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By Levi Banner M.A.

May 5th, 2019

Greetings from Bali! I just finished a month-long Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training just yesterday. From New moon to new moon we explored a daily yoga practice, spiraled through a full 5-element initiation into breath work and tuned in to astrology insights for resources to looking deeper within ourselves.

The synthesis of these practices during a lunar cycle is the best way I have found to gain clue into one’s own inner healer.

This beautiful group is now certified to come teach yoga and hold ceremony around the world. 

So watch out world!

Stay tuned for my next 200 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training announcement… I’m planning a possible course in November in Bali and most certainly will have one next year in March. Give me a shout if interested.

It’s nice to be at home and resting. Though I’m simultaneously excited! I have a cacao ceremony on Monday and then this Thursday starts the 6-day Shamanic Astrology event all about relationships with Daniel Giamario and myself. 

There is space for you if you’d like to join. The Inner Sacred Marriage course is May 9-14 at the Yoga Barn. Click HERE to register or find more info.

And the astrology for the time being:

May 4th

New Moon in Taurus

The new moon is now in the sign of Taurus.

A new moon is when the moon is near the sun. A renewal point in the lunar cycle. Almost as if to refresh itself with new light and insight from the bright sun to bring forth into the dark night.

This new moon is the closest to Beltane, or the cross quarter, which happens almost the same day. The day following is the exact point though a new moon is really a 3-day window of time anyways. 

New moons are the best time in the lunar cycle to plant seeds of intention. To intend clearly in your life. What is it that you truly want to enjoy?

The sign of Taurus is about seeking pleasure, enjoyment and receiving. 

Being present and being still. Fully savoring an experience.

Sensuality, sexuality and physical enjoyment are the themes of Taurus.

If your intentions include these qualities then you are working with the current energies of the moon.

I have found that on the path of life, it’s more about being present than trying to go somewhere.


May 5th


Cross Quarter

Wait, I thought Beltane was May 1st!! That’s May Day right? And isn’t May Day and Beltane the same thing?!

Yes…well no, actually.

Traditionally May Day was Beltane and Beltane is simply the point of the year when the sun is exactly between Equinox and Solstice.

That day does not fall on May 1st every year.

The current understanding of May Day being May 1st is as arbitrary as New Years being on January 1st… It has absolutely no significance other than an agreed calendar date. 

So the true cross quarter, the point between equinox and solstice is today.

Happy Beltane!

Beltane was traditionally in Gaelic and Pagan culture a day to honor the god Bel with fire. We used things like bonfires to honor the god of spring and to symbolize bringing in the sun’s light.

Traditions included jumping over the fire hand in hand with a partner and exploring the forest for “berries” with that same potential mate and “accidentally” getting lost together 😉

From day one this holy day was to bring in the pleasures of spring and of life.

May 6th

Mercury into Taurus

The planet of thought and communication, Mercury moves into the sign of pleasure and enjoyment, Taurus.

The planet Mercury is what tunes in our minds to a certain outlook. It influences our thought waves much like a radio playing music.

Whichever sign it is in gives a certain theme or type of music as an influence to the way we are thinking.

When Mercury is in Taurus, the collective thought influence is that way.

This to me, is about aligning the mind with the body.

Thinking with a Taurus influence is to savor and enjoy a thought. To experience a way of looking at something with patience and presence.

So if things in the mental realm slow down during this next two weeks don’t worry, it’s the teachings of Mercury and Taurus inviting you to drop into the moment.

Also two weeks is as fast as Mercury can move through a sign.

Right now, Mercury is in the early morning sky if you have a low horizon, you might see it. 

Mercury will go close to sun, or conjunct on may 21st on it’s way to the other side of the sun and rise in the evening sky May 29, just before it goes retrograde, on July 1st.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun so it hangs out close by. The sun and Mercury are enjoying the nature of Taurus right now as can you.

So take your time, no need to figure it all out. Best to sit back, relax and receive the abundance of the moment before making any decisions.

May 6th, 7th and 9th

Venus Square Lunar Nodes, Saturn and Pluto

The Lunar Nodes, are near Saturn and Pluto which are slowly approaching each other for a very rare conjunction in 2020. So when a planet is 90 degrees away from one of them, it will soon be to the other two.

Venus is the planet of the collective feminine. She is now in a 90 degree, dynamic alignment with these three great teachers, emphasizing growth, breakdowns and rebuilds in how we treat the feminine within ourselves and in our lives.

Again a build up to the breakdown in 2020.

What needs to be broken down and composted from the feminine inside you?

Now is the time to start tilling the soil for the big connection in 2020.

May 7th

Moon Conjunct Mars

The planet of the collective masculine, Mars is now illuminated by the light of night, the moon.

Mars is on a journey of exploring and expanding the new version of the masculine on the planet. As a planetary cycle, Mars has a 2 year journey.

This 2-year experience with all it’s ups and downs, could be likened to a life span of a man or a hero’s quest.

Each time the moon crosses by the planet during this cycle, it is like another labor or task in the masculine’s growth.

Now in the sign of Gemini, the collective masculine hero is challenge with this energy.

The archetypal energy of Gemini is youthful, playful, tricky and mentally flexible. 

How will the masculine receive the teachings of the trickster? 

What in your inner masculine could use some lightening up?

It’s time to create a new story.

This happens in the part of the evening sky where the Lakota Indians called the sacred hoop. Which is a big circle in the sky including some of the brightest in that area creating a big hoop around where they believed, and many other cultures believed, is where soul’s come into this world from…

This happens to be where the edge of of our galaxy is! 

Science is just catching up to what the ancients knew long ago.


May 8th,

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

The planet of collective thought and mental perception, Mercury passes by the radical change agent, Uranus.

Expect the unexpected!… Though, don’t expect that either, because that is still expecting something!

Instead, just keep your mind open. Take your time to realign with whatever comes up. Instead of attaching to what was.

I hope we can wrap our heads around that!

This happens in the sign of Taurus. So themes of the body, pleasure, receiving and the like will be the subject of change.

A change in your mind!

In this time, may our bodies and minds, align.

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