how long this will last. Feeling safe and healthy, I continue to report about the profound astrological happenings at this uncertain time. In hopes that it helps, in some way, perhaps settle our minds by understanding a bit more about the influences around us or the deeper meaning within these uncomfortable moments. The bigger picture as it were, as well as the tough realities of we all must go through.

To start, the sun moved into Gemini on May 20th. The seasons are indeed changing as our main planetary teachers have now begun to move backwards or retrograde as of the past week. Gemini is the new season upon us as we experience the new moon on May 22/23 while Venus and Mercury gather together close by in the same sign in a dynamic alignment with Neptune…

Let’s unfold this shall we?

Recently, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have begun to move backwards or retrograde in our view. This seems to have released a lot of pressure in many places in the world and slowed things down in others.

Some places are starting to open back up. People are tired of staying inside and have taken a new view on the current situation. Where other places are experiencing something different. The fact that we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Really not until the planets begin to move forward again towards the last few months of the year.

A release of pressure and a slowing down has come. All planets involved will be full steam ahead by mid-October. Ready for us to move into what’s next. The next year.

However, change is in the air. This new influence of slowing down is accented by a very different seasonal energy. Gemini.

May 20th the sun made its way into its annual season of the sign Gemini. The sun represents our collective consciousness and the great mystery. All the light of day is shining in the season of Gemini. The trickster archetype. The playful, eternal youth archetype. The court jester, the heyoka coyote, the peter pan, and the list goes on for this shape shifter, rule bender, jokester.

As the moon reaches the sun on May 22nd or 23rd in the further eastern parts of the world, we experience a new moon. The moon, which represents our collective unconscious and our personal lineage, is now in a renewal point along its cycles.

Today we start anew. A great time for rituals and ceremonies. Especially if you include the energy of playfulness, youthfulness and fun into your intentions!

A prayer to have more fun and see new points of view can help us see a higher truth. It can enhance our quality of life to see the world with endless possibilities that the Gemini sees. Like a mycelium network of mushroom forming fungi, Gemini sees the limitless possibilities to any one thing.

This brings to mind that the very same day, the mental messenger planet, Mercury is conjunct Venus at nearly the exact same moment as the new moon. Mercury is the mental cognition, perception and communication influencer, where Venus has to do with the collective feminine and the sacred feminine that is within us all.

Mercury and Venus are exactly aligned today. Exactly at the new moon time, in the very same sign!

That is a lot of Gemini and therefore not only a whole lot of fun, play and rule breaking, though could also be some overthinking, to the point of confusion… Which is exactly where Neptune comes in.

It just so happens that the exact point of the new moon, when Mercury and Venus conjunct, they are conjunct exactly square, a right angle or 90-degree alignment, to Neptune.

Neptune is the planetary teacher, guide and initiator that brings lessons surrounding identity crises. This is due to the contribution Neptune has of foggy, fuzzy, dreams and emotions that cloud the normal, linear way of seeing things.

Neptune in a dynamic alignment with Mercury and Venus can turn from an ability to playfully see as many points of view as ever before into confusion, delusion and illusions. Ideas, thoughts and theories can be mistaken for truth… If we don’t also include the heart.

Neptune is here to steer us into our heart.

Not only our brain power will figure this all out. In fact, there are some pieces of the puzzle that not only can’t be figured out or solved, though can only be dealt with through letting go of control and the ability to sense into feelings, emotions and simply not know.

This essentially brings up faith.

That there is a bigger picture here. Being in the heart is the best thing we can do for any possible situation we are presented with. No matter how unclear the outcome. A new day will dawn.

It’s time to let go, let it flow and not need to know.

Ultimately, the realm of Gemini is beyond duality and polarity. It’s oneness, boundless freedom, and being without judgement.

It’s time to bring the mind and heart together for a new experience.

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