Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

November 7, 2018

New Moon in Scorpio
Plus to many things to list!

I write you from the pouring rain here in Ubud, Bali. It’s been full swing here with my teaching schedule, giving workshops, getting ready for the upcoming breathwork trainings, plus moving into a new house that it’s been tough to get time to write you! Though all of this is very fulfilling, I’m really feeling the intensity of so many things going on at once!

Fitting, as Astrologically it’s as if the influences from the current planetary movements are like pouring rain coming down on us… with thunder and lightning!

Luckily there is meaning to it all. Like a roof to keep us dry. To derive meaning through astrology is like encouragement to dance in the rain!

We love meaning, myths and stories.

We are the heroes of our own story…

I offer my interpretation of the cosmic rain so you can dance to it instead of just getting soaking wet for seemingly no reason.

This month of Sawhain, the astrological cross quarter, we have Uranus moving back into Aries, Mercury going retrograde the same day Venus goes direct, Jupiter moving into a new sign, Mars moving into a new sign, and Neptune going direct… and if that’s not enough the nodes are shifting into a new polarity!

This is a lot of shifting energy!

So pause for a moment…

Take a deep breath…

Let’s find some meaning and enjoy this wild ride!

November 6
Nodes of the Moon change sign
Uranus ingress back to Aries
Moon and Venus Conjunct
Mercury greatest elongation

This is a big day. A lot of shifting energies… This happens to also be Election Day in the United States… Wow, that will be interesting.

The Nodes of the moon are not a planet, though a place in the sky in which the sun and moon will meet. The place an eclipse will happen. There is always a North Node and a South Node directly opposite of each other and they move backwards through the sky.

The influence of the Nodes are like destiny points. Where you come from and where you are going.

The South Node represents what you are here letting go of and what you can use to move on.

The North Node pulls you forward into your destiny and greatest intent.

The Nodes have been in Leo/Aquarius for the past year and a half.

They will now be in Cancer/Capricorn for the next year and a half.

The collective intent is moving from the radiant, outgoing confidence and scientific, freedom oriented expansion energies of Leo/Aquarius into the home, family, community and accomplishment, leadership and consistency mysteries of Cancer/Capricorn.

This will have a major impact on the collective… and also you especially if you have any planets in your birth chart in Cancer or Capricorn!

This same day Uranus is retrograding or moving backwards into the sign it was in for 7 years, Aries.

Uranus recently moved into Taurus just a couple of months ago. Then went retrograde and is moving back into the sign it came from, today. It will be in Aries for several months until it moves forward again into Taurus where it will officially spend the next 7 years.

Uranus brings out abrupt changes and radical shifts. It shakes up what you’re attached to, so you can gain a bigger-picture perspective on things like non-attachment.

When in Aries we saw many wars and fights in the news and in the world. This seems like one last stirring up of the world’s issues before moving through the slow and steady comfort of Taurus, where it will stir up completely different issues.

Also today Venus having just come out into the early morning sky, rising from the underworld and into a new cycle altogether, is met by the moon.

Now this is a bit unusual…

It’s not every Venus cycle that the moon crosses by her before she goes direct. Venus is still retrograde and therefore still in an in between stage before she truly starts her new quest.

This is like an accent point for all of these movements happening altogether.

The moon shines light on the darkness of night.

Lastly, Mercury will reach the maximum elongation, or the furthest point from the sun today. Which basically means it will go retrograde very soon, on November 16th. The very same day Venus will go direct.

The planet of cognition and perception, the planet of the mind will reach maximum individuality from the light of consciousness.

It’s like stretching your consciousness as far as it will go.

Did I mention this is the U.S. Election Day?!!

…When it rains, it pours

November 7
New Moon in Scorpio

There has been a lot of Scorpio lately. If you have been following my reports you have seen the Scorpio mysteries mentioned quite often… This new moon really feels like a punctuation point on all that Scorpionic intensity.

To punctuate my point, tomorrow Jupiter moves from Scorpio, into Sagittarius.

The new moon is always a great time to plant seeds of intention. Especially now, with so much happening all at once and so many new movements of planets in new signs.

The intentions you make now will be like seeds that will be watered by the pouring cosmic rain.

Some things to consider as you make your intentions known to the universe:

Get intensely into these prayers. Think of what your passions are. What brings you alive? Now is the time to go deep into how you feel, draw maximum life force energy and will it into your deepest desires. Do what turns you on. Go to the edge.

Today is also the exact day of the astrological cross quarter. The exact point between solstice and equinox… Which makes this an even more potent day to intend with passion.

November 8
Jupiter moves into Sagittarius
Jupiter Conjunct the Moon

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and openings moves into the very sign that it’s energy is most alike: Sagittarius.

After being in the sign of Scorpio for the past year, Jupiter now moves into Sag for the first time in nearly twelve years.

This means that what Jupiter is expanding for the collective is now more about seeking new truth, higher ground, new possibilities, travel, exploration and philosophy.

This is especially true for you personally if you have any planets in your birth chart in Sagittarius. Jupiter will be heating up that part of your life for this next year.

Also today the moon moves into Sagittarius joining the jovial giant: big Jupe. Almost to accent this movement like a cosmic spotlight shining on the very planet that expands anything it touches.

Jupiter starts out in Sagittarius in a big way!…. Very fitting.

However, Jupiter is in a part of its cycle where it is heading closer to the sun, dimming in light and then will enter the underworld, where we wont see it on November 18.

November 15
Mars moves into Pisces
Mars Conjunct the Moon

Just like when Jupiter recently moved into Sag at the same time the moon did.. Well so to does Mars into Pisces… At the same time as the moon does!

Another accent on the planets moving into new signs this month.

Mars has been in and around Aquarius for many months. It even started it’s current cycle in this very sign and this will be the first movement past Aquarius during it’s new journey.

As seen in Shamanic Astrology, The Mars cycle includes about 12 moon conjunctions during it’s two-year quest.

Like the 12 labors of Hercules, the collective masculine is face these 12 challenges.

This will be the second moon conjunction, the second labor of Mars and the first new sign in its current cycle or quest.

The Pisces mysteries are about sensitivity, feelings, and healing.

The collective Masculine will now have to feel its feelings. Not the easiest thing for the current Mars overtone of Aquarius, which likes to think more than feel.

The youthful adventurer moves on into this next initiation of Pisces.

November 16
Mercury Retrograde
Venus Direct

Today, the planet of thought and communication, Mercury begins to go backwards or retrograde.

Also today, the planet of the feminine, Venus goes forward or direct.

One goes back, and the other moves ahead.

Together, they are at a still point before making this transition.

One completing, the other beginning.

When Mercury is retrograde it means it is at the end of it’s cycle. Mercury will enter the underworld or go close the sun so we can’t see it on November 21 and will go direct shortly after on December 6th in the new overtone of Scorpio.

During Mercury Retrograde, usual ideas and linear thought processes work in a different way.

What you plan might not go the way you thought!

Venus has been retrograde for the past month. Venus goes retrograde when she is at the end of her cycle.

She is now in her new cycle and this forward movement makes that even more official.

Venus is now in the overtone of Libra. The collaborative, communicative goddess comes in to be explored by the collective.

Venus is rising rapidly and will soon by the end of the month be about as bright as she gets.

The feminine is now moving ahead.

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