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By Levi Banner, MA

March 5th, 2019

Greetings from Sedona Arizona!!! I’m here just after taking a couple of astrology classes down in the dark skies of Tucson with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. There, I graduated as a third level Shamanic Astrologer!

I did an all night astrological vision quest as my final initiation. I got to be with the powerful desert land and the incredible stars all night long all on my own. Then was greeted with a gorgeous Venus and moon conjunction with my whole class waiting for me in the early morning sunrise. It was all such magical and unforgettable experience!

I’m up here in Sedona now enjoying the incredible red rock views and beautiful hiking. Taking my time with yoga practice in the mornings, astrology studies under dark skies, and reconnecting with dear friends.

I’m on my way back to Bali in a few days! There, I will get back to teaching regular classes for only a couple of weeks until the Bali Spirit Festival starts, then my 200 hour yoga training, followed by the Shamanic Astrology course in May!

There are only a few last spaces left in the yoga training in April and quite a few places in the astrology event in May.

If you’d like to learn Shamanic Astrology in Bali, contact or click here for more info

Back in Bali they are currently celebrating my favorite holiday in the world: Nyepi. This is a day of silence and no electricity. Which means no noise or light pollution. The best day of the year to see the stars and enjoy meditation right in town.

This is also the Balinese equivalent of a new year. 

This aligns with the new moon closest to equinox in two weeks, where we will experience an extremely rare exact full moon. 

Currently all planets are in direct motion until Mercury Retrograde on March 5th (see below).

Please enjoy these insights:

March 5th

Mercury Retrgorade

The day before the full moon, Mercury, the planet of the mind begins to move backwards in it’s motion.

All planets being in direct motion ends now as Mercury goes retrograde.

In this part of it’s phase, the ancients would know it’s about to end it’s current cycle. We in Shamanic Astrology also see it this way.

When Mercury goes retro it’s when it’s about to enter the underworld, or reaches closer to the sun so it is no longer visible. 

Mercury Retrograde is the mark of the end of the current cycle.

Also, we know it’s about to start a new cycle!

We call this short couple of weeks the Psycopomp phase because it’s as if the planet is retrieving a new expression of mentality. Going through a death and rebirth as it were. It’s as if it is changing the archetype or influence of the mind for the next time or next cycle coming up.

Mercury will become visible again on March 22 when it reaches the other side of the sun.

Mercury goes direct or forward again on March 28th. This is the beginning of the new cycle which is 125 days until the next.

Mercury is the main influence of cognition, perception and communication. Whichever sign it starts a cycle in is the primary archetype or expression of that part of our psyche. 

Through March this planetary influence is going through a metamorphosis or big change.

Mercury will be the archetypal sign of Pisces for most of March which adds a huge influence of Piscean traits. This water sign brings in feelings to the way we think. 

At the time of retrograde, the normal or rational thought process doesn’t work as well. 

Adding in Pisces makes this even more so true!

This time it’s especially not at all about linear thought process, though more about feeling function and mystical insights.

It’s time to feel how you think!

Just watch out for delusion, illusion and confusion by going too far into that.

March 6th, 

New Moon in Pisces 

The moon is with the sun today creating as always, a new moon.

Though we in Shamanic Astrology generally honor the site of the first tiny crescent as the new moon, just as most ancient cultures did, this is indeed a mystical new moon experience today.

This particular new moon is also with the planet Neptune. 

That means the Sun , Moon and Neptune are all in the same place in the sky and therefore mixing and blending together for an even more powerful influence.

Neptune brings it’s upper world energy including dreaminess, fuzziness and intangibility into the new moon mix. 

Themes of spirituality, intuition and soft heart openings are included in this new moon thanks to the ethereal initiator, Neptune. 

There’s another planetary body there as well! 

The Asteroid dwarf planet Vesta is exactly there too. Vesta adds in sacred experience to anything it’s near. Sacred Mysticism in this case.

Not only that! Each new moon has a particular theme depending on which sign it is in.

This New Moon, Sun, Neptune, Vesta conjunction is in Pisces.

Pisces is the sign most similar to Neptune!

Pisces holds the space for healing, feeling, and dreaming.

This new moon has a strong watery, emotional, spiritual tone to it, and is definitely transcendental! If you create your new moon intentions with these themes in mind then the watery, emotional nature of Pisces will indeed bring you the healing support needed for your dreams to come true.

Suggestions are to meditate, dream your dreams, or play music and bliss out.

Tha’s not all!

As this planetary healing session happens in Pisces… Uranus moves into Taurus for the next 7 years and won’t be back to the sign of Aries that it’s been in for another 84 years!

The movement into Taurus is about embodiment and being with the earth.

Uranus is the planet of changes and shifts. 

With the erratic behavior of Uranus getting more grounded and in into it’s senses, this aids in keeping ourselves in our bodies as this extremely Piscean New Moon occurs.

The energies and teachings of Uranus in this new sign will unfold in bigger picture ways over the coming years.

March 11th

Mars conjunct the Moon

Today is the 6th crossing of the moon to mars in it’s current cycle. 

As the moon passes Mars about 12 times along this portion of it’s 2 year cycle, it provides a labor or challenge for the masculine planet’s journey.

This is one of the most important labors in this current Mars cycle!

This is the challenge just beyond the midpoint of this portion of his cycle.

This labor is in the sign of Taurus.

Mars represents the collective masculine.

The collective masculine is learning or challenged with embodiment of the senses. Pleasures, enjoyment, and connecting with the earth are what he is faced with. 

It’s time for the masculine to come into it’s body!

It’s time for the masculine to reconnect and become a part of the earth!

After all, the mother is part of him…

Mars is in the ram constellation and through March will make it’s way to the bull constellation.

This is the portion in the sky known to the native Americans as the Sacred Hoop. This is where the galactic edge is. Where we are looking directly away from the center of our galaxy. This is where many cultures believed that is the place where souls come from to enter into a human life.

Mars is approaching this section of the sky soon.

It’s also daylight savings time in the United States today. Clocks change one hour ahead.

March 13th

Jupiter square the sun

Twice a year the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter moves into a 90 degree angle to the light of life, the Sun. 

This is called a quadrature in astronomy.

This is a dynamic, expansive alignment in astrology.

This is happening when Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius, the truth seeker trail blazer archetype. 

If you have any planets near 23 degrees Sagittarius or Pisces, then this is more directly related to what you’re experiencing.

Jupiter is visible in the morning sky a couple of hours before sunrise just above the tail of the Scorpion constellation and its getting brighter throughout the month. I encourage you to go tune into this alignment.

March 14th

Mercury conjunct the Sun

The planet of thought and communication aligns exactly with the light of consciousness, the sun.

As Mercury goes retrograde every 3 months or so it moves close to the sun. This is the transformational part of Mercury’s path. 

This is the center point of that transformational process.

The end of the last cycle and the beginning of the new one.

In this case it’s an interior conjunction, meaning directly between the earth and the sun. 

This is the same part of the Mercury cycle that Mercury will be in when it moves directly in front of our view of the sun in November. A rare alignment. This is called the Mercury Transit and is not to be missed!

If you’d like to join me to see that, I will be in Peru doing a 300 hour Shamanic Yoga Training. This is for you if you’ve already taken a 200 hour training and love astrology breath work and want to deepen your yoga particle and teaching practice.

Learn more or sign up here

Otherwise join me next newsletter as we explore a very rare equinox full moon alignment.

See you next time!

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