Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

Aloha from the island of Kauai. I had planned time for Burning Man, though decided to do something very different instead. My time here has been deeply nourishing, awakening and fulfilling. I’m feeling very filled up as I prepare to go back to Bali in two days time.

I held a cacao ceremony Ecstatic dance last night to honor the full moon and am DJing the Ecstatic Dance Kauai tomorrow before I go. It’s so fun and beautiful here!

…and there is so much depth and wisdom to this ancient land. It reminds me of Bali with so much energy moving through and so much activation all the time. I’m loving it. I’m also happy to go home soon and reground.

I will be back on schedule at The Yoga Barn for all of September and October with a couple of workshops as well. Then I have three trainings coming up!!! If you’re interested in my November Astrology or Yoga Training, remember the early bird price is good up until Equinox, September 23rd.

Ah the build up to equinox. Let’s talk about that!

Here are my insights:

New Moon in Virgo with Venus, Mars and Mercury 

The new moon is always when the sun and moon come together. It’s like a renewal point of the lunar and solar forces recharging each other and moving on to new grounds.

The sign the new moons in is the season the sun is in at the time and therefore the archetypal energy they are collecting and intending for the current month. The moon and sun bring up a teaching for us to work with for each month.

This new moon is in the sign of Virgo. Along with Venus, Mars and Mercury very close by in the same sign.

That’s a lot of Virgo energy!

Each planet has it’s own teachings for us as each planet bestows it’s own blessings of energies on us. With all of the inner planets in the same sign altogether, that makes a lot, a lot, of Virgo energy.

So what is virgo?…

Virgo is the earth sign of devoted sacred service and alignment with nature. Virgo is the sign most associated with the feminine mysterious in ancient times as well earth based traditions, ceremonies and rituals.

Virgo in service to spirit or Mutable. Virgo brings spirit into matter to honor it.

The archetype of Virgo is the embodiment of mother earth herself. Gaia, Pachamamma, the one that is what sustains and supports life. The web that’s woven and interconnects all things.

Virgo is the most attuned to the details of the natural forces and aligns itself with the rhythms and cycles of the elements.

So it’s time to realign with nature. It’s time to give yourself some time to really tune in. Ground, connect, align. It. Is. Time.

This new moon is also the closest new moon of the entire year. The moon at Perigee intensifies the influence because it’s simply closer than usual. The tides get higher and the waters within us rise as well.

Some in my circles have been mentioning a challenge sleeping lately. Usually associated with the full moon, with all the abundantly strong full moon forces, this super new moon may be very solidly, tangibly calling you too ground, connect and align with the rhythms of natural time. That might be a lot to take in.

So what to do with all this Virgo energy?…

One word: Simplify.

Ask yourself: What is my sacred duty? What am I devoted to? Virgo asks what is my sacred service at this big turning of the ages we are now in. How do I align with earth mother and serve her in my highest way?

Now is the time to serve she who has given you all that sustains your life. Now is the time to connect with the land and people that care from our mountains, waters and forests.

That starts in your heart. Reconnecting your own body with the ways of the waves and the solid earth beneath your feet all the time.

I could get into all the detailed alignments that will be happening over the next two weeks (Virgo loves details) though they will all be associated with what we have just talked about. So when Friday the 13th comes with the full moon in Pisces there will be much to share!

Until then, Happy New moon everyone.

Blessed be.


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