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By Levi Banner M.A.

October 12, 2019

Greetings from my Cancerian Castle here in Ubud, Bali. I’ve been nesting in my new home just minutes from the Yoga barn where I’ve been teaching and doing readings regularly.

It’s full moon….Only one more moon cycle until the 200 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training! Also before then is the Shamanic Astrology Timeline Course and afterwards is the SHIP Breathwork Training.

That’s 3 back to back trainings coming up! If you’d like to join any please message me.

Otherwise, here are my insights. Happy Full Moon!

October 13 (Oct 14 in Bali)

Full Moon in Aries

22:07 GMT time

The moon is full which means the moon is illuminating the darkest part of the night sky, furthest from the sun. The moon is always opposite the sun at a full moon, reflecting the sun’s light and illuminating the sign that it is in.

Each full moon is similar because it is full though each is different due to the sign or part of the sky it is full in.

The sun is in the seasonal sign of Libra. Having just past the point of equinox, we had a new moon in Libra just two weeks ago which was the first of this season. Hopefully you set your intentions that had to do with healthy collaborations, connections and communication a the new moon.

The moon is is now full in the opposite sign, Aries. This is the first full moon of the season which is bringing us the energies of freshness and newness that come along with this sign.

Aries is all about action. Full force, full power, action.

Aries is “all in” to their mission, their goal, their purpose. 

The purpose of Aries is to know their mission and to fully commit to making that happen. 

How can you commit even more to what you truly love? What in your life is like an unstoppable force? What is your mission?

Aries is the archetype of the warrior, the protector of the tribe or the defender of the cosmic order.

Aries is a Fire element sign which identifies through actions and intuition.

…It’s just that sometimes that’s too much.

This full moon and sun opposition is in a dynamic alignment with the planet Pluto. This 90 degree alignment is called a “T Square”. You might think of a T shape, which is how these planets are actually aligned in the sky.

So Pluto is brought into the Full Moon mix. Pluto teaches us to go through transformation. To compost what no longer serves us, from who we are not into more of who we truly are.

Pluto teaches death and rebirth. Pluto brings into this full moon a transformation of these signs of Aries and Libra. Helping to heal and become stronger, more clear energies in our lives.

If Aries is over done, then it’s too much forcefulness, anger and movement which leads to burn out. If Libra is overdone it gives too much and loses itself in relationships.

Perhaps the warrior is meant to fight for something more noble and authentic rather than an old patriarchal game? Perhaps Libra is meant to find it’s own self in a strong and clear way so that it can be more in balance when relating to others?

Now is the time to take action! … Which could mean letting go of old identities.

What can you let go of this full moon so that you can more fully step into your power and take action? What is your mission?

Happy Full moon in Aries everyone.

October 16

Mars rises in the evening sky

The planet which represents the masculine energy on our planet has been through the underworld over the past few months.

For the past 4 months, Mars has been so close to the sun that we could not see it. To the ancients this was quite a mysterious and mystical experience to see the red planet lost in the glare of the sun and then rise back up again. 

Which is what happens today. Mars rises out of the underworld. Away from the sun’s light. Much like a crescent moon getting more full each night, Mars will rise and become brighter over the coming months.

You can watch the dim red planet rise tonight if you have a clear sky and low horizon. A symbol of the vulnerable masculine within us coming out of a deep underworld transformation and slowly regaining it’s strength.  

It’s time for the collective Masculine to rise once again.

October 21

Orionids Meteor shower peak

Look to the star Betelgeuse and the constellation of Orion for meteors shooting across the sky. Today is the peak of these meteors showering. 

image from

October 23

Sun enters Scorpio

The sun, which shines light on life, enters the season of Scorpio. Though this does not mean the constellation group of the Scorpion which at one point several thousand s of years ago was the time of year when the scorpions would begin to come out of the ground with the constellation of the scorpion in the sky above. This is not the case anymore due to procession of the equinox.

This is now and still will be the season of Scorpio.

The sun now shines light on darkness and depth.

Qualities of Scorpio are these extremes, passions and intensities.

Happy Scorpio season everyone.

art by Amanda Sage

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