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By Levi Banner, BA, E-RYT 500
December 6th, 2019
New moon in Sagittarius
Mars and Neptune Conjunct
Mercury goes Direct
Greetings from warm and beautiful Bali, where rainy season is upon us. December is also a high season for tourists visiting and my classes are completely packed.
I’m also busy getting ready to welcome my teacher Star Wolf here in Bali for a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator Skills Course.
Then, I will conduct my own level one training. The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process will be a two-week breathwork healing immersion that will run the first two weeks of 2019.
I still have a few spaces open. What a great way start out the New Year! With some deep healing and immersive breathwork experience.
You can sign up and learn more here: SHIP
Otherwise gearing up for 2019. This is the last moon cycle of 2018. So I bid this past year a due and begin to welcome in the new one.
Let’s explore.

December 7th
New Moon in Sagittarius
Mars and Neptune Conjunct
Mercury Goes Direct
Today the moon meets the sun for a new moon in the sign of Sagittarius just after passing Jupiter. This new moon is 90 degrees away from Mars and Neptune and today is the same day that Mercury goes direct.
Let’s unpack all of this.
Whenever the moon gets close to the sun, or when any planet for that matter get’s close enough to the sun, then you can’t see it. The moon is new when there is no moon.
When the moon meets the sun it begins a new cycle. Over the next MOONth we will see the crescent grow into a full moon and then shrink down as it approaches the sun again for the next new moon.
This is the last new moon of 2018, the last moon cycle of the year and the closest new moon to the December solstice!
Your intentions are strong at a new moon. Also, as you create intentions now,they are also preparing you for the New Year.
Whichever sign the new moon is in presents us a theme or a subject to work with for that cycle.
This new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius.
The sign of Sag is the archetype of the truth seeker; trail blazer, wander, and adventurer, traveler explorer…
Themes of adventure, travel and exploration come up for questioning.
The subjects of truth, meaning, and expansion come up for philosophical conversation.
To boldly go where you’ve never gone before, to go on a vision quest and seek truth, meaning and purpose are the actions of the Sagittarius.

Jupiter is close to this new moon occasion. Jupiter is a part of this new moon experience.
Jupiter expands anything it touches!
The largest planet in the sky is amplifying this new moon and therefore your intentions at this time.
This energy in Sagittarius has the potential to expand everyone’s consciousness and inner awareness greatly.
Meanwhile, 90 degrees away or what we call a Square aspect is the planet Mars and Neptune in the sign of Pisces.
Mars is the planet that represents the collective masculine. He has been on a new journey or a new planetary cycle since the full moon lunar eclipse in July.He is now exploring what it’s like to be in the gentle, empathic and healing energies of the sign Pisces.
Pisces is the healer, dreamer, and mystic archetype.
Themes of fluidity, healing, emotions and sensitivity come up.
The subject of dreams, channeling and the divine can come up as well.
The rapture of divine union is the action let in like an open channel by the Pisces.
Mars is exactly next to or what we call conjunct the Planet Neptune.
Neptune is the planet very much like Pisces. Experiences of dreaminess,fuzziness and intangibility come up. So as to amplify or to bring in a bigger dose of energies, Mars meets Neptune on his quest through Pisces.

A dose of Neptune is an antidote for clarity.

Neptune teaches the young masculine how to feel his feelings and how to dream and move onward without logic. To see without his eyes.
Irrational, Spiritual, Mystical…. This is new for this version of the masculine or this Mars cycle.
When connected with the heart, this influence can allow the masculine to let goof his previous perceptions of self and dissolve into the fluid realms of empathy, compassion and being of service to others and the divine.
This connection of Mars and Neptune is in a dynamic alignment with the New Moon, Sun and Jupiter being in the sign 90 degrees away. So as to bring in the Piscean and Neptunian masculine influence into your intentions and new moon experience.
All this and today the planet Mercury began to go in a forward direction again after going backwards for the past few weeks.
Mercury is the planet of thought and communication. It influences your personal cognition, perception and communication.
When it’s going backwards or what we call retrograde, then things like technology, transportation and planning go backwards in comparison to when this planet is direct.
So now Mercury goes direct starting a brand new 4-month cycle. In the sign of Scorpio, it will carry this theme for it’s entire 120-day cycle.
Scorpio is the sign of depth and intensity.
Having passionate thoughts and thinking deeply about something is the way of the Scorpio mind.
To think with feelings.
All a part of this current experience today and right now.  
December 13th
Geminid Meteor Showers
Go outside and look up! The very peak of the meteor showers starts after sunset. So should be some good viewing.
December 14th
Moon and Mars Conjunct
The 3rd time the moon has crossed by Mars since the masculine planet started it’s new cycle a few months back. Each time the moon passes by Mars is likened to another challenge or labor of the Masculine Journey. This is somewhat similar to the 12 Labors of Hercules story.
This 3rd Labor or challenge finds the masculine planet Mars moving through the sign of Pisces very close to the planet Neptune.
The masculine is learning about Piscean and Neptunian things.

Dreaminess, fuzziness, intangibility.
Compassion, empathy, feelings.
All very new to this version of the masculine or particular Mars cycle.
So this is indeed a challenge.
Nothing else to do but get in touch with the realm of the divine, dreams and the depth of feelings.
Emotional intelligence makes a stronger masculine.
That which cannot be proved by science though is there to be very much felt.
That too is there for the masculine to learn about.
That too is a challenge.
Nothing else to do but let go of control and allow the unseen to be seen.
It’s time for the masculine to enter a sincere heart space.
December 15th
Saturn Enters the Underworld
Today Saturn leaves the world stage and will be so close to the sun it will not be seen until January. In fact it won’t actually reach the sun until January 1st.Let alone pass it enough to be seen again.
Usually Saturn and the sun will meet once per year though this year it’s different.
According to Cayelin Castell from SAMS, the last time this happened was in 1989 and then 1960 before that… It won’t happen again until 2048!
Interesting as Saturn was with the sun exactly at solstice last year. Now, not only will it not reach the sun before solstice or sun cycle is over, but actually the entire calendar year as well!
Saturn is the lone planet in the evening sky other than Mars for most of the month. Saturn will become a morning star in the New Year when the Sun passes byit far enough to be revealed again.
This is all leading up to when Saturn reaches Pluto with Jupiter in 2020. This is an extremely rare alignment that will certainly bring a breakdown of structure so that we will have to rebuild anew.
2019 is preparation for 2020.

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