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By Levi Banner M.A. 

I sit under the full moon in awe of it’s brilliance. I sit feeling quite accomplished after just completing a full 30-day Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training which included Breathwork and Astrology in the midst of an organic farm in Central Bali with a beautiful group of students that are now teachers.

Next one is March 2-31, 2020
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December 12th, 2019

Full Moon in Gemini

Venus Conjunct Saturn

Today the moon is full in the sign of Gemini. The energy of playfulness, fun and randomness comes into play. The moon is illuminating this sign of the storyteller, trickster, seeker of variety archetype.

Gemini is an out of the box, explorer of possibilities, movement beyond duality and polarity type of sign. A rule bender and rule breaker.

As the moon shines bright in the sky, it not only urges you to have more fun, play more, and have a good time tonight! … There is another alignment with seemingly opposing forces.

Venus is conjunct Saturn today too!

The planet Venus represents the sacred feminine within us all. She is passing by Saturn, the planet of structure and form. A bit of seriousness comes in as the feminine archetype gets a reality check. Our inner feminine gets a does of the real world. Plus this happens in the sign of Capricorn which is the most grounded, practical and consistent of all the signs.

So I feel a balance. Fun and play mixed with commitment and consistency.

Seems like a perfect yoga routine. Always show up to practice, though have a fun time exploring the hew possibilities!

This calls for a SeriouSilly personal full moon ceremony.

Silly-ously folks, Happy full moon.

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