Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner M.A. E-RYT 500

October 28, 2019

Greetings from Ubud Bali. I’m here getting ready for back to back to back trainings starting later this week!

Here is my schedule for the rest of the year:

November 1-7

Shamanic Astrology Timeline Course, Bali

November 8-12

MurFest, Malaysia

November 12-December 11

Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training, Bali

December 17-30

Shamanic Breathwork Training, Bali

December 30

Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance at The Yoga Barn

Going out of 2019 with a bang!

Here are my new moon musings:

October 28

New Moon in Scorpio

Uranus Opposition

The new moon is always a good time to set new intentions, create ceremony and get ready for what’s to come with awareness.

When you set you intentions with the flavor of the sign the moon is in, then it is that much more potent.

This new moon is in the seasonal sign of Scorpio. The sign of depth, intensity and underworld, emotional uprisings.

So what stirs your passions? What brings you to life?

Now is the time to activate your aliveness!

The moon is always with the sun at a new moon which is why you cant see it and why it is a new moon. The moon is always new once per year in scorpio and each sign for that matter. Though this year this happens exactly during another yearly event. The sun opposite Uranus.

This new moon and sun in Scorpio happens to be opposite Uranus this time. The planet of abrupt change, radical shifts and moments of novelty that only happen once.

So set your new moon intentions. Really go deep into what you truly desire…. And then release attachment to the outcome! For Uranus will shake things up if you are too attached.

Scorpio can so far into their love of energy and power that they can try to control things. Well, that doesn’t work when Uranus is involved. Uranus teaches us through uncontrollable, undeniable and unpredictable circumstances.

Though that might be hard for the Scorpio control to let go, it is always taking us to a better or more useful place. So the letting go is the best and inevitably the only thing to do.

Then the scorpio finds it’s greatest strength… through surrender.

Set your intentions this new moon in scorpio, then release attachment to the outcome. Roll with the punches and go with the flow.

Find strength through surrender.

October 31

Mercury Retrograde

The planet of thought, communication and perception now begins to go backwards. This happens about 3 times per year for 3 weeks at a time.

Mercury influences transportation, technology and planning. So simply be more thoughtful when dealing with these matters.

This happens in the sign of Scorpio which thinks with passions and feelings. Could be a good time to feel more then to try to execute a plan.

and Happy halloween!

November 11

Mercury Transit

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury will cross directly over the light of life, the Sun.

This happens every few years and is much like a solar eclipse. Though instead of the moon blocking the sun, it is Mercury, and Mercury is basically a small black dot in the light of the sun.

This brings up the shadows, and illuminates the mysteries of mental perspectives.

This happens in the sign of Scorpio which has do with darker thoughts, deeper thinking and depth of feeling over mental clarity.

It’s time to see what’s beneath the surface as the path of perception crosses the light of consciousness.

If you are ion the Americas you will be able to see this happen with your own eyes. You will need some eclipse glasses to view this event.


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