Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner M.A.

July 2, 2019

Hello from Bali. Though it is slightly less warm than usual, I am still thoroughly enjoying the beauty. It’s been raining a tiny bit though mostly sunny.

I’m in a transition from my old house and am awaiting my new house to open up in two weeks. I’m excited to have a new place all to myself. I’m staying next door with the Balinese family which owns my new house for now. Not the most comfortable thing for someone with so much cancer in their chart! Though I was thinking long term, and today we planted 3 small cacao trees in my new garden which in a few years will grow to fruit and become homemade chocolate!

The rest of these cacao babies I recently got from Ubud Raw will go out to the Yogi’s Garden. A brand new location curated by the Yoga Barn. The farm where they grow all the food for their Kafe is now an amazing new retreat center. I will have the first ever two events there this November! Click on these links to find out more.

The first will be all about the astrological cycles of life and how to best navigate these transits.

Shamanic Astrology Timeline Course

November 1-7, 2019

The second will be a 200-hour Yoga Training and a level one Breathwork Healing immersion.

Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training

November 12 – December 11, 2019

Please contact me if you’re interested in either training. Registration just opened so there is space for you!

Otherwise enjoy these transitory times.

Here are my astrology insights:

July 2

New Moon in Cancer

Total Solar Eclipse

Today is a new moon and a total solar eclipse!

Each new moon is a time of renewal and a perfect time to set intentions for the new phase in your life. 

This new moon is in the sign of Cancer, so if your intentions include Cancerian qualities, then you are even more in alignment with the lunar cycle and the intentions are more potent.

Cancer qualities include nurturing, support and taking care of your family, home, tribe and projects.

Though this new moon is a total solar eclipse!

So not only does the moon come so close to sun you cant see it, as it does each new moon, this time it crosses directly over the sun to actually block out the light shining on the day for a few hours.

4 hours and 33 minutes to be exact. Though the totality will be less than an hour and the actual complete eclipse will be about 2 1/2 minutes. The sun will be covered by the moon and day will turn to night, dark will come instead of light.

Depending where you are you may or may not see this happen, though no matter where you are on the planet, it is happening and it will be felt.

It will be best seen in South America, particularly near Santiago in Chile and Argentina. 

Eclipses always bring up our shadows. The stuff we aren’t looking at.

This eclipse begins a two week portal of time in which the dark energies of the eclipse bring out shadows and whats lurking underneath the surface. The partial full moon lunar eclipse on July 16th will close this portal.

Whats beneath surface?

What are the shadows of a Cancer New Moon?

Well, what about nurturing, supporting and taking care of… yourself!

Cancer tends to overgive. 

It’s time to nourish yourself.

Because you really cant give what you don’t have.

So instead of depleting your resources by giving away your last few drops to someone else’s aid, make sure your cup is full…overflowing actually, so you are simply spilling from an over-abundance when you give!

Give that extra bit away and stay juicy 😉

July 3

Venus enters Cancer

In addition to the recent New Moon Eclipse, today Venus enters the sign of Cancer to join in on this dark moon energy. Plus, two days ago the moon conjunct Venus for the 8th time in her current cycle. We call this the “death by intent” gate. As each gate is a different initiation as she defends towards the underworld.

Venus will soon go into the underworld on which is when a planet goes close enough the Sun to not be seen. The planet of the feminine will now go through a transformational death and rebirth type of experience and we will all feel its effect.

It’s time for the feminine within you to do what must be done, to take a deep dive inward.

With the energy of Cancer this means to take care of yourself like a mother would her child. To isolate your energies and do what nourishes you, be caring to yourself and be careful not give too much away.

This Cancer underworld experience will be like a cocoon for the inner feminine to metamorphoses in. 

Taking care of yourself is taking care of others.

Because you cant give what you don’t have.

So now, it’s important to receive care from yourself.

July 4th

Moon Conjunct Mars

Today the light of night, the Moon connects with the planet of Masculinity, Mars.

This will be the 10th and final moon conjunction in this phase of the Mars cycle before he goes into the underworld. Which is when a planet goes so close to sun you cannot see it.

This Moon conjunction will be hard to see as Mars is close to sun it is very faint.

Mars will now trail behind Venus and meet her later this month in the depths of this dark space, out of view.

Whats in store for the masculine as he dives deep into himself?

Soon, it’s time for a death, a transformation of the inner masculine. 

Now in the sign of Leo, this conjunction brings up the shadows of self love, vanity, self worth and arrogance.

It’s time to sort out the distinction between all the expressions of the Leo masculine.

Let authentic self love glow so bright that it radiates outwards. 

Let authentic self worth shine out in all your actions.

July 7

Mercury Goes Retrograde

The planet of thought and communication goes backwards until July 31.

Known for turning your communications, conversations and planning upside down. When Mercury is in retrograde it’s a good time to get creative and explore more possibilities as the usual norm of thinking and doing is, well, a bit backwards.

In the sign of Leo we have a clue that this is a time to reframe the ways we see ourselves. Self worth, self love, self awareness have a chance to develop in a new way as the planet backtracks over the same stars it recently encountered.

July 8th

Venus enters the Underworld

Chiron goes Retrograde

Mars and Mercury Conjunct

Today is the day the planet of the sacred feminine, Venus fades into the glare of the Sun’s light. 

The ancients considered this the goddess entering the underworld.

We won’t see her until September 18th when she rises again as an evening star.

During her underworld visit it’s like a metamorphosis of the goddess into her new self.

During this particular visit to the dark inner self, she will come in contact with Mars and Mercury.

Today is the day that Mars and Mercury conjunct each other on the way down to meet her. Perhaps the masculine planet, Mars and the communication planet, Mercury are plotting something with or against the sacred feminine…?

How will they all come together? Is this a meeting of the minds of the masculine and feminine? Will this be a communicative balancing of the two halves of oneself? Soon we shall see.

Lastly, today the planet of the wounds and fractures, the shamanic healer, Chiron goes backwards for a while.

As this planet retraces it’s steps, we have a greater opportunity to heal the wounds we may have created in a recent drama or it could be another chance to heal and old trauma that recently resurfaced.  

July 9

Saturn Opposite the Sun

The planet of structure and boundaries is now in a play opposite position to the light of day the Sun.

This does not mean they are against each other. More direct in alignment.

And since there was recently an eclipse and we are in the midst of an eclipse season, the Nodes are in this alignment.

The past and future are involved in this present opposition.

As the sun sets, Saturn rise and vice versa.

All happening in the axis of Cancer and Capricorn.

These two signs have a resonant Polarity.

Both are about long term commitment, family values and community.

So how do we utilize our lessons from the past so we can create a better future in the longterm?

It’s time to commit.

July 13

Moon conjunct Jupiter

This will be hard to miss. The moon will be nearly full and close to the brightest planet in the sky currently shining as bright as can be, Jupiter.

This planet is expansive and the moon is illuminating.

Feast your eyes on this!

Close to the constellation of the Scorpion. Creating a triangle with the star Antatres, the heart of the Scorpion.

All near the galactic center area.

This is a great thing to look at and meditate on. Especially if you have planets near this area of Sagittarius. 

This will help you find your truth.

The next day Jupiter is exactly opposite the sun just before the full moon lunar eclipse. 

Though more on that next newsletter!

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