Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner M.A.

May 18, 2019

Greetings from the smokey Blue Mountains of North Carolina! I am here on retreat with my teachers. Always a student. Even though I just led one of these trainings, I’m doing a Shamanic Breathwork course as a participant! A much needed shamanication. 

Though we’re never really broken, one’s own healing is never really done. On the path of healing there is always more. 

I’m personally needing to go through my own healing process. I’m now in a Pluto and Saturn cycle, I’ve just recently broken up with my now ex partner and have been giving a lot in my trainings.

It’s time for another personal transformation.

The Shamanic Yoga teacher Training was huge success and so was the Shamanic Astrology event as well! I’m already planning two brand new trainings for 2019 so stay tuned for that announcement. 

I will be back in Bali for June and July on a regular teaching schedule.

For now, some deep, transformational, personal healing.

In alignment with perfect timing, during this intense full moon in Scorpio.

Here are my insights for this current time.

May 18th

Full Moon in Scorpio

Venus Conjunct Uranus

Intensity. Depth. Extremes. These are the themes of Scorpio.

The moon is now full. Very full and very bright in this very same sign.

The full moon basically lights up the darkest part of the sky. A full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun. So therefore the darkest part of the sky, furthest away from the light of the sun.

The deepest darkest night is where you’ll find the brightest light.

The full moon is in the area of the sky known as Scorpio and illuminates this intense energy.

Scorpio is the dweller of darkness and the one that run’s the energy. Only by knowing one’s own depths and darkness can they know their light.

The shadow is the part of yourself you cannot see.

It’s time to dive in deep and splash around. Stir things up.

What’s being illuminated in you during this full moon?

It’s time to feel it. Scorpio is a water sign. Water signs are feeling function oriented. They feel their feelings… Scorpio feels them fully.

This very same night Venus is Conjunct Uranus.

Venus is the planet of the sacred feminine. 

Uranus is the planet of abrupt changes and radical shifts.

Venus is on her way to the underworld which is when she is close enough to the sun that you can no longer see her. At this point she is a month away from that. 

Uranus has been going back and forth from Aries to Taurus. Now, back in Taurus until 2026.

As Venus entered Taurus recently, she now meets Uranus which can cause some erratic movements and shifts in perspective.

Both planets together now in Taurus, which is also the sign the sun is in during this Full moon.

Taurus is the archetype of the pleasure seeker, enjoyer, fully in the moment, fully in the body.

How do you perceive your body? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you enjoy movement? Aesthetics? Do you feel your own physical pleasure?

The time has come for you to fully enjoy your physical body in a new way.

The opposition of Taurus and Scorpio is about feeling fully both in your body and your feelings to the maximum.

May 21

Sun enters Gemini

Sun conjunct Mercury

The light of consciousness, the Sun enters the sign of mental tricks and playful fun, Gemini. 

Then, the sun conjuncts the planet of thought and communication, Mercury.

This messenger planet is most comfortable in Gemini. They play well together.

The messenger planet, Mercury is gathering data and information from the light of all life. 

It will be interesting to see what emerges from this connection as Mercury will soon come back into our view and expand our perspectives.

This conjunction is an important connection. A download if you’d like.

May 20, 22, 23

Moon Conjuncts Jupiter, Saturn, South Node and Pluto

One after another the moon crosses by the area of the sky with Jupiter near the scorpion constellation in the sign of Sagittarius, then Saturn, the South Node and Pluto near the archer constellation in Capricorn.

As the Nodes pass by right now, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto slowly, yet surely approach each other. They will all meet a few times throughout 2020. A major alignment that is extremely rare. 

One of the most rare alignments of our lifetime.

An alignment in Capricorn that is sure to assist in the breaking down of old ways and structures, so that we will have to rebuild a new model… or use a new model that has been recently created out of the necessity of this current shit not working!

This is in the realm of Capricorn which has to do with our structures, society, cultures and communities. 

We will have to find a new way.

Jupiter will be expanding Saturn which helps to break down what isn’t working and build up stronger what is, along with Pluto which causes deep transformation and death and rebirth. 

The moon is now showing us how close we are getting to this tipping point as it crosses this area of the sky.

Prepare now for this if you can, as the moon is showing us what’s to come.

May 23

Mars Square Chiron

The planet of the Sacred Masculine, Mars is in a dynamic alignment with the planet of wounds and healing, Chiron.

A square is when two planets are 90 degrees away from each other. This right angle alignment is dynamic in the way that it causes action like a crises.

The Masculine planet, Mars is on it’s two year cycle now moving through Gemini, the sign of the trickster, playful youthful energy.

Now in alignment with Chiron, which shows the wounds and fracture points. 

The cracks are where the love and lessons shine through.

The lessons of the wounded healer is, that all you’ve been through, the stuff you have gone through and healed, are then your gifts that you can then share with others.

It takes going through the healing process first. 

To fully see what’s broken. Then to know that no one is perfect and the cracks give the item character.

What inside of your inner masculine could use some healing light?

It’s time for a healing of the masculine!

May 28

Mercury Square Neptune

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury is in a dynamic alignment with the planet of dreams and feelings, Neptune.

If you experience fuzziness and confusion, this is to be expected. 

The very next day Mercury emerges from the fog and expands our perception. 

Today is a day of fogginess. 

Though better than that it’s a time to align the mind with the heart.

May 29

Mercury emerges in the sky

Technically, if you have a low horizon and it’s a clear evening, you should be able to spot Mercury. Just as the sun goes down keep looking in that same area. That first star to come out way near the horizon is that planet.

Mercury is the planet of thought and communication and sends us mental messages.

Take a look and see what messages Mercury has brought from the underworld, it’s recent meeting with the light of consciousness, the Sun.

May 30

Mercury oppose Jupiter

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury has recently emerged from the sun and now opposes the planet of growth and expansion Jupiter.

Happening in the sign of Gemini, Mercury is even more inclined to influence quick thinking, quick speaking, quick learning.

Now opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius this is magnified and amplified times 10.

What is this trickster, messenger, story teller energy telling us?

It’s time to think big!

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