Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner BA, E-RYT 500

Full Moon in Cancer
Solstice, Full Moon, Xmas, New Year

Happy Holy-Daze from Ubud Bali where it’s warm and rainy. Just last night I stepped into a full 10-day Facilitator Skills Course at the Yoga Barn where I am co-facilitating with my teacher Star Wolf. During our training there will be Solstice, Full Moon, X-mas eve and X-mas day, Galungan (Balinese holiday) and New Years Eve. We have a group of nearly 50 people in this immersion.

We started last night and the energy is enormous. As you might imagine.

I will be conducting an additional course running the first two weeks of 2019. The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process or level-one breathwork training will run January 2-15, 2019. If you’d like to join me you might still be able to. Please click here for all the info and contact me if interested.

So as the sun goes through this big shift in direction so too does my life in many ways. Amping up for the New Year with new courses coming and a new list of workshops. Look for that in the next newsletter.

For now, let’s tune in to this cosmic weather raining down on us.

December 21st

Today is the day that the sun reaches it’s furthest point and goes back the other way rising and setting slightly further each day like a second hand on a clock.

Sol= Sun
Stice= Still

During the 3 days near solstice it’s as if the sun is standing still in the same point in the sky as it approaches it’s edge, then hits that point and then begins back the other way again.

This is a still point or really a shifting point when the days get longer or shorter depending on which hemisphere you are on.

Many cultures celebrated this as the New Year, which makes much more sense than the arbitrary day of January 1st.

Setting your new years intentions now is a lot more potent than waiting until next week. Especially being a full moon so close to Solstice. This solar gate is amplified even more than usual.

Happy Solstice everyone.

December 22nd
Full Moon in Cancer

Just hours after the exact solstice point is a full moon! This doesn’t happen every year, not at all. This makes both an extra potent solstice with a full moon amping it up as well as an extra amped up full moon as it’s during the time of the suns shift in it’s yearly cycle.

The full is always opposite the sun shining its brightest light in the darkest part of the sky.

The full moon illuminates the sign it’s in. In this case the sign of Cancer.

The energy of Cancer is like being at home with the family while it’s raining outside, When you are inside safe and cozy.

This is exactly how I’m feeling right now. I hope you are too.

Cancer is my personal moon sign which makes me love home and family very much.

The archetype of Cancer is a mother or father, a provider of nourishment.

Cancer is the response to the need for nourishment. The nature of Cancer likes to nurture a seed until it’s in full bloom.

December 25th
X-Mas Day

Please no X-mas orphans this year. Invite a friend over, volunteer at a soup kitchen, call your family.

Happy Holy-daze everyone.

December 26th

Today in Bali the local community opens up the portals to the ancestors. This begins a 10-day holiday in which they work with the ancient spirits, honor them and pray with gratitude. 

December 31st
Happy New Year

The star group Sirius is overhead at midnight.

Mars moves into Aries and passes Chiron.

The planet of the masculine drives through the sign of action and well, drive.

The quest of the new masculine makes it’s way through the more generic or usual version expected of the masculine: The Warrior.

It’s not every young boy that wants to go hunt a lion. Some want to hang back at home and cook dinner… Not the Aries!

This really is that drive to win. The competitor archetype.

To go fully, all-in is the Aries.

Now is the time to explore what patience is as we move ahead with full commitment towards the mission.

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