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By Levi Banner


June 13, 2018


New Moon in Gemini


Venus in Leo


Greetings from North Carolina! I’m on my teacher’s land in the smoky blue-ridge mountains about an hour from Asheville. I’ve joined the second half of the month-long Shamanic Breathwork training immersion. I have been calling it a “Shamanic Vacation” which of course is not much of a vacation. More like time set aside for some deep inner-work.


With the support of my teacher Star Wolf and the staff of Venus Rising we have been exploring the elements of nature and our inner landscape. I’ve already engaged in some medicine-wheel work with a well-known Native American teacher as well as a death ceremony with a grand father elder.


Tomorrow is a sweat lodge and a river experience. We will finish off the week with some kundalini dance and a cacao ceremony! All the while we have been doing plenty of breathwork. It’s been awesome.


I highly recommend the Venus Rising training programs and if you’d like to do one with me in Bali I will be hosting my teachers Star Wolf and Nikólaus Wolf this December at the Yoga Barn in Bali. We are almost full so sign up now if you know you’re called.


CLICK HERE for registration and more information!


Coyote Trickster New Moon Experience

This morning on my way to the Air temple where I would do a breathwork journey, I went down to the bottom part of the land to see where we will be building a new retreat accommodation area. As I walked down to overlook the large field I was overlooking a very large coyote looking for it’s lunch. I spent a few moments in reverence and awe of it’s wild nature. I took a few short and fuzzy videos until it took a look at me and licked it’s lips. We then both went opposite directions!

I welcome in the coyote energy, which is perfect for this Gemini new moon! Coyotes are known for being the tricksters of the animal kingdom and Gemini is known for being the tricky one of the astrology signs!


Enjoy! Have fun! See you on the other side.


Next I will head over to Germany for the Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival. Hope to see you there!



June 13

New Moon in Gemini

This day, and the surrounding days, is a time to imagine all the possibilities of what you’d like to bring into being. Now is the time to explore the options of what you’d like to create in your life for the next coming month.

The moon is new today, which means we begin a new cycle.


The moon is in the sign of Gemini.


Gemini is the archetypal sign of the trickster!


Gemini is the eternal youth, Heyoka, coyote, free spirit.


So as you set your new moon intentions, see if you can imagine the most fun-filled, freedom oriented, beyond the normal version of what your manifestations can be!


Each new moon time is a good 3-day window. So take your time to decide on which of the options is the one…. or the three to make be.


This is the new moon closest to the solstice… Considered to be a new year in some cultures.



June 14

Venus enters Leo

The Planet of the feminine, Venus enters the sign of the radiant queen, star of the play archetype, Leo.


Now the sacred feminine within us all will explore what it’s like to be seen on stage so to speak. This could manifest in your life as feeling the need to be seen and heard by others, which is really a need for more self-love.


Take some time to find an authentic love of self. The goddess within needs to be seen in her full radiance.


June 16

Moon Conjunct Venus

The moon will come in close contact with Venus

Venus is the planet of the collective feminine and as the moon passes by her it illuminates this part of her journey. Venus has a 584 day cycle, which represents the collective journey of the feminine archetype within us all.


This current Venus cycle started last year in the sign of Aries. Venus carries this energy of Aries with her through the entire cycle much like a new moon.


As the cycle goes: Last year Venus started her journey as a morning star coming up just before the sunrise. She went through 7 Moon conjunctions on her way down to the suns light where you can’t see her. Then, after spending just over a week with the sun, she rose again, this time as an evening star, rising up just as the sun sets. She has risen all the way to the top of her latitude and has gone through 3 of the 7 moon conjunctions so far.


This will now be the 4th conjunction with the moon. There will be at least 3 more as she approaches the sun, and then she will start a new cycle once again.


These 7 moon conjunctions on the way down and on the way up are likened to the 7 chakras.


Venus has now entered the 4th chakra gate.


The 4th chakra is the heart chakra.


The collective feminine now explores what it is to open the heart back up. It’s time to expand your love! Especially because Venus recently entered the sign of radiant, radical, self-love: Leo.


Now is the time to love you! Which is required in order to love others.


This is setting up the Venus opposition with Mars, which will happen on the same day as the solstice.



June 21st


Exact opposition of Venus and Mars



This is a time when the sun reaches the end of it’s cycle and begins a new one. Literally Solstice means solar standstill. The sun will appear to be rising and setting in the same spot for a few days as the sun approaches and then reaches the end of it’s line of travel, then begins to go back the other way again.


Solstice is a fantastic time for ceremony, setting intentions and honoring nature. Many cultures honored this day as the new year.


The June solstice is the day that the sun enters the sign of Cancer.


Cancer is one of the 4 pillars of the astrological wheel. The 4 Cardinal signs are what we call in Shamanic Astrology “Culture Bearer” signs, which means they are the ones which create community, family and tribe.


It’s time to gather your tribe and celebrate the seasonal shift of the sun!


This same day the planet of the feminine, Venus is exactly opposite the sign of the masculine, Mars.

Both will be bright. As Venus sets in the west Mars will rise in the east.


This is happening at the height of the Venus cycle.


Venus will be very bright and at the top of her latitude. This represents the full radiance of the collective feminine, the height of the archetypal feminine.


Then the pendulum swings to the rise of the collective masculine.


In June Mars is brightening… dramatically! Mars actually way more than doubles in brightness as the month moves on. By July it will be even brighter than Jupiter!


The collective Masculine is rising up to meet the feminine.

This is great time for ceremony in honor of this experience. I suggest watching the sunset this Solstice and then sticking around for a few hours in some time of gathering or ceremony to honor the balance of the sacred feminine and divine masculine within us all as you see it happen in the sky.


As Above, So Below


As Within, So Without


Centered in the heart


Much of this information was gathered by listening to my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. A non-profit school dedicated to honoring the magical connection between the earth and the sky. Click here to discover more and become a member.


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