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By Levi Banner


June 28, 2018


Full Moon in Capricorn

Moon Conjunct Saturn


Guten morgen from Germany! I just had a very sweet weekend at the Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival in South Germany. There, I was asked to conduct ceremony for the opening invocation on Solstice, and I taught two packed in Shamanic Yoga workshops…plus I did a ton of personal astrology readings! There were quite a few friends from the Bali tribe there, which made it extra fun. Also the local Germans really know how to show some love. Together we all opened up through sacred songs and shared in the sweetness of yoga.


Coming soon, I will be launching the announcement for my next 200-hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training in Bali! Stay tuned for that.


Then I spent a few days checking out Berlin. Which I absolutely love. This super hip city is quite possibly the most vegan friendly city I’ve been to!… Of course Ubud is the place to be for me as it trumps anywhere for great vegan food.


Germany was the perfect place to be for solstice and to spend this Full Moon in Capricorn with Saturn in close conjunction. Hanging out in Berlin and at a yoga festival was the perfect way to break any stereo types left in me around over rigid Germany… I had a blast learning the unique local life of Berliners.


Danke Shen Germany! I will be back with love~


June 28, Thursday

Full Moon in Capricorn

Moon Conjunct Saturn


The full moon is a time to bring fully into your awareness what you are making happen in your life. To reflect on what you’ve intended at the new moon and see how far you’ve come.


This full moon is in the sign of Capricorn.


Capricorn is the energy of consistency, practicality and reason.


How are your seeds growing since the new moon? Since the recent solstice started a new cycle of the sun.


The Capricorn energy is like the roots and the trunk of a tree, sprouting and solidifying from a simple seed at first.


Capricorn asks: What is working, what is not?


Does it grow corn? … a question from the Native American traditions.


Saturn is exactly conjunct (close by) the moon when it’s full. If you look up at the full moon tonight, that bright star next to it is the planet Saturn!


Saturn is the planet of structure, form and stability…. a very similar energy to Capricorn.


Saturn asks the very same questions: What is working? What is not?


Does it grow corn? …


If it doesn’t work, a Capricorn wouldn’t waste their time as their time is valuable… and Saturn is very connected to being on time.


If it were going to work they would do it in the most efficient and most effective way! And they would surely finish it because they said they would… Possibly to their own detriment! Because over doing Capricorn, which is easy to do at the full moon, is over doing, well… doing. Overworking, being rigid and depleting the resources is over use of Capricorn values.


We all need some structure of course. Now is that time for healthy discernment. With a little proper judgment you might be amazed of what you can actualize and accomplish. When done in a consistent and sustainable way, one can build a cathedral, one block at a time.


Also don’t forget to have fun as you get things done!


Here are few principles of the newly formed Capricorn, a key component of the new world, a pillar of the newly forming society of conscious and sustainable culture.


Doing less might achieve more results.


Over working is simply not the best way to achieve your agenda. Sometimes working less time would be a healthier and more sustainable approach at achieving a goal. Then as you approach each day of work you have a freshness and lightness so that not only you can be more productive, also, the work is better quality! … And Capricorn and Saturn absolutely love the best quality.


Done is better than perfect.

Even with the striving for the best results and achievement with the highest quality, it’s important to know that perfection is not only unattainable, it can really cause a lot of stress. Sometimes it’s better to delegate a job to someone else so that the job can get done quicker, freeing you up for other tasks. Though the delegated task might not be as great as you would make it, it could be pretty close! Depending on how well you trained the person. Regardless the task is done and everyone can move on.


Letting go of “if you want something done right: Do it yourself” and embracing that everything is perfectly imperfect.


Play first! So that you can actually commit fully.


Saturn with the full moon in Capricorn could easily lead to too much judgment and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to get it right. Therefore, it’s important to lighten up. Let it be.


Have fun all weekend long so that when you go to work you are satisfied and can really focus on your accomplishments. Rather than spending all day dreaming about what fun it will be to get off of work. Play play play, then, really drop in to work with a light heart and a sincere attitude.


Authenticity is the Capricorn way.


If you’re really honest, doing things in these healthy and sustainable ways IS the most effective and efficient way to reach your goals and accomplish your tasks.


Now is the time to accomplish your goals.


Have fun being hard at work!

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