Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

July 13th, 2018

New Moon in Cancer
Solar Eclipse
Sun Opposite Pluto
Jupiter Direct

Hello from Bali. It feels sooo good to be home! Just in time for the cancer new moon, which Cancer is all about the comfort of home. Plus that is the home of my own moon sign! I have moon in cancer in my birthchart 😉

All that traveling has been getting to me. Though I still have the Aquarian eye towards the future and I have just launched my next 200 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training! You can now sign up here.

This particular new moon in cancer has a lot going on with it…. Please relax, get cozy and read below.

July 13th
This day happens to be Friday the 13th, and what a day it is! It’s a new moon in Cancer, with a Solar Eclipse; at the same time the sun and moon are opposite Pluto in Capricorn, and just after Jupiter went direct in Scorpio.

Please let me explain…

A new moon is always a time to plants seeds of intention and watch them grow as you nurture them throughout the entire moon cycle. They are then ripe and ready to harvest at the full moon.

This new moon is eclipsing the sun!

A Solar Eclipse is when the moon crosses over the sun and literally blocks the light shining from the sun from our earth and all it’s creatures striving and reaching for that light. Sometimes the moon crosses completely over the sun. This time it only crosses over partially and won’t be seen in many parts of the earth. Nonetheless this still effects the entire planet!

An eclipse brings up the shadows of whatever the sun and moon are usually illuminating. A new moon begins a cycle in that sign. The eclipse shows us the shadows!

The new moon is in the sign of Cancer.

Cancer is the sign that represents caring, compassion and sesntivity. It’s about nurturing a seed until it’s full expression. A perfect time to plant seeds of intention though best if done in this theme.

It’s time to take care of yourself, like a mother would her child. It’s time to explore your sensitivities, emotions, and truly find some time to nourish.

Cancer is the archetype of the mother, the nurturer, the one that provide’s nourishment to their family, home, tribe, or projects.

So what are the shadows of cancer?

Over giving, overdoing, giving too much of oneself for the sake of caring for another. Worry, clinging, attachment. Like a mom that doesn’t let her baby grow up, or a teacher that doesn’t want their student to evolve past their teachings.

It’s time to grow up yourself, with emotional maturity. Grow the flower and let it be picked.

It’s time to nourish yourself because you can’t give what you don’t have.

You get what you give…
But you can’t give what you don’t have…
So it’s important to receive!

So give to yourself first. Like a mother would her child. Get cozy, spend some time at home. Run a bath, get a massage, go to the spa. Get some you time!

Then you can give your care to all from a full cup. Spilling from an over abundance rather than giving your last few drops and depleting your resources.

It’s time to fill up your cup.
Recharge your batteries.

The new moon is opposite Pluto…

Only once per year is the sun in the exact opposite end fo the sky as the planet Pluto. This year it happens to be at the exact time of a new moon so the moon is exactly with the sun as always on a new moon. Though this time even closer as it’s a solar eclipse! Which as a said brings up the shadows… Well so does Pluto!

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, transformation, and deep, underworld experiences.

So if the eclipse wasn’t enough we also have this underworld energy face to face with the sun and moon conjunction.

Wait there’s more!

Jupiter just went direct the other day. Direct means it was going backwards for awhile and is now going forwards again…. Though a planet is never actually going backwards it slowed down so much as the earth speeded up that it seemed to go backward from our view. Though regardless the energy was slowed and reversed and is now going forward.

Jupiter expands anything it touches and has been in the sign of Scorpio this year.

Scorpio is the sign of depth, intensity, deep emotional death and rebirth type of energy.

There are a lot of shadows dwelling right now. This new moon experience seems to have activated a lot of that.

A Solar eclipse is always followed two weeks later by a lunar eclipse or vice versa. This creates a window of time where eclipse energies are stirring about. It’s a cauldron of time where the pot is stirring up the shadows of that moon cycle and that time period.

During this current eclipse season, I recommend you stay connected with your own feelings and sensitivities and stay in contact with taking care of yourself first before taking care of any thing else. Make it safe to be in the comforts of your own home.

Lastly, this will be the closest new moon to earth of 2018. Which intensifies everything I just said.

Friday the 13th used to be a good thing instead of bad luck. The Patriarchal powers that were, created the idea it was bad luck because previously it was a day to honor the goddess…. They wouldn’t want feminine empowerment or anything so they changed it…. Originally to honor the goddess Freya Fria, Fri-day was auspicious and a day of luck.

So thank goodness it’s Friday! It’s great to be hOMe.


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