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By Levi Banner


May 2018


New Moon in Taurus

Uranus into Taurus

Mars into Aquarius

I don’t usually do this…. though it’s worth backtracking a few days. There were some very significant alignments that happened just recently…


I have been immersed in a 6-day Shamanic Astrology course with my mentor Daniel Giamario, the founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. It was a deep dive into the planetary energy coming from space in relation to us humans here on earth. The course was a basic immersion fueled by wisdom, curiosity, fun and lot’s of cacao! I’m just now unwinding from being an assistant teacher as the group went really deep into process. For it is not just astrology, but Shamanic astrology is in nature, Shamanic.


During the course we had a new moon. The very same day Uranus moved into a new sign after nearly 8 years. Also that same day Mars went into a new sign.


It gets better.


Mars actually moved into the very sign that it will start a new 26-month cycle in, which will happen during the lunar eclipse in July. Not only that but the new moon was in the same sign Uranus moved into!


Coincidence?… I say syncronicity.


A very significant day was this final day of our astrology course! So now I backtrack a few days because there is a much bigger context to those alignments. Also, since I was immersed in the course, I was unable to send out an article during that time.


So here now are my insights for these recent alignments:



May 15th and beyond

New Moon in Taurus

Uranus into Taurus

Mars into Aquarius


Imagine planting seeds of intention, as juicy and savory of an experience as you can embody. Plant those deep into the vibrant soil of your intentions. Plant these intentions with as much lucidity and clarity as possible.


Plan to receive at least as much as you give…. maybe more this month?


Without guilt, stop and smell the roses. Savor the experiences. Indulge your senses. Allow yourself to feel fully alive in your own body!


New moons are always a great time to plan for the month ahead. This one is a great time to set intentions for the next 7 years!


Uranus also moved into Taurus this day after being in Aries for nearly 8 years.


The new moon was in Taurus. Uranus moved into Taurus as well. The same day!


Very rare. Very clear message.


Last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1924-1932. Listening to my teacher Erik Roth speak, he pointed out that this was not only the end of the last world war (also when Uranus last moved out of Aries) but also this is when the marijuana prohibition first started. It’s interesting now that we have come full circle and are beginning to see that Marijuana be re-legalized in major parts of the United States!


This is just one example of Taurus type of things already beginning to change. we now begin a whole new 7 year time period of the Uranus energies exploring the sign of Taurus.

Uranus is all about abrupt changes, radical shifts and moments of extreme novelty.


Taurus is all about sensuality, patience and pleasurable experiences in the body.


All of the new moon intentions you make are also setting a tone for this next 7 years!


All this comes together with another alignment of Mars moving into Aquarius this very same day!

We get some powerful imagery with the blending of these two signs. Taurus and Aquarius. Though they are very different there are some similarities.


Simply put, they are both fixed signs which we call self-exploration signs. Though one is earth and the other air.


Earth is more physical. Air is more mental.


This is actually a square alignment, which a a dynamic alignment. Mars and Uranus are 90 degrees away from each other during the new moon.


The movement into Aquarius begins Mars preparation for it’s next synodic cycle! When Mars moves into opposition with the sun in July it will start a new 26-month cycle. This will happen in the sign of Aquarius carrying the energy of Aquarius as an overtone for the entire 26-month journey.


Just to top it all off: This will happen at the exact same time as the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th!!!


How about that for syncronicity?!!

So you see? There is a much larger context from the clues we are receiving at this current time.


Mars is the planet of the masculine. It represents the collective masculine journey.


Aquarius is the sign of revolutionary, cosmic consciousness. Aquarius is about seeing the eagle eye view, the big picture and breaking through with new ideas. Very much like Uranus.


Mars will be in Aquarius for several months in what we consider an incubation process. The masculine is letting go and integrating this last cycle. Mars is now just finishing up and preparing for the next one.


The movement of Uranus into Taurus during the new moon on the same day Mars moves into Aquarius where it will start a new cycle, we get an activation of these two forces together!


It’s time to allow Aquarian freedom and consciousness to integrate and mingle with the Taurian guilt free pleasure in the body!

It will take avant-garde, progressive connection to the senses. We must bring in new possibilities of embodying freedom and deep fulfillment to the mind and body.


Taurus pleasures the body.


Aquarius pleasures the mind and consciousness.


Both are about self-exploration. Though this is a unique combination.


Aquarius wants to expand consciousness as far out as it can go.


Taurus wants to expand and maximize the experience of pleasure and intimacy.


Enjoy this blend and bring in your intentions. These goals you set are for a long lasting initiation.




When the moon becomes full in less than two weeks I will be celebrating!

Join me for a Cacao Ceremony at the Yoga Barn in Bali, May 29th!


Find more info and sign up here:


Much of this information was gathered by listening to my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. A non-profit school dedicated to honoring the magical connection between the earth and the sky. Click here to discover more and become a member.

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