Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

March 26th, 2020

Hi everyone. I hope you’re happy, healthy, and safe amongst loved ones. Chances are, wherever you are, you in some type of restriction or quarantine.

I’m personally at home in Bali. We just celebrated Nyepi yesterday. The Balinese holiday where everyone stays at home with all electricity turned off. Yes, that’s right, we did this voluntarily as we do each year. Personally, it’s my favorite holiday ever invented!

Think, each year the Balinese turn off all electronics and stay inside in calm and quiet. On purpose. Not because they are forced to, though because they want to.

That was yesterday. Now today the Indonesian government declared an extra day of this holiday, which is actually more of a quarantine. Yes, today we are still inside, by order of the government. A different feeling.

Though, today we get to use our electronic devices and now I get a chance to write these insights.

I didn’t get a chance to write yet as I’ve actually been in teacher training. Here in Bali is one of the only places on the planet where we have been able to continue our in-person yoga trainings, because there has been no official restrictions. This felt really good to me because we have been a semi self-isolated group that spends all day together with little contact with outside. Very little threat to any viruses IMHO.

We have continued our work. Yoga, breathwork, daily practice and intense transformation. There isn’t anything I’d rather be doing than being in a container for personal transformation and deep healing. Especially during intense times!

I’ve been saying this for years. Doing our own personal self-work is the best way to help change our world and prepare for the shifts that are coming. Which are now.

Which is what I want to write a bit about today. As many of you have been waiting, and asking: what are the astrological alignments that are causing or contributing to this current mess?

Well, ok, let me just start by saying I have been speaking of this year of 2020 for a long time as many astrologers have too. Now we are seeing it. I’m not surprised on one level.

However, we never know what it’s going to look like! The Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction you have heard me speak about is now happening. We have been referring to a breakdown of structures, a composting and a renewal. A new world.

Well, here we are in the midst of a breakdown of current structures. As planes trains and automobiles cease to run, the world’s dependency on global exchange is not as possible, therefore causing a more localized economy. The longer places are in quarantine then more business cease to exist as they will face closure. Long term relationships distance themselves further. Many, many, structures and ways of going about our usual ways, being in a rush, a hurry, pushing forward with no regard to the earth or others, is not available right now.

I figure, the longer this continues, the more likely we are possibly inspired and definitely forced to find new ways. The worse this gets in regard to restrictions, the more likely we are to think of new strategies that are more localized and sustainable for our future. The longer we are quarantined the more likely we are to change rather than go back to our old ways with business as usual.

The earth is taking a much-needed breather. And so are we.

I personally would love to see a global Day of Silence. Similar to the Balinese holiday of Nyepi (best holiday ever), where everyone turns off the electricity, therefore saving countless amounts of fossil fuels and electro magnetic frequencies and stays inside (perhaps meditating or contemplating the simple things in life). The humming and buzzing of the humans would cease for a moment. Then we could go back to our day to day. After some deep reflection.

That would be cool.

Now, we are somewhat forced into this. Many people are very mad and more so scared. Some are fearful of a deadly virus and others mad at the fear. Some want to hide inside, and others are pissed they can’t go out.

So, what to do? What’s real? How did this all happen? How do we move forward?

First of all, a Shamanic Astrology perspective is that we have been building towards this for a long time. This is the year where we experience one of the rarest planetary alignments of our lifetime. The Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter Conjunction, which started in January and goes through the end of the year.

In January we saw places like Australia burn like nothing ever before had. Devastating the land and the people. Now as the planetary alignments have grown even closer to each other we are experiencing this Pandemic.

My teacher, Daniel Giamario, the founder and director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School was mostly looking towards June as the big hit or the deepest upset in the current structures. He was surprised at the magnitude of March.

I was a bit curious of March myself. With Mars in the mix of alignments, which is the energy of the masculine within ourselves and the collective, and the alignments all in Capricorn and clearly being something about the breakdown of the male dominant, patriarchal forms of culture, Mars being involved seems fitting that things really hit the fan when Mars is caught up in the energies of these great outer planets.

Now, June is yet to come, so it’s my sense that either this quarantine, fear, anger, need for safety and forced restrictions could last until then… Or, something else even more devastating and upsetting to the current forms could ensue.

Again, all of these are a cause for an awakening. As planets move in exact conjunction with each other in the sign of forms, structures and authority, Capricorn, then away from each other and into the sign of consciousness expansion, freedom and rebelliousness, Aquarius, we see a shift on all levels.

We already cannot go back to the way things were.

It seems to me things need to get worse, before they get better.

A blessing in disguise.

So, what to do to prepare for the shift and the new world?

The same things myself and my teachers have been suggesting for a long time. Do your own inner work, stay healthy and open up to love. As well as practical things like localize, work towards sustainability and work together in a harmonious way.

Tips for transformation:

  1. Stay healthy
  2. Eat a plant-based diet
  3. Have a daily self-practice
  4. Love yourself
  5. Love others
  6. Localize
  7. Care for the earth
Sounds overly simple? That just it. It boils down to: simplify. Less doing and more being. Less judgement and more compassion, kindness. Less violence and more love.

Simple. Though not easy.

We are indeed in quite a snafu.

The astrological energies:

The energy of Pluto. The slow-moving planetary body. Is that of transformation, destruction, renewal, composting, death and rebirth.

Pluto activates transformation, making change not only possible though necessary. Forced if one doesn’t participate. If one does participate. Then change is much smoother of a ride.

Pluto destroys what is no longer serving the individual and the collective. If anything is in the way, it breaks it apart, so it is no longer useable or doable. This leaves space for building something new.

Pluto composts whatever is let go of and uses it to create something new. Usually much better than what was thrown away.

Pluto is death of the old so that a rebirth of the new can occur. All things must die, eventually. Live and let die.

Saturn is the energy of structure, form, stability, limits, boundaries and authority.

Saturn creates the structures and forms so that one can grow. Though it is also the realism that if the forms are not working, then they must be changed. It provides the options and opportunities for you to do the work of change. It does not do the change for you.

Saturn is stability. It can be a heaviness or weight on one’s shoulders if one does not commit to what is best for them or let go of what is no longer working. Saturn can on the other hand be the foundation to fly from.

Saturn is limits and boundaries. It shows us what is possible if we work harder or smarter. It also shows us what is not within our power and therefore time to let go of.

Saturn shows us our relationship with authority, borders, government and teachers. If we are willing to listen or if we feel stuck. It can be a great teacher that shows us discipline to benefit from or it can feel restrictive to moving onwards with what wasn’t working though we are attached to.

Jupiter is expansion, growth, amplification, spiritual practice and a part of finding purpose.

Jupiter expands anything it touches. Even if one feels they are not ready to deal with a problem, or step into their power, when Jupiter comes along: those issues expand.

Jupiter therefore causes growth. Much needed at times, whether one feels ready or not. Jupiter will give growing pains or help one to move beyond their capacity if they are willing.

Jupiter amplifies, shines a spotlight on anything it touches. Therefore, being a big whistle blower on this Pluto and Saturn connection. A huge contribution to how big this rare alignment really is!

Jupiter shows us our personal path towards purpose. A good way to see this is ones own spiritual practice. Look to your own birth chart. The sign that Jupiter was in when you were born, shows you something to utilize to find your purpose. Almost like your own spiritual path.

Jupiter will always bring one closer to their soul’s purpose in this life.

Mars represents the sacred masculine within each one of us, and also the collective as whole.

A simplified way to put it is if you look at your birth chart, the sign that Mars was in when you were born represents your own personal version of what masculine is for you in this life.

For the collective, it represents the newest version of the masculine on a global scale.

Mars has been on a journey since July 2018 when it started its current cycle. Now most of the way through this cycle, we are witnessing a more mature version of the current masculine archetype. Though also the closure of this cycle.

July will be the beginning of the next Mars cycle. Where June, the next exact alignment of the Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter conjunction, Mars will be between phases. Renewing itself in July

Death of the old version of the masculine which leaves space for the new.

This current conjunction is in the sign of Capricorn.

All these energies are now in the earth sign of Consistency, responsibility, authority and authenticity.

All the energies of Pluto meet all the energies of Saturn, along with all the energies of Jupiter and Mars in this sign.

So, the sign of Capricorn is where this is all targeted.

On a big scale, on a collective scale, the earth is being devastated and now reinstated. The borders were already being restricted and now completely shut down. The financial models are being threatened as well as access to goods and services all around the world. Our global economic structures and ways of relating are breaking.

We are renewing Capricorn.

My teacher Daniel Giamario, our school SAMS and myself have been talking about this for a long time.

We feel the newest version of Capricorn has a lot to do with simplifying, going back to ways that many indigenous people used to live and still do in some places today. As well as creating new models of economy using our technology in ways that are much more authentically sensible.

Capricorn is the archetype of a wise elder. Someone that is practical, effective and responsible.

If we are sincere in this, then we could easily move forward after this year in healthy, effective and truly responsible ways on every level.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically, personally, collectively and in relation to the earth. Ways that contribute to not only our lives now, though the future of the people of this planet, The future generations, the children’s, children’s, children may thrive in health and happiness.

Now is the time to continue your self-work. Stay inside, center yourself, align with nature. Be happy and open to love.

We can look towards June and September for more interesting events due to these alignments.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings, in all the worlds by happy and free.


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