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By Levi Banner

 April `15th, 2018


New Moon in Aries

Mercury Direct

Chiron into Aries


Hello from Bali!! Wow so much has just happened recently. Here we are fresh out of the Bali Spirit Festival which was tons of fun! I shared a few workshops and really enjoyed the family vibes and community heart space. It was the best one yet!


This was just after my month-long Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training that was a huge success! I’m planning one for next year around this same time, so be on the lookout for that…. and a 300-hour Yoga Training in Peru, November of 2019. I will be announcing that very soon.


Astrologically speaking there is a lot wrapping up and a lot starting a new. With this new moon and mercury going direct the same day, two days later Saturn goes direct and Chiron moves into a new sign after 8 years of being in Pisces!


Most of this is happening in Aries where Uranus has been for over 7 years and will move out of next month.


This new moon in Aries is a mark of movement forward. Now looking back on what has just occurred because with Aries there is no more looking back! Enjoy the movement.


Here are my insights for these action packed times:



April 15th

New Moon in Aries

Mercury Direct

The new moon in Aries is the first new moon after the equinox, which could be considered a new year in some cultures. The Aries energy is always about renewal, getting started and really going for it in a big way.


Aries is the archetype of the warrior. Aries goes all in to their mission and purpose without any doubt and will let nothing stop them!

The new moon is always a time to set intentions and set things in motion.


The new moon in Aries is especially good for that.


Whatever it is that you are focused on, let it now be like a mission that you just have to accomplish.


The support of this moon cycle will help that action happen.


This same day Mercury goes direct. The planet known for it’s influence on the mind, communication, transportation and electronics has been going backwards for the past 3 weeks! When this happens there is more haywire activity in these realms.


Mercury retrograde has very little compassion for electronics and Internet.


Now moving forward, you can expect there to be more clarity in your communications, more clear thoughts and smoother rides as you go from one place to the next.


April 17th

Moon Conjunct Venus

Saturn Direct

Chiron into Aries


The moon comes in contact with the planet of the feminine, Venus.


Venus is on a greater synodic cycle in which she has recently risen from the glare of the sun. The feminine is rising.

This is the second moon conjunction since being in the underworld or so near the sun she could not be seen.


The second conjunction from the moon is like the second chakra or second gate, reactivating or reclaiming the power of the second chakra.


This happens in the sign of Taurus, which can be sensual and erotic to some degree. Perfect for the second chakra.


The feminine is reclaiming it’s sensuality and connection to pleasure.


This very same day the planet of structure and form, Saturn begins to move forward again.


Saturn is the furthest planet we can see with our naked eye. Saturn represents our limits and boundaries. Right now Saturn is at it’s furthest from the sun or at Aphelion.


Going backwards it was like a check up on what is working and what is not in regards to the choices we had just made. I don’t see the backwards motion as weak, though instead powerful. A powerful checkup has been upon us.


Now moving forward we can take one step at a time moving at a steady and clear pace.


If you were in a Saturn cycle this may have been the end of that cycle.


Lastly the asteroid Chiron moves from the sign of Pisces where it has been for nearly 8 years, into Aries for the first time in almost 50 years!


Chiron is known as the wounded healer or the shamanic healer. It shows us the wounds that need healing and the medicine needed to soothe those sores.


Aries is the energy of action and the archetype of the warrior.


There is a healing coming in on the collective warrior. The energy of action will now be healed.

Any overdoing just won’t do. Any pushing too hard will get a push back and pushed down. The fierce focus will have to be looked at through new eyes. The warrior will have to lay down its sword of fighting too much and learn to pick its battles more wisely.


Chiron moves through the entire sky in a 50-year cycle, though takes the longest to move through Pisces and Aries.


We will experience this healing for the next 7 years.


April 18th

Sun Conjunct Uranus


The Sun, the light of consciousness moves into close contact with Uranus, the planet of abrupt and radical changes.


The Sun affects mostly your outer identity and personality. With Uranus there can be sudden changes and electric experiences, which give you a new perspective.


This will happen in the sign of Aries, where Uranus has been for over 7 years and will be leaving very soon.


This is a sign where many alignments are happening at this time.


Today the Sun illuminates the electrical impulses and radical changing nature of Uranus.



April 20th

Sun enters Taurus


The light of life now illuminates the sign of Taurus.


For the month of Taurus the mysteries of sensuality and sexuality are experienced and brought into the light.


As we approach Beltane and the cross quarter, this Sun movement marks the middle of spring or fall depending on which hemisphere you reside.



April 22nd

Pluto Retrograde

The planet of death and rebirth begins to move backwards. Pluto, the slowest moving planet, or dwarf planet will retrace its steps from the past few months. Re-showing us the shadows and hidden emotions of what we just experienced.


When a planet goes retrograde it’s a powerful time to re-examine the lessons just learned. With Pluto, it’s an underworld, emotional digging that occurs.


When a planet is further away it becomes less personal and more collective.


Pluto is showing us the collective shadows that need re-examining.

April 26th

Mars Conjunct Pluto


The planet of the masculine, Mars aligns with the planet of deep underworld emotional experiences, Pluto.


Mars has been on a two-year quest on its latest cycle. Now coming to the end, retrograde Pluto gives an opportunity for the masculine to go in deep before it dies to this last cycle and prepares for the next.


Mars has been on a cycle with a Sagittarius overtone. The truth seeker, trailblazer adventurer, philosopher is Sag.


The collective masculine has been on quite a vision quest the past two years. Seeing things like the latest US president get elected and offend millions and the #metoo movement really sparked a good look at the masculine motives. The masculine has had to take a good look at itself.


This alignment with Pluto gives one last deep look at what is true for the vision quest masculine.


It’s time to go inward and see what’s beneath the surface in regards to the wisdom of the collective masculine.





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