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By Levi Banner M.A.

April 20, 2019

Greetings from the exact middle of the monthlong Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training! We’re in the midst of the fire cycle, doing fire ceremony under the bright full moon, deep breath work sessions and expanding into teaching. The students are now teachers.

So just finding a few moments of time in all the busyness. I am in fact the main teacher on the program and teach about 90% of the entire thing. And we go deep! Each day is 7am until 8:30pm. Full of Yoga, Breathwork and Astrology!

We’re having a blast. Some real healing taking place as well.

Though, I don’t want to miss providing you a full moon report, so here it is!

April 19th

Full Moon in Libra

Blue Moon

The second Full Moon in Libra in a row! This marks a few things that are quite special.

One, is this is a TRUE Blue Moon. As the original meaning of Blue Moon meant there were 4 Full Moons in one season. Now, it just means two full moons in a calendar month.

I like to go by the nature oriented perspective and not so much the Gregorian calendar method, which is quite un-natural.. So, in that case, this is a Blue Moon for real.

Two, is that since August of 2017 we have been going in reverse order with the signs in new moon and full moon rotation.

Meaning, for the past year and a half we have first had the full moon in any particular sign and then the opposite sign the following new moon.

I don’t know about you, though I love to think of a new moon planting a seed of intentions in a particular sign and the full moon being the fully bloomed harvest of those intentions in the opposite sign.

This will now be the case for the next year and a half to follow.

Third, this is the first full moon after equinox, because we actually had a full moon ON equinox this year. Which is quite rare… Only every 19 years in fact.

This very late first full moon after the equinox is just about as late as it can get!

This makes the holiday good Friday, which happens to be today and Easter much later than usual as they are both oriented towards the first Friday and Sunday after the first full moon after Equinox, respectively.

Lastly, the Full moon is in the sign of Libra. The sign of conscious connection, communication, collaboration, and co-creation. 

It seems as though we have even more opportunity now to find the balance in our lives even this far from the equinox point. 

Where are you finding extra time to balance out the relationships in your life?

April 20th

Sun enters Taurus

Venus moves into Aries

The light of consciousness, the Sun, moves into the seasonal sign of enjoyment, pleasure and sensuality, Taurus.

For this next month, the mysteries of physical pleasure, sexuality, earthy delights and receiving are illuminated. 

This very same day the planet of the collective feminine, Venus enters the sign of action, purpose and the being driven towards a mission energy, Aries.

The collective feminine is now getting her warrior outfit on. Aries is the sign most connected to going all in, black and white, full power commitment to a righteous cause.

We might see some feminine figures fighting for what’s right in this coming time.

What is the feminine inside of you protecting or fighting for?

It’s time for the feminine to take a stand!

April 22nd

Sun with Uranus

Earth Day

Today is earth day in some countries. Representing a day of awareness around pollution and sustainability.

Fitting, as today the sun is with the planet Uranus in the sign of earthy, patient, sustainable enjoyment, Taurus.

The sun is illuminating this earth sign for this whole month and today it hits the planet that is waiting there to bring in abrupt changes and radical shifts, Uranus.

You could expect the unexpected around the Taurus mysteries right about now.

Fitting on earth day in 2019! Who knows where we’re at and what needs to change to get healthy in our bodies and on this planet..?

Best to stay open, headed on to receive the new experiences and take it from there.

April 23rd

Moon with Jupiter

Visible in the morning sky, tonight you can see Jupiter close to the Moon.

The moon represents our past life lineage in Shamanic Astrology and our unconscious patterns. Jupiter represents our spiritual path.

In this case, the moon is illuminating with Jupiter the mysteries of Sagittarius. Which is where you see them both together tonight.

Sagittarius is the truth seeker, trailblazer archetype. Philosophical and exploratory.

What is the newly exposed truth coming to the surface?

From the depths of our unconscious we discover a brand new truth.

April 24th

Pluto goes Retrograde

The planet of the underworld, Pluto goes retrograde or backwards.

Death and rebirth are the theme of this planet, and when going backwards intense things can occur. 

Pluto is of course retrograde for nearly half of each year. It is a very slow moving planet.

This calls in a deepening and further inner exploration of feelings.

With this, and only through this, a healing can occur.

April 25th

Moon with Saturn, Pluto and South Node

The moon is now acting as an activator to these far out planets slowly approaching each other. They will reach a conjunct connection in early 2020. 

AKA the biggest alignment of our lifetime!

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node are getting close enough together now that moon will pass by them all tonight.

This illuminates and activates the Capricorn mysteries which will be the main theme in 2020.

AKA the breakdown of structures and forms that are no longer working.

April 27th 

Mars Squares Neptune

The planet of the collective masculine and the personal masculine within you, Mars is now at a right angle or 90 degrees from the planet of dreaminess and fuzzy feelings, Neptune.

A square as they call it is a dynamic alignment that can cause a lot of tension. 

Mars is in the sign the trickster, out of the box, freedom oriented playfulness, Gemini.

Neptune is the sign that it’s most like. The sign of the dreamer, mystic spirituality, Pisces.

This particular alchemy of archetypes represents the mind and heart.

Gemini is the mental realm of Air that the masculine is currently exploring. Though now it must incorporate the heart felt, dreaminess of Neptune in Pisces.

It’s time for the playful masculine to incorporate the heart in his exploration of consciousness.  

April 29th

Saturn goes Retrograde

The planet of structure and form, limitations and boundaries begins to go backwards for awhile.

Almost like checking back up on the last moves to ensure they are correct.

This marks all three planets that will create a devastatingly close conjunction in the sign of Capricorn in 2020, all now going retrograde.

Jupiter, Pluto and now Saturn are now retrograde. They will meet together in 2020 which only happens every 700 + years!

It seems that right now they are all gathering their individual wisdom as to bring that forth into the connection coming in 2020.

This is when all forms and structures that are not working will most likely crumble, topple, burn or collapse. 

Saturn going retrograde is a time to take inventory on what is working or what is not as we move forward into this next chapter of humanity. 

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