Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner, M.A.

July 16th, 2019

Happy Full Moon everybody! Greetings from Ubud, Bali. A special day in the Balinese Hindu culture called Devasa Ayu. In India they are celebrating Guru Purnima, a day honoring the teachers of yoga.

I am moving into my new house today and simultaneously getting ready to travel to the United States for the month of August.

If you have a studio, ceremony or festival in the US to invite me to, please send me a message.

Otherwise I will be in Oregon, California and Texas and hope to see you. Here is a list of my offerings:

July 27th and 28th
OC Yoga Festival
Huntington Beach, California

August 16th and 17th
Balanced Hot Yoga
Eugene Oregon

August 23rd, 24th and 25th
Casa Mariposa
San Antonio, Texas

I also just opened registration for an Astrology Training and a Yoga Training in Bali for this November. Please see below for the info or click HERE.

Now, time for the Full Moon insights!

July 17th
Full moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn
Venus Opposite Saturn

Today is when the moon and sun are in opposite ends of the sky. As always when a full moon happens. It’s when the moon is as far from the sun as it will go during that cycle. Therefore shining the moon’s light in the darkest part of the night sky.

This time, however the particular path of the moon and sun are in direct alignment with the earth in between.

This creates a moment when the earth is directly blocking the light from the sun and instead of seeing the luminous reflection in the moon, we instead see the earth’s shadow.

This will be a partial lunar eclipse so will only block part of the moon’s light.

Regardless, this is an eclipse and eclipse’s always bring up what’s beneath the surface… The shadows in our intentions.

We actually physically see the earth’s shadow on the moon. This represents the collective human shadow. It’s time to take a good look at your shadows and our shadows as humanity on this earth.

The shadow is the part of you that you cannot see.

Some nod there head and say “oh yeah, that part. I know about that”…. No, not that part. Literally the part of yourself that you don’t know.

Eclipse times are a time to see what hasn’t been seen.

After the total solar eclipse in cancer on the new moon two weeks ago, we now have a partial lunar eclipse that closes this two week portal of time between the two eclipses.

One eclipse is always followed by a second and the time in-between the two is a portal of deep dark stuff.

This portal is now closed after this full moon eclipse experience.

Though that’s not all. Today is a potent day. The planet of the sacred feminine, Venus is exactly opposite to the planet of structure and form, Saturn.

Being so close to the full moon it truly adds to this eclipse energy. The dynamic of Capricorn and Cancer is incredibly strong right now.

The planet Saturn in Capricorn is teaching the collective feminine, Venus in Cancer about healthy boundaries and what is really working… and what is not.

It is proving to be a time of breaking down the old. The outdated models are no longer helping. They are getting in the way. Women are stepping up and being many variations from what’s been expected. Not just the wife, mother. Though even that is under renewal.

It’s time for the collective feminine to tear down the walls and get ready for the new.

Though it has already started a long time ago anyways. Soon, it will truly be time to rebuild the way we see the feminine.

July 17th
Mars enters the Underworld

Today the planet of the sacred masculine, Mars goes so close to the sun that you cannot see it any longer.

The red planet has been dimming and dimming the past few months. Now it is completely out of site. The ancients saw it that when a planet did this that it was entering the underworld.

Mars is the masculine god, or the collective masculine energy in humanity.

Now he is going through a death and rebirth. During this stage, he will be met with Venus, the collective feminine in a special underworld dance. This is a certain type of connection they have, only one of the three versions of the Venus and Mars saga in the sky.

So we won’t see them meet. This will prove to be a deep transformative experience for both the masculine and the feminine during July and through September as both Mars and Venus dance together in the underworld.

July 19th
Mercury Retrogrades back into Cancer

The planet of thought and communication is now moving backwards or retrograde.

This happens for about 3 weeks at a time, about 3 times per year.

Now, the messenger planet has reversed back into the sign it was just in, Cancer.

Cancer is the sign of compassion, care and sensitivity.

It’s time to relearn and remember how to take care of ourselves and have concern for one another in this human family.

Mercury will be in Cancer until August 11th.

July 21st
Venus Opposite Pluto

Continuing the Cancer and Capricorn opposing energies in July, now Venus is opposite Pluto.

Venus is the planet that represents the collective feminine on the planet and Pluto represents the teachings of death and rebirth, depth and transformational experiences.

The feminine is now composting the old version of cancer. Like the need to be a mother just because she is a woman, or being a certain type of mother or giver. Changing around the facts of what the feminine even is, Pluto helps to transform and renew after breaking apart and destroying.

What we compost now will help feed the soil for the new feminine on this earth.

Later today the Sun will conjunct Mercury before it changes signs.

The planet of thought, Mercury goes close to the sun when in retrograde. This can be a bit of confusion, or deep thought. Clarity will come when Mercury goes direct and is visible again, bringing us new messages from this current interaction with the fuel of all life, the sun.

July 22nd
The Sun enters Leo

The light of all life, the sun enters the seasonal sign of the leader, force of inspiration, creativity and intuitional action, Leo.

The sun will be in this sign for one month as it is every year. The sun is now burning the collective fuel of Leo.

July 24th
Venus and Mercury Conjunct

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury retrogrades or moves backward to meet the planet of the sacred feminine, Venus.

This happens in the sign of Cancer, the sign of care, compassion and sensitivity.

Cancer is the mother archetype, the nurturer or provider of nourishment.

Now is a time to relearn or remember how to take care of yourself before taking care of others.

Like a mom that always wants to give to her kids first… Rightly so… Though you cannot give what you do not have. So it’s important to nourish yourself first, and then give from this place of abundance…. Remember yourself!

This continues to feed the Cancer and Capricorn dynamic this month.

July 27th
Venus enters Leo

Following the sun, and so close you cannot see her, Venus will enter the sign of Leo.

The sacred feminine is now stepping into the power of creativity and inspiration. The feminine in Leo is a leader, the star of the movie, or the one on center stage.

Though off the world stage and in the underworld near the sun, we as a collective experience the feminine in her deep dive towards authentic self love.

Developing radical, radiant, self-love is the quest for the feminine in Leo. From deep within is the only true source of inspiration.

Now is the time to dive in deep to find a brighter light to shine, a theme for the rest of this month. All the breaking down of structure of Capricorn and Cancer is now to bring out a new way through Leo.

July 29th
The Sun Square Uranus

The light of day, the sun is in a dynamic 90 degree alignment with the planet of abrupt, electric energy, Uranus.

Expect more of the unexpected today.

Happening in the sign of Leo this can be spontaneous creativity and intuitive action or reaction from random changes.

Mainly just trusting that this erratic energy is taking you where you need to go can help you roll with the punches.

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