Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner M.A.

September 28, 2019

Blessings from Bali everyone. I’m here nesting in my new home, back in the swing of teaching regular classes, workshops and doing readings. Prepping for the back to back trainings I am hosting in November and December.

Announcing a EUROPE TOUR 2020!!!

If you know of a festival, studio or ceremony that would love to host me in July or August 2020: Please get in touch.

Here are my moon musings for now:

September 28

New moon in Libra

The moon comes close to the sun creating a new moon. This is not seen in the sky though felt like a renewal of fresh energies. New moons are always a good time to create intentions for the coming time.

It’s now a new season. As the sun reached the equator less than a week ago beginning spring in the southern hemisphere and fall in the northern. 

This is the first new moon after equinox and the first new moon of the season. For several cultures, this is the new year! For example: this marks “Rosh Hashanah” or the “head of the year” in the Jewish Tradition. 

Spring has sprung or fall has fallen. 

The equinox marks when the sun moves into the sign of Libra which is where the moon meets it today. This new moon is in this sign of balance, Libra.

The sun and moon are accompanied by a couple of faithful friends. Mercury, and Venus are both close by this new moon and sun relationship.

Which is exactly what it is. A relationship. 

The very essence of Libra is to discover oneself through another. To find harmony and balance (equinox) in all interactions. 

Libra is the sign most inclined to relationships. So communication, collaboration and intimate connect are themes of Libra.

When the moon reaches the sun each month, it’s a new moon and time for a ceremony based on new intentions. So as you plant your new moon seeds, let them be related to relating. 

What are you wanting to balance in your life? How might you better your connection with others? How might you collaborate this time instead of taking it all on yourself?

It’s time to move forward, together. 


On the other hand if you are the Libra type that has discovered the shadow version of the sign (all signs have a shadow and a light), then perhaps you are already giving too much, relying on others opinions too much and have become codependent and give too much of yourself up for others opinions to dominate.

Then it could be the case where during this new moon, it’s time to step into your own. To do something for yourself. To make a decision on your own. To take yourself out on that date and not concern yourself what anyone else thinks!

It’s time to move forward, whole unto yourself.

Happy new moon my friends.

September 30

Venus Square Pluto

The planet of our collective feminine, Venus is now in a dynamic alignment with the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto.

This is potential for renewal, a great opportunity for growth. And possibly a deep dark night of the soul for the sacred feminine within.

Venus is in Libra and Pluto is in Capricorn so if you have planets in your chart near this 20 degree mark then this is even more personal for you. These signs mean that it is more about relationships, what your taking on, what your boundaries and who you are collaborating with for not. 

It’s time for the feminine within us all to fully let go so she can be reborn once again. 

She is now technically far enough from the sun to be seen, so soon you will witness her re enter the world stage early in the evening shining her new light.

Let this be that release into a new power. Strength through Surrender.

October 3

Mercury enters Scorpio

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury now enters the sign of depth and Intensity, Scorpio.

This influences our collective mind to think more deeply, to feel our thoughts and to dive in fully to our emotions as well. 

October 4

Mars enters Libra

The sacred masculine, Mars has been trailing behind the other inner planets and is now making his way to explore healthy relationships, collaboration and communication in the sign of Libra.

Though he just missed Mercury who just moved on to the next sign, he will try and make it to Venus though she will shine on her own and leave the sign before he does, as they have been together recently in the underworld or near the sun. Like a good breakup, Mars is now expanding his awareness of what healthy connection is. He is on his own in the sign. Of relationships, communication and intimacy.

He will now explore the relational version of the masculine, perhaps it takes being fully on his own so he can be more whole and complete for the next one he meets will reflect where he’s at once again. The path of Libra.

October 9

Venus enters Scorpio

The sacred feminine, Venus is now visible in the early evening sky. She now shows up as a light signifying a reclaiming her power.

Today she enters Scorpio which is the version of the feminine that wears darkness on her as she shines. 

A deeply feeling and sensual sign. Venus has now been fully initiated through the underworld (past the sun) and now shines as the shamanic, tantric goddess.

It’s time for the feminine to reclaim her power, her deep dark power and shine that out in the night.

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