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By Levi Banner


May 1st, 2018


Full Moon in Scorpio

Beltane Cross Quarter

11 years of teaching Yoga

Salutations from Bali. This full moon marks exactly one month since my Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training happened in Bali. One full moon ago we had just finished an entire 30-days of yoga intensity, learning, healing and exploring, from full moon to full moon.


The end of April also marks exactly 11-years ago since I had completed my first yoga teacher training as a student! Surprising enough to me, directly after the training course: I started teaching.


This May marks 11-years of me teaching yoga!


Yoga soon became a main tool of mine to expand consciousness and help humanity awaken. As I move forward with sharing yoga with the world. Teaching people how to teach it themselves and then share with others is the best way I’ve found to spread the love. So I just solidified my dates for the next teacher training!


The 200-hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training and Breathwork Immersion will be held April 5th-May 4th, 2019, New Moon to New Moon, here at the Yoga barn in Bali.


Registration will open soon! Stayed tuned for the official announcement.


For now, here are my insights for these currently intense times.



May 1st, Tuesday

Full Moon in Scorpio


Intensity, depth, sensuality, sexuality, passion…. These are the qualities of Scorpio.


When the moon is full, it brings out the intensity of what is manifesting for you.


The full moon illuminates the darkness.


If you have intended well, then it can be a celebratory time. A time of full manifestation of what you have been working on and creating. If you haven’t done what’s needed, then it will illuminate what’s missing.


The full moon in Scorpio is a time of maximum expansion, where the energies of life are most pronounced. There can be overwhelming perceptions and perspectives that pour out of the depths of your consciousness.


Ultimately the Scorpio mysteries invite the feeling maximum aliveness for it’s own sake.


With that there can be less sleep as consciousness is awakened and expanded. Beware of manic behavior and lunatics. Which is understandable as one’s darkness and what’s repressed is illuminated and revealed. That can be unnerving.


Right now as we are just passed this intense full moon experience it is a time to slow down and savor the inner experience.


Now is the time to go in deep.


Scorpio is ultimately about Involution. Meaning evolution is the expansion into the infinite possibilities around you. Involution is the exploration of the limitless space inside of you.


It’s time to dive in deep.

The full moon has been with the Planet Jupiter. If you had a chance to witness the incredibly powerful full moon, you probably also noticed the very bright star right next to it which was the planet Jupiter.


Jupiter expands anything it’s near.


Jupiter made this full moon in Scorpio even more expansive and intense.


The full moon illuminates what’s unconscious. The full moon illuminates the darkest part of the sky, the furthest point from the sun.


Over the next few nights the moon will also pass by Mars and Saturn.


It’s time to shine light on the darkness.


May 2nd, Wednesday

Venus conjunct the star Aldeberan


The eye of the bull constellation, Aldeberan is passed and illuminated by the planet Venus tonight.


Venus is the planet that represents the collective feminine and the sacred feminine within you.


At the exact same time the moon is near the heart star of the Scorpion constellation, Antares.


These two stars are exactly opposite of each other.


Tonight as one is rising the other is setting. A great way to tune into the constellational zodiac which a long time ago used Adeberan as the center point which all other signs were measured from.


Venus and the Moon are opposite each other near these two stars.


Tune into this tonight to gage where you are at in relation to the stars and tune into the energies of the feminine and unconscious that Venus and the moon bring out.



May 4th , Friday

Moon conjunct Saturn


In the late night and early morning sky you can bear witness to the moon passing by the planet Saturn.


The moon illuminates what’s unconscious and shines light on whatever darkness it touches.


The planet Saturn shows us our limits and boundaries and helps us evolve through creating structure and form.


You can see this connection near the constellation of the scales, as Saturn is retrograde or moving backwards through the stars of the scales.


It’s time to re-examine what’s real for you in life, especially if you are in a personal Saturn cycle.



May 6th , Sunday

Moon conjunct Mars


As the moon passes by Mars it accents a portion of the cycle Mars is in.


The moon is like a cosmic spotlight.


Mars, the planet that represents the collective masculine and the masculine within you is in it’s 5th and final part of it’s cycle which we call the elder wisdom phase. This is where the planet having been on a two-year journey now comes back around a much wiser Sagittarius god.


Mars has been in a Sagittarius overtone cycle, the Sagittarius vision quest. Now, having the overall experience of completing a full cycle, it is integration time.


Very soon the divine masculine will enter a new sign and a new 26-month cycle.



May 5th, Saturday


Exact astrological cross quarter


Originally Beltane is the exact midpoint between solstice and equinox. Called the Cross Quarter.


The true point of Beltane is when the sun is at 15 degrees Taurus. Around the world have been secular holidays created such as Mayday. Which is merely a calendar date.


Going way back Beltane is the celebration of the rites of spring. Honoring nature, getting the earth going again, springtime, the birds and bees, aliveness, passion and sexuality. It was a time to help nature grow more powerfully and practically speaking a time to let the cattle out into the meadow for the first time since fall.


The cross quarter was a ceremonial time to sit together, dance and sing around the bonfire. Beltane was a time to honor the midpoint of the season and a time to bring back the light.


The cross quarter and spring time would have been more important the more north you went as you could feel spring more intensely.


Nowadays this holiday of Mayday is more about honoring workers and revolutionaries.


For whatever reason you honor this time it is indeed an important moment in the year.


Happy cross quarter.




This article was written while at my friend’s Elah and Ausierra’s cacao ceremony. Check out their website and look out for their new album coming out next week.




These insights were strongly influenced by the words of my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, a non-profit school teaching the wisdom of astrology, astronomy and cosmology in a grounded on earth and connected to the cosmos way.


A tremendous opportunity:

If you are in Bali next week my mentor and main astrology teacher is coming to Ubud to teach the basics of Shamanic Astrology for the first time in Bali!

Script and Archetypes in Bali, May 10-16, with Daniel Giamario

Here is the webpage:

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