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By Levi Banner

Friday the 13th of September, 2019

Big love from Bali everyone. It’s so good to be home after what seemed like a big long trip. I’ve been nesting in my brand new home, getting new instruments and getting all set up with my creature comforts. I’m pretty stoked in my new Cancerian Castle.

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Now to the Full Moon Musings:


Full Moon in Pisces

Moon with Neptune and Opposite Mars

Venus and Mercury Conjunct

Jupiter, Mars and Neptune T-Square

Happy full moon everyone! There’s a big bright beautiful full moon in a clear sky here in Bali. It’s in the sign of Pisces. Plus, if you could see without a telescope you could see Neptune very close by.

The full moon is always opposite the sun which is what makes it far enough from the light to be fully illuminated. The sun is now in Virgo with Mars very close by and Venus conjunct Mercury just on the other side of this same sign.

There is a strong dynamic between Virgo and Pisces with all these planets pulling on one another.

Plus 90 degrees away is Jupiter in Sagittarius which expands and amplifies these energies and adds some truth seeking and entering new territory influence as well. This is called a T-Square as that is the shape it makes.

It’s like an ocean of energies all mixed together and blended into one. This is the call of Pisces, the sign of oneness, divinity and universal love.

Pisces is the dreamer, mystic, healer archetype that feels fully with empathy, care and compassion for all beings.

Pisces is a water sign of feeling function that is in service to spirit through it’s emotional openness.

Virgo is the earth sign that is also in service to spirit though through it’s devotion to sacred work, sacred duty and accurate, precise alignment to all of nature.

Sagittarius is the fire sign that is in the same category of in service to spirit though through it’s actions of blazing a new trail for others to follow and reaching new heights on the quest for truth and meaning.

There are so many details to share about all of these planets. Each with their unique characteristics and influence on us.

As above, so below, as within, as without.

The sun shines light on all life and is connected today with Mars which represents the sacred masculine in our lives. Venus is the divine feminine within us conjunct to the mental operating system Mercury. All in Virgo, the earthy, in the body, alignment to the patterning in all of nature.

The full moon is illuminating the opposite end of the night sky with the planet Neptune which brings a dreamy, fuzzy, mystical energy to the alignment. This adds extra Piscean influence as Neptune is the most resonant planet to Pisces.

Jupiter expands and amplifies this full moon dynamic with Sagittarius philosophical action. This adds a tension.

You’re not meant to see fully clear tonight. Even with all the accurate devotion of Virgo. Neptune and the full moon in Pisces is an antidote for clarity.

So it’s time to feel your way through.


Have faith that you’ll get there. Relax along the way. Tune into your feelings. Drop into your heart.


At least Pluto is Trine to this alignment today which relieves some of the pressure.

Oh did I mention it’s Friday the 13th!!!!

Dun Dun Dunnnnnn…

Originally, historically Friday is named after the Norse goddess Freya who is associated with sensuality, shamanism and the planet of the feminine, Venus. The 13th was actually a lucky day and then changed to unlucky later by the Catholics…

What do you feel? It could be your lucky day.

Happy Full Moon Friday the 13th!

September 14th

Mercury and Venus move into Libra

The planet of thought and communication has been conjoined with the planet of the sacred Feminine, Venus for the past couple of weeks.

This pairing now enters the sign of togetherness and pairing together.

Libra is the sign most associated with relationships, and intimacy. The air sign of communication and connection.

The feminine has love on her mind wether she is into it or repulsed by it at this time. It’s a subject to talk about.

Mercury will be in Libra until October 3rd and Venus until October 8th.

September 18th

Saturn goes direct

Since April 29th, the planet of structure, form and law, Saturn has been moving backwards or retrograde. This has caused us to re-examine, relearn and revisit many of our middle world behaviors.

Who are you, Where are you, What are you doing, and Who are you doing it with are the middle world questions Saturn makes us take a firm and direct look at.

Now we move forward with support. To fully commit to what is working and in accomplish what is in full alignment with our greatest good.

Saturn is a liberator as he supports us to let of go of what is simply not working and focus on achieving what is.

This moving forward will receive some pressure and heaviness for many of us and finally allow a breakdown of form for others.

All is simply a better reality as it’s time to blow rebuild something more in alignment.


September 21

Jupiter Square Neptune 

The third and final exact 90 degree alignment of these two planets.

The planet of fuzzy, mystical dreaminess, Neptune is square to the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter.


Both in their most resonant signs.

Neptune is most at home in this sign of dreams, healing and feelings, Pisces and Jupiter is most at home in this sign of stepping into new territory and philosophical truth seeking, Sagittarius.

This dynamic alignment is a tension between focused action and feeling feelings, dreaming dreams.

Clarity while moving forward can be foggy and relaxation can be restless.

September 22nd

Mercury Square Saturn

The planet of cognition and perception, Mercury is a 90 degree alignment with the planet of rules, borders and structures, Saturn.

This is a dynamic alignment that causes a tension on the way we see things.

Mercury is in the sign of relationships, diplomacy and harmony, Libra and Saturn is in the sign of community, expertise and commitment.

This alignment is about seeing clearly which relationships are serving you and where your energy can go that helps accomplish something tangible.


September 23rd

The sun enters Libra


Today the bright sun that shines light on all life enters the sign of Libra directly over the equator. This is called Equinox which means equal night (and day).

The very meaning of Libra is to find balance and harmony.

LIbra is the sign of equinox which creates a relationship between two halves to make a whole.

Today the sun and moon come into equality.

Representing light and dark, masculine and feminine, right and left, up and down etc etc.

Today is a great day for ceremony. To watch the sunrise or sunset and to honor the cycles and seasons. For one more important relationship is the one with nature and yourself.

Happy Equinox everyone!

September 25th

Venus square Saturn

Today we have another inner planet in a dynamic alignment with Saturn. Venus the planet of the feminine is now square to the planet of form and structure.

This creates a tension or challenge in the expression of the feminine on the planet.

Venus is in the sign of Libra which is the sign she started this year and half cycle in. Now in the underworld still not yet emerging back up into the night sky for the second half of her journey.

Saturn is in Capricorn providing ancient wisdom for her to learn from. Teaching to take time to align with the rhythms of time.

Saturn now creates a heaviness… and a motivation to accomplish her libra journey into right relationship with herself, others and the earth.


September 26th

Mercury Square Pluto

The planet of mental perspectives and perception, Mercury is in a dynamic alignment with the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto.

Mercury in Libra which thinks about how to get along with others and is now confronted with the shadows of relating and communicating by the underworld planet Pluto in Capricorn.

It’s time to face the hidden secrets, the dark spots, the underneath the surface lessons and confront this transformation.


It’s time to see things in a whole new way. A metamorphosis of sorts.


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