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By Levi Banner

August 11th, 2018

Solar Eclipse
New Moon in Leo
Mercury Retrograde

Big Love from Bali everyone! Where the earthquakes have shaken things up quite a bit. Though please don’t worry, all is fine here in Ubud. No damage really at all… However Lombok, the neighboring island is where it really hit. The devastation of hundreds of thousands of homes and many deaths continues to unfold. Many relief efforts and fundraisers are happening here to help those affected by the disasters in Lombok.

Myself, I’m fine. A bit tired of traveling. I just got back from Europe welcomed by some earthquake shakes, and I’m already preparing to head off again soon.

This eclipse energy is no joke. Let’s discuss.

August 11th, Saturday
New Moon in Leo
Partial Solar Eclipse

The new moon is always a good time for envisioning your intentions and putting forth action to make that happen. It’s time to create. Especially when the new moon is in the visionary, creativity enhanced, intuitive energies of Leo!

Leo is the star of the play, radiant leader made from self-love and self-empowerment.

Though as I’ve spoken about in my last two newsletters: when an eclipse happens, it’s a time to look at what’s beneath the surface.

Wait… didn’t we just have a New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse like a month ago?….

Yes indeed we did. Right now we are experiencing 3 eclipses in a row!

Usually, twice a year, there is at least one solar eclipse followed by a lunar eclipse or vice versa. This time, there happens to be a third eclipse following the usual two.

So it goes Solar Eclipse, then Lunar Eclipse, then again, another Solar Eclipse.

Well that’s a lot of shadow time!

Now this is only a partial solar eclipse. You will only see the bite taken out of the sun for a little while and only if you’re in very northern territory such as Greenland, Russia or Northeast Asia. However this will affect us all.

Eclipses are a time of looking at what’s beneath the surface, looking within; checking in on what the intent is truly about.

When making your newest new moon intentions, make sure to take a good look at the motives and try and humble yourself as you will forth your desires. This eclipse is the time to do that.

This third eclipse puts to rest the past month-long eclipse window.

Usually the two weeks between eclipses is a section of time in which the shadows can surface. This one was extended into a month-long window of time!

Also this is somehow connected to the eclipse season an entire year ago! We experienced a total solar eclipse in Leo that was visible in the United States last August 2017.

So this current eclipse ended a yearlong process!

The Leo king has a shadow.

What are the shadows of Leo?

Acting big when you feel small, being a forceful leader or ruler, complete disregard to anyone else’s feeling at all, pretending or actually thinking you are better than everyone else.

Take a deeper look while creating your new moon intentions.

Though don’t let this stop you from moving on. First look back and notice how you have given yourself credit, self love and encouragement over the past month and use that motivation to move forward out of this darkness and into a brighter light than ever before.

For it is true, Leo is meant to shine big, make it up as they go along with the utmost creativity.

This life is precious and way too short to hold back.

Be on center stage of your own life.

August 12, Sunday
Mars back into Capricorn

The planet of the collective Masculine has been in reverse motion for some time now. So much so that today it will return back into the sign of Capricorn for an entire month before moving forward again through Aquarius where it recently started a new cycle.

Capricorn is the sign of the wise elder archetype. Perhaps it’s time for the Masculine to pick up some advise on structure, form and boundaries before really setting foot on the journey of the expansive, big picture horizon view of Aquarius.

August 14th, Tuesday
Venus with the Moon

The planet of the sacred feminine, Venus, gets a pass by the Moon.

In the Venus cycle, the moon crosses by Venus 7 times on it’s way towards the sun. Then 7 more times on it’s way back up away from the sun. These 7 conjunctions are likened to the chakras. 7 release points on the way down and 7 on the way back up to renew and reawaken.

Venus is now at the 6th chakra coming back up. The feminine is now passing through the 6th gate towards fulfillment in this particular cycle.

It’s time for the feminine to reclaim her inner vision. To reconnect to the intuitive site found within.

Close your eyes to see.

August 18th, Saturday
Mercury goes direct

The planet of thought and communication has been retrograde, or moving backwards for the past 3 weeks! Now the tricky messenger planet begins to move forward once again.

If in the past three weeks if you had a hard time communicating with others, making plans, if your Internet was crashing more than usual…. It’s convenient to just blame Mercury retrograde… Though of course it’s not truly that easy, it definitely does have an effect.

Retrograde is a natural and normal process of the Mercury cycle. It tells us when we are about to begin a new mental chapter.

Now we begin a new Mercury cycle in Leo. Look for self-empowerment, positive affirmations, and creative mental outlooks and you will go far with this next 4-month cycle.

August 22nd, Wednesday
Sun enters Virgo

The light that shines on all life enters the season of Virgo, the sign of patterning and putting physical energy into a devoted focus.

This tells us there is only 30 days more until the equinox.

This information is inspired greatly by teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. A non-profit organization that teaches how to live the magical connection of earth and sky. Check out the online and in person classes and become a member and receive many great benefits.


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