Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner M.A.

April 6, 2019

Greetings from Bali everyone. I just started a full month long Yoga and Breathwork Teacher Training! This course includes lots of astrology goodness and will run from New Moon to New Moon. 

We literally started yesterday, so I haven’t had much time to send this newsletter out yet!

35 beautiful souls joined together for a deep journey through yoga and breathwork throughout this full lunar cycle. We are off to a good start!

The dates for the next 200 hour yoga and breath work training are out! JOIN ME IN PERU THIS NOVEMBER for the next 200 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training! The website isn’t up yet though registration is! I already have a few sign ups so get in now for early bird price and secure your spot. Please email me at for more info.

Here below is a quick look into these current times.

April 5th 

New Moon in Aries

The first New Moon after the equinox provides a powerful opportunity for ceremonial work around intentions. The moon is in the Fire sign of Aries so if your intentions include going all in to whatever it is your driven to do then you will be aligning with the energy of this particular moon sign.

Aries is fully committed to the point where nothing can stop them. They do what needs to be done. Black and White. 100%.

It’s time to activate and align with your mission and purpose statement and take action to make it happen!

April 9th

Venus Conjunct Neptune

Venus, the planet of the divine feminine enters into the direct presence of Neptune’s fuzzy field of dreams. 

This is a softening of the feminine within us all. 

The feminine within you and the collective feminine takes in a bit of mystical, floating feelings.

This happens in the water sign of Pisces. Which, most like Neptune, tunes Venus into mystical, dreamy, empathy. 

It’s time to allow the divine feminine to access her loftiest dreams.

April 10th

Jupiter Retrograde

Sun Square Saturn

A huge day as the big giant Jupiter begins to move backwards or retrograde until August 11th. 

When a planet goes retrograde it appears to literally retrace it’s steps over the star groups it just passed. 

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. In the sign that it most resonates with, Sagittarius. The truth seeker, trail blazer sign of adventure and philosophy. 

Jupiter represents your spiritual path in the view of Shamanic Astrology. It also expands anything it’s near. 

It’s time to take a big spotlight look back over the motivations for what you are boldly setting out to do so that you may soon courageously walk forward further than you’ve gone before.

This same day the planet with a similar middle world influence though opposite energy contraction and form, Saturn comes into a dynamic alignment or square with the light of consciousness, the Sun.

The Sun is in the fiery and action sign of commitment and drive, Aries.

Saturn is in the disciplined, grounded and practical earth sign in which it most resonates with, Capricorn.

This dynamic alignment adds a tension to the day and creates a need to compromise and work together. Perhaps Aries and Capricorn can work together. Working tirelessly and constantly towards one focused goal could work well if they are on the same team.

To get the job done right, it will take discipline and structure. Saturn and the sun in consistent action together? Aries and Capricorn fighting or coming together to win?

April 13

Sun square Pluto

The light of consciousness, the Sun comes into a dynamic or square alignment with the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto.

This creates tension and a personality pull towards the underworld. 

Though Aries and Capricorn aren’t the most emotional, there will indeed be a need to go in beneath the surface to find a way to get the job done right.

April 16

Mercury enters Aries

The planet of thought and communication which is most attuned to your thoughts and mind enters into the Fire sign of Aries. 

Aries does first, then thinks later. 

Action then thought. 

The collective influence is to fully commit. 

Put your mind to it and just go!

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