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By Levi Banner MA

February 19th, 2019

Fullest Moon of the Year!

Super Full Moon in Virgo

Venus Alignments

Kia Ora from New Zealand! I’m here on the South Island overlooking the sea about an hour out of Christchurch. The full moon just rose up and it’s spectacular!

I’ve been on the South Island for the past two weeks and my trip is about at the end. Just after this last night here!

Highlights of my trip were Luminate Festival on my Birthday and flying in a Helicopter over Milford Sound! Also I got to check out the research facilities and the largest telescope in New Zealand at the Earth and Sky Observatory In the Dark Sky Preserve near Tekapo. Though, I must say, soaking in the hot springs for a couple of days in the mountains near Nelson was primo.

Seeing the night sky with a telescope wasn’t the best during the brightest full moon of the year. Night sky is best viewing during new moon when there is less moon light washing out the stars.  Though nonetheless, this moon is just beautiful. Especially seeing it reflecting off the incredible pristine lakes here. 

I’m even more excited to go to the states tomorrow and attend a couple of workshop with my mentor Daniel Giamario. Looking at the night sky with him is always magical and mind blowing.

I will be assisting Daniel Giamario, the founder of Shamanic Astrology in a course in Bali this May! This 6 day immersion will be focused on all the relationship oriented parts of an astrology chart. You can lean more or sign up HERE

In New Zealand, the time is ahead of where you are. The moon rises first over here so in a few hours in Australia or in many hours in Europe or the States, it will become night time and you will be experiencing this magnificent beauty as I am now.

Wherever you are on this full moon, I send you love and blessings. I hope your full moon experience is sacred and ceremonial.

Here are my insights for the fullest experience. 


February 19th

Full Moon in Virgo

Each full moon is when the moon is as far away from the sun it gets in that particular lunar cycle. So therefore the moon shines it’s brightest light. The closer the moon is to the sun, the more the moons light is washed out by the bright shining sun.

As the moon orbits the earth, it also goes in and out. So sometimes the moon is further away and sometimes its a bit closer.

This time it’s much closer.

Actually this full moon is the closest full moon of the entire year!

Astronomers and astrologers call this perigee or less technically a Super Moon. Both just means it’s closer to the earth than usual.

This is a Super Duper Full Moon.

Each full moon is in a different astrological sign as the relationship of the sun and moon goes about the year. Each full moon is an illumination of that particular sign at the time. It gives us a theme and context for the energy coming from the moon. The lunar light that is shining so bright in our lives at night.

Each full moon is felt by all. Though each full moon feels a bit different if you pay attention. 

Sometimes it’s closer or further away, though always in a sign or theme.

This Super Full Moon is in the sign of Virgo.

Virgo is the sign most connected to sacred ceremony and calling in the ancestral ways to inform our present experience. Virgo pays attention to the details and honors the patterns. So it’s the sign best fit to keep a tradition going in a specific way.

Virgo is an Earth Element sign.

Earth signs are the most grounded and practical, physically inclined and consistent. 

Virgo is in the Mutable Modality or what we call In Service to Spirit.

Being in Service to Spirit, Virgo brings spirit into matter in order to honor it.

So paying attention to how each full moon is a time for ceremonial celebration. To honor the patterns of life moving through time and the interconnectedness of all things is the way of the Virgo tribe. 

How will you ceremonialize this full moon?

It’s time to honor your life in a sacred way.

February 22nd

Venus Conjunct Pluto

The planet of the Sacred Feminine, Venus crosses by the planet of depth and transformation, Pluto.

This is the first encounter with Pluto since the start of her new cycle just a few months ago. 

As the Feminine planet goes about her journey descending towards the underworld which is the light of the sun, she crosses through seven gates that we liken to the chakras. 

Venus is currently in the throat Chakra gate on her way down towards the underworld. Each gate, she has to surrender to things in that area of her life. 

The sacred feminine is currently releasing anything stuck or distorted in regards to communication and speaking her truth. 

Pluto is a great aid to release, transformation and surrender!

Now is the time for the feminine inside of you to release any negative emotions surrounding voice and words. 

February 25th

Venus Conjunct the South Node

The planet of the Collective Feminine comes into alignment with the South Node of the Moon.

The South Node is a particular point along the moon’s path where it would meet the sun’s path. This is where an eclipse will happen. 

Energetically the South Node is a release point. A place in your past that not only can’t be changed, and often needs work on letting go of. Ideally, what happened in the past can be utilized as a lesson, gaining tools for moving forward. 

Having just crossed Pluto, the planet of surrender and transformation Venus, the planet of the collective feminine seems to be undergoing a release and surrender.

What is the feminine inside of you ready to let go of?

It’s time for the collective feminine to surrender!

This happens in the sign of Capricorn which most represents the elder wisdom and grandmother energy. 

The more recent traditional cultural aspects of the feminine are changing. The patriarchy is falling and the feminine is rising. Look to the woman standing up in your communities now. 

The More you let go of, the more space you have to receive. 

Perhaps we can live a more balanced way of life and that includes a deeper connection to the sacred feminine and elder knowledge in our lives.


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