Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner, MA

March 20, 2019

Greetings from Bali. It’s been great being home for the past two weeks. Teaching regular classes and readings has been amazing. Having moon and rising in Cancer, I really like being home!

This time of the year is like a family reunion in Ubud. It’s time for Bali Spirit Festival! There, I will teach a couple of workshops and join in the week of fun. Amazing Yoga, dance and great music!

Then, I dive into the 200-hour Shamanic Yoga Training! There are just 3 spots left! This course runs from April 5-May 4 and takes place at the amazing Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. 
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Though, now it is a time of balance. Between integrating all of my travels and all that’s to come. What are you balancing at this time?

Happy Equinox everyone.

Here are my insights:

March 20
Rare Full Moon

Today is said to be equal night and day. That of course depends on your latitude. Regardless, it is indeed the day celebrated across the world regarded as equinox. The idea is that the sun crosses exactly overhead throughout the day and creates a balance between the hours of sunlight and the darkness of night. 

This is the exact midpoint between the December Solstice and the June Solstice. 

An important day in the sun’s cycle. 

This meeting of night and day represents the balance in your life.

Light and dark, day and night, masculine and feminine, up and down, left and right, front and back, self and other, and so on…

This year is extra special…

There is a full moon exactly at the equinox! 

This alignment only happens once in 19 years.

Having the full moon aligned at the same time of the center of the suns cycle is quite a beautiful site to see.

What you will experience is: just as the sun sets in the west, the moon rises in the east. At the exact same time. On Equinox! 

Now, the sun and moon being opposite like this is what the definition off a full moon is.

During the equinox sunset is the rare part.

The last time the moon was full so close to the equinox was March 2000.

The full moon is in the sign of Libra. As the sun entering Aries, is what marks the March equinox.

Libra is the archetypal air sign connecting with others through communicating and collaborating. It’s the most relationship oriented sign that looks for intimacy, connection and collaboration. 

Libra is the sign of harmony and balance. 

The libra full moon fits perfect with the concept of equinox!

Today the night and day are balanced.

So are the sun and the moon.

This is high magic! 

A fantastic day for Ceremony.

What are you bringing into balance during this rare full moon time? 

It’s time to harmonize your relationships.

This could be the one with yourself mainly. And only from there, the relationshipwith others, animals, the earth and spirit. 

Adding to this full moon magic is the dwarf planet Chiron. Known as the wounded healer or shamanic healer, Chiron shows the wounds and the fractures that need healing.

Chiron is a symbol for the underworld. Depth and emotions come into play as they are needed for healing and transformation.

It’s time to heal your relationships and find peace, harmony and balance within them.

The best way to do this, is of course to heal the relationship with yourself first.

March 26
Venus goes into Pisces
Moon Conjunct Jupiter

Today the planet that represents the sacred feminine, Venus moves into the sign of the healer, dreamer archetype, Pisces. 

The divine feminine has been on a journey, descending towards the underworld, or towards the sun. At this point she is to learn all she can about the Piscean mysteries which have to do with healing oneself and being a channel of divine love and light. Tuning into energy that heals and helps others.

Pisces is an archetypal water sign. Emotional and feeling function oriented.

Pisces is the dreamer. Tuning into dreaminess, fuzziness and intangibility to find it’s way. Or rather feel it’s way through.

It’s time for the feminine in you to become even more compassionate, caring and sensitive.

It’s time for the collective feminine to tune into her dreams and share healing energy.

This same day the Moon comes into close contact with Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. It moves through one sign per year.

It’s now in the sign of Sagittarius which represents adventures, action and going beyond!

Jupiter is magnifying the sign of seeking truth and blazing a new trail and the moon is illuminating that expansion.

There is a spotlight on Sagittarius today. 

A good day to go out on a limb and to go further than ever before.

March 28
Mercury Direct

Today the planet of thought and communication goes direct or begins to move forward again.

Mercury has been retrograde or moving backwards for the past 3 weeks!

When Mercury is retrograde, the usual order of things that have to do with planning, communication and transportation slow down, reverse or flip upside down.

Now things go back into order and become more clear.

Mercury starts a new cycle at this time. Whichever sign it starts in is the energy it carries for the next few months, or it’s whole new cycle.

Mercury is now carrying the energy of Pisces.

To think with feelings is the Pisces way of thinking. 

The concern for others. Compassion, care, and sensitivity is the Piscean thought process.

Also the connection with the divine and altered states of consciousness!…Or possibly some delusion and confusion. 

This same day the moon crosses nearly exactly over Saturn and Pluto like an eclipse. We call this an occultation.

The moon is now showing us how close Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are getting to each other.

These three outer planets will meet in 2020 creating a triple alignment that is extremely rare, potent and possibly destructive.

This alignment will cause renewal. 

The moon is now setting up our senses for whats to come next year. 

March 30
Mars into Gemini

The divine masculine is on a quest. Mars was in the exact middle of it’s cycle a week ago, almost like an equinox for Mars. He now crosses into new territory. 

The sign of Gemini is about fun and play. Out of the box thinking and bending or breaking rules. 

An archetypal air sign. Gemini is the storyteller, eternal youth, trickster.

The collective masculine now explores the variations of boundaries and learns to see beyond duality and polarity.

It’s time for the masculine within you to play!

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