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By Levi Banner


June 1st, 2018


Full Moon in Sagittarius

Mars in Aquarius

Mercury, Sun and Venus fun


Greetings everyone. My apologies for not writing sooner though I was preparing for the trip I am on now. I am now in transit to the United states to visit my Shamanic family in North Carolina, and will even have a visit with my blood family in New Jersey.


In North Carolina I will be with my teacher Star Wolf and the entire Venus Rising staff for a Shamanic Breathwork Immersion. There has been a month-long training program happening and I will join for the second half.


There I will partake in many ceremonies such as sweat lodge, bonfire, night sky teachings, cacao ceremony, and of course, breathwork. I’m calling it a little shamanic vacation.


I’m taking a full month off from Bali and The Yoga Barn. After the states I will head to Germany for my first time to teach some workshops at the Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival around Solstice time and then to the Baltics where my beloved is from to pay a visit.


It was indeed a big bright full moon in Sagittarius the other night as I was preparing for this journey. I thought I would drop in some of my insights for these current times. Otherwise, I will see you on the other side!



May 29th

Full Moon in Sagittarius

There was a full moon in the sign of the truth seeking, trail blazing archetype of Sagittarius. This encourages us to find our truth and to have the courage to go out on a limb, explore new territory and to boldly go where you’ve never gone before.

June 3rd

Moon Conjunct Mars

The moon illuminates the part of the Mars cycle in which it is wrapping up it’s last cycle and preparing for the new one. We call this phase zero and can be described as an incubation phase.


The moon illuminates this section of the journey.


The next Mars cycle will be in this very sign of Aquarius starting during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th


June 5th

Mercury Conjunct the Sun

The messenger planet known for being tricky is in an exterior conjunction with the Sun, or close to the Sun and on the outside of it. Though the planet is in the trickster, eternal youth rule breaker sign of Gemini, it does serve a higher purpose, as does Gemini.


Mercury is now in a phase in it’s cycle we call the Psycopomp phase.



A psycopomp is basically a guide for souls. It’s the one that can bring an individual to the other worlds, the shamanic realms, and bring them back as well. This is the portion of the Mercury cycle it is in right now.


We shall see what messages come back from the other world experience of Mercury being on the exterior of the Sun.


Mercury and the Sun are also now Square to Neptune, the dreamy, fuzzy, upper world Planet. One could easily get confused during these couple of days. Or one could take the opportunity to see perspectives beyond our normal view. These energies are helping us to see the celestial realms.


June 6th

Venus at Maximum Latitude

Today the planet of the feminine will rise to its highest height during it’s current cycle. You can’t miss it! Just as the sun sets Venus is right first star and brightest star in the same western area of the sky. Feast your eyes, and tune into the rising of the feminine.



Mars conjunct the South Node

What is a Node? It’s the place where an eclipse would happen. In Shamanic Astrology the South Node us part of the lineage of an individual. Mars is the planet of the masculine witin each of us.


So when these two things cmbine we can see a releasing of whatever that particular masculine is. In this case Mars is at the end of it’s last quest and is preparing for it’s next journey as an Aquarius masculine. So the way I see it is that now is the time to release any stuck or distorted energy sourounding the intelligent and unique version of the masculine!

That way we can embrace the new version of the Aqu=rius god which has to do with seeing the bigger picture, be rebellious and radical to create hange in an existing or out dated model.


This connection between Mars and the South Node will happen 3 times over the next two months. This is the first and the last one will be in late July when we have a total Lunar Eclipse. That very same moment is when Mars begins it’s new cycle. How’s that for syncronicitiy?!


June 13th

Venus enters Leo

The planet of the feminine, Venus explores the sign of radical radiant self love, outgoiness and creativity, Leo.


June 12th

Mercury enters Cancer

The planet of thought, communication and cognition, Mercury moves into the sign of compassion care and sensiivty, Cancer. When one thinks like a Cancer then there is more concern for others and the reponse of nurturing like a mom would her child.


This is the solstice part of the sky though the planet won’t be easy to see. This is just before it rises as a morning star


Much of this information was gathered by listening to my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. A non-profit school dedicated to honoring the magical connection between the earth and the sky. Click here to discover more and become a member.

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