Astrology Insights

By Levi Banner


July 27, 2018


Full Moon in Aquarius

Total Lunar Eclipse

New Mars cycle begins


Greetings from Boom Festival in Portugal! I’m on a small patch of Internet just to give you some news on the full moon.


Boom has been a blast! It’s a huge festival that happens only every 2 years. I am here giving some workshops and have the honor to be the main ceremony holder for the Eclipse Ritual.


Since you might not be one of the 40,000 people here at the festival, I thought I would drop you a note to keep you informed on the current alignments, and as always, encourage you to find your own way of doing ceremony for this once in a lifetime eclipse experience.


Just after sunset, right now you can see nearly all of the visible planets all at once.


Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are there just after the sun sites on this auspicious occasion.


Mars is at a particularly important part of it’s cycle right now. So I start our exploration with him.


The way we see it, is that Mars starts a new 26 month cycle when it’s exactly opposite the sun, like a full moon, at it’s brightest.


And oh it’s definitely at it’s brightest… pretty much the brightest that is possible for Mars to get…. Actually the brightest it’s been since 2003 and in 2003 it was brighter than it had been in over 60,000 years!…. So right now Mars is the 2nd brightest it’s been in 60,000 years.


Mars is at opposition to the sun just after the full moon and it starts it’s new cycle then.


Mars represents the collective masculine and the masculine energy within oneself.


Mars is in the sign of Aquarius and this is the very sign it hangs around for several months. Mars always hangs around one sign for a long time when it’s at the end of the last journey and the beginning of the next.


The sign it starts it’s new cycle in is the archetypal energy it carries for entire 2 year journey. We call this an overtone. Mars will have an overtone of Aquarius for this next 26 month journey.


The collective masculine will now explore the Aquarius archetype for the next 2 years.


The collective masculine will explore themes such as the scientific approach, the enhancing technology, the rebelling against the normal and conventional and the transcending the body versions of the inner masculine.


Aquarius is the sign of the full moon, lunar eclipse as well. That’s because Mars is exactly where the eclipse will happen. Mars will be the bright yellow star next the moon. Can’t miss him!


As Mars starts a new cycle, it’s not always that it happens exactly at a full moon. Not at ll.


Not only that, the full moon is a total Lunar Eclipse! Very rare.


What is the energy and meaning of an eclipse?


An eclipse brings up the shadows and what’s behind the veil to the full moon.


The full moon is illuminating the sign of Aquarius,


Aquarius is the cosmic visionary, the radical revolutionary, and the quirky, unique archetype.


Aquarius is about expansion of consciousness, as far up and out as it can go, for it’s own sake.


The full moon expands consciousness and illuminates awareness.


The eclipse brings out the shadows.


So what are the shadows of Aquarius?…


To go to far into rational scientific evolution. To loose track of nature, the body and human connection. To not see the tree for the forest because the view is so expanded.


So what will this eclipse bring up for the collective? As literally what we will see for 1 hour and 46 minutes is the collective earth shadow, our collective human shadow cast upon the moon instead the usual brightness of the full moon.


This will bring up even more personal experience if you have anything in your own birth chart in the sign of Aquarius or Leo. Which, Leo is where the sun will be setting as the full moon rises with Mars.


This will be the longest eclipse of this century because it is the furthest from earth total lunar eclipse in many of our lifetimes.


May your lessons be clear and quick, rather than drawn our and lingering. Let this eclipse be a marker in your awareness of moving through darkness and back into the light with a expanded perspective.


Namaste from Portugal! I will be back to Bali and teaching regular classes at the Yoga Barn next week! Below is my next couple of workshops.

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