Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner MA, E-RYT 500

January 21st, 2019

Super Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse

Blood Moon, Wolf Moon

Greetings from Melbourne Australia everyone! I hopped over here for a few workshops before Rainbow Serpent Festival where I will also have a few workshops. Being in a place where I could not see the eclipse that just happened was sort of a bummer. Though the moon was incredibly beautiful over the Melbourne city skyline anyways, and I can say, it was still felt!

I had a fantastic start to the year with the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process back in Bali. It was a beautiful group and a deep experience for all. I’m excited for the next one in December. Now I’m off for a month to explore and share.

I will also be in the states for a couple of weeks to attend some Shamanic Astrology courses with my mentor and teachers. I’m really looking forward to that and the year ahead.

Here are my insights for this current time.

January 21st

Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse 

Today there was full moon and a total lunar eclipse!

Each full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun and therefore shining it’s own light as bright as possible. This particular full moon has a few unique features. For instance, this full moon is closer than usual, so it appears bigger and brighter than average.

Some call this a super moon.

Another interesting point is this was a total lunar eclipse. 

An eclipse is when the earth is exactly between the sun’s light and the moon. For a couple of hours the earths shadow is cast upon the moon.

This is a telling metaphor that is quite tangible to experience. 

The collective earth’s shadow is cast upon the moon at the point in which the moon is at it’s brightest. So instead the illumination of the moons light, there is a reddish tint to the glow. 

Some call this a blood moon.

This is because the only light from the sun is what makes it’s way around the globe of our earth. So it’s only a little bit, enough to make an orange/red tint. 

Lastly, according to the farmer’s almanac and many other bloggers, this January moon is when the wolves used to howl outside the villages at night.

Some call this a wolf moon.

Regardless of this moon being super, bloody, worthy of wolf howls or not, it is eclipsed.

Eclipses always brings up the shadows and what’s beneath the surface. Each eclipse is always followed by another. Solar then lunar in this case.

So as you bring to light your newest new year intentions and what you are co-creating with the universe this full moon time, please also take a good look at what’s underneath the surface. Take a look at the shadows. And enjoy what’s to come.

Welcome to the other side. Happy new year.

January 22nd

Venus conjunct Jupiter 

The two brightest planets in the sky cross by each other in the early morning today. 

If you are awake before sunrise, you can’t miss this!

The sign of Sagittarius is being illuminated by the expansive planet Jupiter for this entire year.

The feminine planet Venus makes her way passed the big planet along her journey today.

The collective feminine is in the exploration, traveler, philosopher archetype energy of Sagittarius right now and Jupiter expands this.

It’s time for the feminine in this world to climb a higher mountain and boldly go where they’ve never gone before. 

Jan 23rd

Mercury into Aquarius

The planet of thought and communication moves into the sign of scientific growth and consciousness expansion today. 

January 29th

Mercury into the underworld

The planet of communication, perception and thought moves into the underworld which is when it is close enough to the sun to no longer be seen.

In this case, it’s on the exterior side of the sun, farther away from earth.

Now being in Aquarius the mind has the capacity to travel to higher states of consciousness in communion with the light of life, the sun.

This is a great time for journeywork. 

It’s time to download your visions!

January 31st,

Moon and Venus conjunct

Directly at galactic center, the moon passes directly over Venus. In this case, it will be an occultation. Which is similar to an eclipse.

This part of the Venus journey is the third time the moon passes Venus on her way to the sun and into the underworld. This 3rd gate is likened to the through chakra. Going from top, down.

In regards to the collective feminine, this is a time to tell your truth and let go of anything in the way of speaking up and out.

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