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By Levi Banner, MA, E-RYT 500

January 5th, 2019

Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Capricorn

All Planets in Direct Motion

Selamat Kuningan! Greetings from Bali. Today is the end of a 10-day ceremonial holiday. On January 26th the local Balinese celebrated Galungan which is when they open up the portals to the ancestor realms and pray to them for 10-days until today, Kuningan, which is when they close those ancestral gates. This holiday happens every 210 days and when it occurs, the ancestor spirits are tangible. 

2018 is now over, and 2019 has now begun. I started the new year off on January 1st with a free Shamanic Breathwork session at the Yoga Barn with my teacher Star Wolf where over 137 people attended to breathe! I’m not sure how we fit that many people in that studio which normally fits 80, but it worked and was an amazing event.

I then started a 2-week breath work immersion in which I am currently conducting. How I found time for this article I do not know. Though I love you and here it is!

Looking ahead, I’m excited to announce a new course with the founder of Shamanic Astrology, Daniel Giamario, my main astrology teacher and mentor. I will be assisting him for a very special event at the Yoga Barn from May 9-14, 2019.

The Inner Sacred Marriage Course is all the stuff within astrology about relationships! We will cover ways to create wholeness within yourself and true fulfillment in relationships. 

Shamanic Astrology has a unique and really heartfelt approach to looking at relationships. No experience in astrology is required and everyone will benefit. Though if you want to build your astrology knowledge in this area of the chart in order to use it in your astrology practice or train to be a shamanic astrologer, this is the stuff. 

Registration is now open! CLICK HERE to sign up or learn more.

January 5th 

Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Capricorn

The first new moon of the year! And the first new moon since the December Solstice! Many cultures would celebrate the new year at this time. 

The sign the new moon is in is always the theme for that lunar cycle and the first new moon of the year is always in Capricorn.

Capricorn is the energy of consistency and practical, rational reason. A great time of the year to set intentions!

New moons are always a great time to set intentions. Though the first one of the year is good for setting your intentions for the entire year!

This particular first new moon of the year is especially potent as it will also be a solar eclipse!

This is fairly rare. You see, a new moon is when the moon is passing near the sun and a full moon is when the moon is opposite the sun.

So when the moon is new, it is close to the sun and therefore not visible because of the sun’s light.

During an eclipse the moon passes not only by the sun, though directly in front!

This blocks our view of the sun’s light.

This solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse, so it wont block the sun entirely. Also, it will really only be visible in very northern areas of the world. Though it will still be felt wherever you are!

What does one feel during an eclipse?

If you consider the light of the sun being blocked, then you might consider what the shadows of your intentions are as you make them during this new moon.

Eclipses bring out the shadows. What’s behind the light.

What are the collective Capricorn shadows?

Overworking, taking too much on, being emotionally cold, being overly critical of self and others and disconnecting personally.

So please take a good look at what’s going on for you at this time, beneath the surface.

Capricorn is the earth sign that is the most grounded and practical. Though are you being overly rigid and systematic? 

Be sure to leave time to dig in deep!

Where are your roots growing from? What are your branches reaching towards? 

Now is the time to “till the soil” of you soul to create a healthy environment for your seeds of intention to grow.

Happy New Year everyone.

January 6th, 

All Planets Direct 

Today the planet Uranus shifts from moving backwards to forwards. This makes it so all planets are now moving forward.

This is more rare than you think.

Almost always there is at least a planet or two moving backwards. It’s less likely for all planets to be moving forward. 

Today this happens. All planets will be in direct motion until Mercury goes retrograde in March for only three weeks and then all planets are direct again!

This means not only the visible planets you can see such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, though also the ones further out that you can’t see such as Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, plus the asteroid dwarfs Chiron and Vesta too!

Now this isn’t necessarily a good thing… nor a bad thing.

These planets could be moving forward your evolution in ways that are uncomfortable. Though it’s always for your greater good in some roundabout way. This is directly influencing certain parts of your life. Which could be perceived as bad when it feels so hard or challenging.

Especially in an eclipse window. The time between the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse two weeks later is like a cauldron of energy bringing up the shadows. January 5- 20 is one of those times.

Regardless of how you experience this movement, life goes on and you continue to evolve in ways that you might not imagine. 

We continue into the new year with full force. All systems go.

January 12th,

Mars Conjunct the Moon

During the 2-year Mars cycle, the masculine planet slowly passes through the entire evening sky over a year long period of time. During this time, the moon passes by Mars on his quest towards wisdom and experience. 

Each pass of the moon illuminates another labor or challenge for the masculine visionary.

Currently the masculine planet is in the sign of Aries. This is the theme of this current labor or challenge. 

Aries is the warrior archetype fighting for the righteous cause. 

Is the collective masculine pushing too hard or is he lost, not having a mission and purpose statement to completely dedicate his energy too?

Now is the time to find a balanced way of movement forward. 

January 18th

Uranus square the Sun

The planet of abrupt changes and radical shifts, Uranus comes into a square alignment with the light of source, the Sun.

This is a dynamic aspect which happens twice per year.

This is the last blast for Aries as Uranus will move out of this sign permanently for the next 83+ years. 

Uranus is in the very end of Aries and the sun has been moving through Capricorn passing Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and now Squaring Uranus. 

What is the dynamic between Aries and Capricorn?

This is building up to the huge configuration in 2020 with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. 

How will the dedication and drive of Aries contribute to all the forces moving in to Capricorn.

2019 is really a build up to 2020.

This alignment is one of those things showing us that.

Happy New Year.

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