Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner M.A.

June 17, 2019

Greetings from Bali. I’m in full swing with regular daily classes and personal sessions. The weather is beautiful and high season is approaching. 

I have two announcements coming in a few days. One is an astrology course and the other is a yoga and breath work training both in November in Bali. Stay tuned as I will launch registration on Solstice! (June 21st).

Plus I Weill be coming to the United States in August. Please message me if there is a festival or a studio you would like to invite me to come teach at.

I’ve been watching the moon become full these past few nights and get close with Jupiter. It’s been stunning. Absolutely beautiful as I write this.

I hope wherever you are, you can witness this beautiful site tonight.

Here are my insights for the rest of the month.

June 17th

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The closest full moon to the solstice!

This full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius.

Each full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun.

The sun is now in Gemini.

The illumination of the dark part of the sky. The full moon brings out the sign it’s in.

Sagittarius is the truth seeker, trail blazer archetype. It’s energies are connected to courage, bravery and exploration.

To boldly go where no man’s gone before!

The adventurous Sagittarius energy is illuminated tonight.

Gemini’s tricky, playful energy is included.

Both explorers are expansive.

This full moon is bright and big. You also can’t miss Jupiter shining brighter than anything else very close to this moon!

Jupiter expands anything it touches. And the moon illuminates anything it’s near.

So even more Sagittarius expansiveness. 

Jupiter is amplifying the Sagittarius full moon light tonight. And the moon is illuminating the fact Jupiter is doing this all year.

You might also see the bright star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion constellation and perhaps the rest of the Scorpion. 

Enhanced by the expansion, we can now draw forth our goals and visions further than ever. We can move past our edges and go beyond our limits and boundaries.

For we are on a quest for something new and profound. Something we can philosophy about until we find yet another great truth.

Being the closest full moon to the Solstice, it will be the full moon closest to the longest night of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. 

In the northern hemisphere it’s known as the strawberry or rose moon as they start to flower at this time.

Happy big, bright, full, strawberry-rose moon everyone.

June 18

Mercury Conjunct Mars

Moon Conjunct Saturn

Today the planet of mental thought and collective communication, Mercury comes in close contact or conjuncts the planet of the collective masculine, Mars.

This happens in the constellation of the Twins. Though since it’s at at sunset and this time of the year, you wont see the feet of this roman numeral two looking star group as they will have already set. Though you will see Castor and Pollux. The heads of the two twins.

Mercury is actually brighter than Mars right now as it is looping around Mars on it’s way back from the sun, so getting brighter, and Mars is slowly approaching the sun, so getting dimmer.

This connection brings a more thoughtful version of the masculine as he moves through his journey.

This same day the nearly full moon passes by Saturn.

This illuminates the structured and serious energies of Saturn in Capricorn. Illumining the work being done on breaking down old structures and cultural ways so we can one day renew.

This will happen in the head and shoulders of the archer constellation. Illumining the tension of pulling back the arrow.

What are you releasing? What are you aiming for as you release what no longer serves you?

Now is the time to take aim on what you will build anew after we release the old ways.

June 19

Mars and Mercury Opposite Pluto 

The planet of the collective masculine reaches the opposite point in the sky of the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto.

So also does the planet of collective thought, Mercury as both planets are side by side.

Pluto is close to Saturn and the South Node so it’s really a collection of energies all opposing. 

An opposite alignment is a tension. A dynamic of energies that is like a confrontation.

As Mars goes along it’s two year journey he is faced with many obstacles.

Pluto teaches through transformation, death and rebirth, and deep emotional experiences that lead you to the depths of the underworld and back up again.

Pluto brings out the shadows. Activating and triggering this Capricorn and Cancer polarity which has much to do with upbringing, family, community and culture as a whole. 

What is the shadow of the masculine in the patriarchal structure?

Pluto says it’s time to compost the old version of the patriarchal masculine. Let’s transition from the old ways.

It’s time for the masculine to face it. Really think it through.

In the sign of Cancer the masculine is exploring the outdated clannish and worrisome ways of loving (clinging) and transitioning into the more universal global family (universal love). Loving all children and all of humanity.

June 22


Sun enters Cancer

Neptune Goes Retrograde

When the sun reaches it’s most extreme North it marks the June Solstice. This also marks the moment of the year when the sun enters Cancer.

The meaning of Cancer is from Solstice to 30 days after.

This is a very prominent part of the Sun’s cycle. It seemingly stays in the same spot for about 3 days. And really close for about 3 weeks!

Solar stand still, or Sol-Stice.

A great time for ceremony and tuning into the seasonal parts of the solar cycle. As most ancient people would tune into this very important part of the year.

This extreme Northern point of the Sun makes the longest days in the Southern Hemisphere and the longest nights in the Northern. 

The very same day this year the Planet Neptune begins it’s Retrograde or backwards motion. 

In the sign of Pisces, this can bring out confusion, delusion and a backtrack of what we’ve already gone over. Which could be a good thing as Neptune is more of an Antidote for clarity.

If you think you know where you are going, you have a lesson to learn.

Neptune brings a fog. Dreaminess, fuzziness and intangibility are the magical, spiritual, celestial teachings of Neptune.

Now as it goes backwards for a while, we get clouded with these teachings.

The outcome? Hopefully more compassion and universal love.

June 24

Venus Square Neptune

As the planet of the divine feminine moves towards the underworld, or closer to the sun, it’s met by the planet of dreams moving in backwards motion, Neptune.

In the sign of Pisces, Neptune teaches about universal love, compassion and celestial downloads. 

In a dynamic alignment with Venus, in the sign of youthful, playful energy, Gemini.

The training or teaching for the collective feminine as it dances towards the sun, is that of compassion or confusion as Neptune brings in celestial wisdom and rearranges things to be out of the hands of the feminine’s control on this earth plane.

It’s time for the feminine to open her heart. To feel her way through.

June 26

Mercury moves into Leo

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury changes sign into the archetypal energy of the leader, outgoing star of the play, Leo.

As Mercury influences the collective perception, cognition and communication, it will now utilize the energies of Leo to do so.

Leo ways of thinking have much to do about oneself. As a self interested sign, it has to do with self confidence, self love and self awareness, which can lead to creativity inspiration and joy.

It’s time to be your biggest fan instead of your worst critic. 

It’s time to be the star of your own movie.

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