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By Levi Banner, M.A. E-RYT 500

November 11, 2019

Greetings from Bali. I just recently finished teaching a week-long Shamanic Astrology Training on the Timeline of Planetary Transits. A lot of what I talk about in these newsletters comes from this material. I was actually just assisting my teacher, Daniel Giamario who originated the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. A great honor as I am apprenticing to teach these courses on my own someday… Once we finished that course, I hopped on a plane to Malaysia, where I spent the weekend at MURFEST. There, I taught two Astrology workshops, one on the Basics and one on Relationships, plus I helped facilitate an Ecstatic Dance and finally a Shamanic Breathwork on the last day… and then immediately hopped on a plane back to Bali!

Here, I am back home and will start the next 30-day Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training tomorrow!

… Good thing my courses include so much breath work or else I might not ever catch my breath!

Here are my insights for these current times:

November 11th (11:11)

Mercury Transit

Today is the 11th day of the 11th month. Though I love numerology, I am not so into the Gregorian calendar that we choose to use. So I’m not so impressed by this calendar date believing it holds special powers as some see this number of 11:11 as a gateway to higher consciousness and love… Not to detour the expansion of consciousness in the collective field. Which these types of beliefs tend to connect us to. So whatever floats your boat. I will participate too.

Though more important to me is the astronomical occurrence of Mercury transiting directly in front of the sun today! A much more rare occurrence that only happens about 13-14 times per century! The next time this happens won’t be until the year 2032…

Indeed there are more powerful reasons to participate in a group meditation, galactic activation, or collective consciousness co-creation on 11,11 this year.

Much like an eclipse of the sun, when the moon crosses directly in front of the sun, Mercury will do the same. We are the only planet in the known universe that has such exact sacred geometry that the distance of our orbiting moon and the distance of our sun that we our orbiting, make them the exact same size from our view on this magical planet earth. So the moon covers the sun perfectly when in an exact full total solar eclipse alignment. We are living in a phenomenon each day, and today, Mercury will do the same thing the moon does during a solar eclipse.

Mercury is not the same size of the moon or distance from earth to seem like it at all. So it will only look like a small black dot on the su=rface of the big bright sun. Plus only seen with special eclipse glasses and telescopes…. Ok so it might not be as mind blowing as a total solar eclipse (Next solar eclipse will will be an annular eclipse on December 26th), Though still a rare phenomena and powerful to see and more so experience. Still much more significant than a made up calendar date that happens each year, IMHO.

Mercury is the planet in astrology that represent the mind, such as mental capacity, perceptions and communication. So all this energy has to do with the way we see things and how we think and speak. When an eclipse type of alignment happens than it always brings out the shadows into the light, or the light’s shadows.

Fitting, as this Sun and Mercury conjunction happens in the sign of Scorpio. The sign of deep, intense extremes. Scorpio loves to dive into the darkness and fly high into the light. From this Mercury transit we are learning what’s beneath the surface as we rise like a phoenix… Though only after going down and in as deep as possible.

So happy 11:11 and blessings on your group meditations. I’ll be joining you by looking towards the light of all life, the sun and the transmissions of Mercury shining through. I hope that you do too. This can make your intentions much more powerful and resonant with the natural and planetary forces as we walk through the next gate of perception.

November 12th

Full Moon in Taurus

Now full, the moon shines light in the darkest part of the night sky. The moon is always in the opposite sign of the sun when it’s full. An illumination of the sun’s light as the moon reaches the exact opposite end of the sky.

The sun is now in Scorpio where the new moon happened just two weeks ago. If you set intentions at that time, then the full moon is when those seeds of intention blossom, bloom and come into full expression. The full moon is a time of harvest, full manifestation and co-creation.

The moon is now full in the sign of Taurus, the energy that shines brightly on us tonight. Taurus is the earth sign that most indulges in the pleasure principles of enjoyment and sensuality. This full moon not only gives permission, it encourages you to fully indulge! Relax, take your time, savor the flavor. Taurus is about fully experiencing the moment as it is. Full contentment, patience and presence.

Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs in the furthest ends of the sky from each other. Though they are not against each other. They have a resonant polarity. They have more in common than different.

Both are deeply in tune with life force energy within the body. Both are the most interested in sensuality, sexuality and embodiment of pleasure. Both walk the tantric path and love to indulge deeply in each delicious moment. Though Scorpio is more about feeling the emotional energy of the experience and Taurus is more about experiencing the movement physically.

This full moon and sun polarity invites you to really receive. To fully take in what you are given. All that you have intended and much more comes in during this full moon. Can you be thankful and allow yourself to receive? Fully receiving, fully accepting is the only way that you can fully enjoy. Finding gratitude is even one step further, taking you deeper into fully indulging.

How can you open up more to receive the pleasures of life?

Suggestions during this full moon are to get a massage (exchange one with your partner), to eat your favorite flavor of ice cream with your eyes closed (can be vegan), to just dance (can be alone in your room, also with your eyes closed), or spend some extra time in your yoga practice just moving in the way it feels best to you.

It’s time to indulge in the deliciousness of of your own body!

Enjoy the full moon in Taurus.

November 14th

Venus Squares Neptune

The planet of the sacred feminine within our culture and within ourselves is now at a 90 degree, dynamic angle to the planet of fuzzy, dreamy, heart space.

Venus is Square to Neptune.

This brings our inner feminine a new heart centered approach to her current exploration of the sign of Sagittarius. Neptune being in Pisces is doubly powerful in the ways of feelings and dreaminess.

So as the explorer version of the feminine takes action into new territory, she has to learn to do it without being able to see whats up ahead. She has to learn to lead with the heart.

It’s time for the feminine within you to go further than she’s gone before. Into new spiritual truths that can’t be seen, only experienced.

November 15th

Mercury Rises

Today it might be possible to see Mercury in the early morning sky. The planet of mental perspective and perceptions has recently made an interior conjunction with the sun where it actually transited directly in front of the sun like an eclipse from the moon. Though it was more like a tiny black dot, this did give us downloads to a new way of seeing things through the Scorpio perspective. Also of whats beneath the surface when we do see things seemingly clearly.

Now we can get new messages from the mental messenger planet as the coming days make it possible to see this planet as it rises further and further from the sun getting brighter and brighter.

Mercury will be visible in the morning sky until X-mas day.

November 18th

Mars moves into Scorpio

The planet of the sacred masculine makes it’s way from the airy, relational sign of Libra into the deeply emotional, water sign of Scorpio.

Now the masculine within our culture and within ourselves has to go into further extremes emotionally. He now has to learn more about depth, intensity and the feeling function.

How will this look in our society? The masculine getting more primal and sensual?

How will the masculine in you wake up more to the life force energy that moves it?

It’s time to walk the edge. It’s time for the masculine to feel his full capacity for aliveness.

November 20th

Mercury goes Direct

Yes, you read it right. This means Mercury is no longer retrograde! The planet of mental perception, cognition and communication now begins to move forward once again.

In the sign of Scorpio, Mercury gives us the mental messages that bring us into intense aliveness. To feel our thoughts and to go deeply into our beliefs.

We now move forward into clear communication with depth and intensity.

November 22nd

Sun enters Sagittarius 

The light that shines on all life now moves from the deep, watery, emotional sign of Scorpio into the fiery, actional, exploratory sign of Sagittarius.

The season of Sagittarius is illuminating your exploration into new territory. Sagittarius is the archetype of the adventurer, traveler, wanderer. Also the wonderer, questioner, philosopher.

It’s time to seek a new truth. It’s time to seek higher ground. Where the sun shines bright on the top of that mountain or far into that valley. It’s time to go.

November 24th

Moon moves past Mars and Mercury

Venus and Jupiter Conjunct

The moon which represents our past life lineage, unconscious patterns and skill sets moves close to Mars early tonight and then by the end of the night closer to Mercury. This is a great thing to tune into to see how fast the moon moves.

This will happen in the sign of Scorpio which all of these planets are tuning us into.

Activating our way of seeing things, our inner masculine and our past experiences with intensity, depth and full aliveness are the teachings of Mercury, Mars and the Moon in Scorpio.

This happens with Mars exactly opposite Uranus! The moon is illuminating and accenting this alignment where the masculine gets introduced to some more electric, erratic, eclectic types of teachings. Uranus brings in random, unexpected events to the masculine’s exploration of the Scorpio mysteries.

This same evening, early on you can see Venus has risen high enough to meet Jupiter. The two brightest planets in the night sky will be seen together. A beauty to behold in the early night sky.

Venus is the sacred feminine exploring the adventurer sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter is expanding that expression.

You could also see this as the sacred feminine, queen of heaven accenting Jupiter’s last few moments in Sagittarius, where it has been for a full year!

Jupiter will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn very soon on December 2nd. This is a beautiful way to exit the sign of exploration with the divine feminine by it’s side. She will pass by like a blessing before she enters into Capricorn first thing tomorrow.

Quite an excellent night to go outside and see so many alignments. One spectacular evening of astrological events.

November 25th

Venus enters Capricorn

The planet of the sacred feminine within ourselves and our culture is now moving from the fiery explorer sign of Sagittarius into the grounded, practical earth sign of Capricorn.

Venus will now teach the feminine within us all to be more authentic, logical and realistic. She will learn to become more consistent, practical and reasonable.

How will you bring your feminine to more discipline? The feminine within you becomes more wise in this sign.

It’s to get grounded. It’s time to get real.

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