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By Levi Banner M.A.

January 10, 2020

Big love from Bali everyone. I’m here at home, on regular schedule teaching classes at the Yoga Barn for the month. My parents just arrived to visit for two weeks. A pleasure to show them around and make sure they are loved up by mamma Bali.

Exciting news is that my 2020 events are open for registration within one week from today – when they go live on my website. Stay tuned for that announcement. To get an idea, here are the dates:

March 2-31

Shamanic Yoga and Breathwork Teacher Training

The Yoga Barn, Bali

April 6-16

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator Skills Training

The Yoga Barn, Bali

April 23-29

Shamanic Astrology Basics Training

The Yoga Barn, Bali

May 2-8

Shamanic Astrology Relationship Compatibility Training

The Yoga Barn, Bali

October 1-30

Shamanic Yoga and Breathwork Teacher Training

The Yogi’s Garden, Bali

December 17-30

Shamanic Breathwork SHIP Level 1 Training

The Yoga Barn, Bali

Very exciting, There is still space for you in the March Yoga and Breathwork Training. Let me know if you are ready to jump in!

The way this is set up this year is that if you have time and some finances available March through May, then you could take all the necessary courses to become a certified yoga teacher, certified breath work facilitator and be two thirds of the way to becoming a first level shamanic astrology counselor. A big opportunity for you here. 2020 is a big year for transformation and these tools are the best I have found. Here is a year for you start your path in all these areas at once.

Please stay tuned for registration opening soon for all courses.

And now my insights for these current times. We are starting the new decade off with a bang!


January 10

Full Moon in Cancer

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Uranus goes Direct

Mercury Conjunct the Sun

Jupiter becomes visible

What a day! What a way to start of the new year and new decade. So much is happening. This is a really big one.

The full moon is in the sign of cancer, it’s a lunar eclipse, opposite of the sun with Mercury, plus Uranus goes direct and Jupiter is brand new visible to your eyes.

Wow! All in one day?!

Every full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun shining it’s own light, reflecting the sun’s. The sign it’s in is what is being illuminated.

This full moon is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the water sign that involves itself in family, community and tribe. The archetype of the mother, cancer stands for compassion, care and sensitivity.

During an eclipse, it brings out the shadows of all involved. The shadow of Cancer is to over-give, be codependent or addicted to the roll of parent, teacher or guide.

What can you let go of in regards to how you give and receive care and compassion. Let the full moon bring in a bright burst of compassion for yourself first. Then on the other side of the eclipse you can move forward in a healthier way.

This eclipse was preceded by the Annular Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. Eclipses always come in pairs like this. The two week time period is like a portal of energy, bringing up shadows and an opportunity to look inside of ourselves and whats beneath the surface. This lunar eclipse closes that window in time which prepares us for the coming alignments just up ahead.

This is a Penumbral eclipse which means the earth’s shadow is cast upon the moon like always. Though not exact like during a total lunar eclipse. This will just be the penumbral or outer shadow rather than the umbral or inner shadow. So only partly an eclipse and not so spectacular to see. Though an eclipse none the less!

As the sun is always opposite a full moon eclipse, it is now shining the light of Capricorn. Today Mercury is exactly conjunct to the sun as well, bringing in new ways of thinking like a Capricorn, as Mercury is the planet of thought and communication. With the other planets of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter very close by. This is a high density of planets in Capricorn opposing this full moon!

Jupiter in particular is expanding and bringing enthusiasm to this big shift and big alignment. Becoming visible to our naked eye starting today. Which is a big announcement of the major alignment that many astrologers have been waiting for and the buildup we have been feeling collectively. Pluto and Saturn are Conjunct with Jupiter for the entire year starting in just two more days!

This alignment now is definitely giving way. Opening up the door for one of the most major alignments of our lifetime to occur in 2020.

All this plus Uranus goes direct today. Bringing forward the novel and unexpected randomness of Uranus to the sign of Taurus. This is bringing its new ways and unexpected experiences with physical form, pleasure and embodiment. The sensations of the sign of Taurus.

This forward motion begins a 37-day time period where all planets are going direct and not retrograde, which is actually more rare than most planets going backwards. Plus it will only be broken by a Mercury retrograde from February 16 to March 9 and then it’s 47-days more of all planets going direct.

That can be quite intense! All planets moving forward means full steam ahead, all systems go, lots of movement and change.

So today really sets off the year… And this is certainly a transformational year. It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace what really does.

No more holding back. No more holding on.

January 13

Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Mercury Conjunct Saturn and Pluto

The moment we have been waiting for. The alignment of our lifetime and definitely 2020.

Saturn and Pluto come together in a conjunction which lasts all year and is visited by many planetary players including Jupiter.

Today Saturn and Pluto are conjunct at 22 degrees in the sign of Capricorn.

These two outer planets only come together every 31 to 37 years. Last time was 37 years ago in Libra on November 7, 1982.

Saturn is structure, form and stability. Pluto is digestion, destruction and renewal.

Capricorn is the earth sign that involves itself with the workings of culture, family and the function of society.

There is a breakdown and composting of what doesn’t work and a strengthening of what does in the way we treat each other, function together as a culture, the way we run governments, hold borders and how we hold each other accountable for our actions over time.

It’s time to get real. It’s time to let go and make way. So that we can then plant seeds that will provide support for the generations to follow.

Interestingly enough, at the same time these two outer planets which rarely cross each other, Mercury happens to pass by them both on the day they do. Wow!

Mercury is the planet off thoughts, communication and is known as the messenger planet.

Perhaps bringing new ways of thinking in the arena of Capricorn. Which again, has to do with the structures of society and community. What a way to start this year of Saturn and Pluto alignments with this sacred messenger bringing new ways of thinking as we engage in this extremely powerful alignment.

This is a dense concentration in Capricorn with the sun less than 1 degree away with Ceres and Jupiter not too far away and approaching these two soon.

We will see the unfoldment of these energies in our lives. Especially if you have any planets, angles or nodes in this area of your birth chart. This year could be a major life cycle or big shift in your life.

May all in our lives that is old and outdated compost into something new and beneficial this year.

January 13

Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto

Today, the light of all life passes over the Saturn and Pluto alignment. This illuminates and brings our even more strength top this rare conjunction!

This is same day the planet of the divine feminine or the sacred feminine within us, Venus moves into the sign of heartfelt compassion, universal love and healing, Pisces.

January 16

Mercury moves into Aquarius

Today the planet of mental perception and ways of communicating leaves the earthy sign of Capricorn and enters the Air sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of expanded consciousness and rebellious ways of thinking. Mercury will now influence our thoughts with this sign of evolution.

January 20

Sun moves into Aquarius

Today the light of all life, the sun moves from the earthy and grounded sign of Capricorn into the expansive Air sign of revolution and evolution, Aquarius.

The sun will now illuminate the season of the sign of expanded consciousness, freedom and awareness of self beyond the collective.

The collective fuel we are burning now has a more revolutionary and novel tone.

Today you can also see the Moon and Mars near the star Antares in the morning sky. Symbolizing one of the labors of Mars in it’s two year journey. Now in it’s 4th phase, it’s in an integration of the underworld and maturing and portion of the experience. This cycle started in July 2018 and will go until Mars is back in Aquarius for awhile and opposes the sun later this year.

All this Aquarius is what all this current Capricorn energy will expand into in the coming year.

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