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By Levi Banner


March 31st, 2018


Full Moon in Libra

Mercury Retrograde

Mars and Saturn Meet-up

Sun Pluto Square

Greetings from Ubud Bali where I have just completed a month-long Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training!!! What a full –on course with many ups and downs, ins and outs and action packed Flows and relaxing meditations. An incredibly deep and powerful experience for all 30 of us in the group! I shared so many life lessons and even more were learned. One things is for sure, this is the most fulfilling work I could be doing right now and these past few days have been some of the most fulfilling moments I’ve experienced so far in this life. I have s much gratitude to everyone that came as they really went all-in, dove deep, and flew high.


This program is life-changing.


If you’d like to join me next year please give me a shout. I have another 200-hour yoga training planned for this time next year in Bali and a 300-hour advanced training in planning mode at the moment for late next year in Peru.


Stay tuned and keep breathing.


I know it’s been quite some time since you last heard from me. That was because I was teaching from 7am-9pm everyday for the past 30 days leaving no time to send out my love. So here it is now all built up from sharing yoga and astrology breathing as a community. From my new soul tribe and the magic of Bali.



March 31st

Full Moon in Libra

Tonight is a Full Moon in the sign of relationships, communication and personal connections, Libra. This moon like all full moons is exactly opposite the Sun. The Sun in the sign of the all-in, nothing can stop it, Action sign of Aries. This duality is the epitome of relationship dynamics.


Self and other.


How much can I give to the relationship without losing too much of myself?…


How little can I give and still be all in to the connection?…


It’s time to ask yourself what is a healthy and what is not. What parts of your relationships are built out of fear or patterns created long ago? It’s time to take a look as the full moon illuminates the darkest part of the sky, it is time to illuminate the darkness within yourself.


You have to love yourself to love others. Cleashe I know, though true it is. Libra is about learning who they are through others though without a proper amount of slef respect and knowledge of slef then there is no self to relate to. With too much giving up of one’s personal preferences for the relationship or conversation to be harmonious then there is no real relating. Only a one sided driver and passenger.


On the ship of relating there are two at the control both equally responsible for where you steer.


It’s true Libra may need someone like an Aries who is more than sure about what they are doing so they can make a more clear decision.


It’s equally as true that Aries need someone like Libra to help them with their misiion.


It’s just that aries would never admit it!


Happy Full Moon to you and your nearest and dearest.



April 1st

Mercury Conjunct the Sun

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and a few times a year the planet comes in complete contact or conjunction with the bright light the Sun. This is when Mercury is retrograde, which it is. When Mercury goes direct again on April 15th, the day of the New Moon then it will start a new overtone cycle in the sign of Aries. Carrying with it the collective mind moving with full force on it’s mission in the sign of all-in action.

Lately Mercury has been in a beautiful gathering with Venus much like the original story of Innana. The particular alignment only happens every 40 years. The messenger planet is now retrograde and disappearing from the night sky. It is now in an interior conjunction with the Sun and will soon after rise into the morning sky. Though will only really be seen then in the southern hemisphere due to the angle of the planets rise.



April 2nd

Mars Conjunct Saturn

In the morning sky you can go out during April 2-7 and see these two planets in close contact to one another. April 2nd is the exact connection. At first these two planets are close in brightness at the beginning of the month, though by the end of April, Mars will almost double in brightness as it moves towards opposition with the sun in July. Then, like a full moon it will be at it’s brightest.


Mars is the planet of the masculine on a journey since April of 2016 in it’s current cycle. Now is the time it has come full circle as a more wise masculine and prepares over the next couple of months to begin a new journey.


Each cycle of Mars is about 26 months. In this current phase of the journey, it is as if the masculine has already gone on the vision quest and has now come back more wise and experienced.


Saturn was in contact with Mars on the beginning of this current cycle for many months. Another reason this is full circle: Saturn is there for Mars to check back in with.


Almost as if the boy left home and came back a man. Checking back in with Dad.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, limitations, realistic outcomes and constructive criticism.


It’s time to get real with what the masculine now knows and to step more authentically into that awareness.




April 7th

Moon Conjunct Saturn and Mars

The moon will come connect with Saturn and then Mars. This will bring up more of what has been happening between these two planets this past week. The moon illuminates anything left out of the equation.

Mars the collective masculine has been meeting and greeting Saturn the planet of certainty and realism.


The moon will now amplify this equation.



April 8th

Last Quarter Moon Conjunct Pluto

The moon is the collective unconscious and your past life lineage


Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth.


The moon illuminates the shadows on it’s last quarter turn towards the Sun



April 10th

Sun Square Pluto

The Sun is the light of consciousness and the fuel you are burning in this life.


Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, chaos, our of linear ways experiences of the underworld and deep inner feelings.


With this square alignment it’s as if a build up has been happening until now.


It’s time to look at what needs composting.


This build of tension has to break through or resistance ensues.


Look for events not linear or logical. We can’t know what it will be though this is the time to give your self-permission to deal with things beyond your control.


If you have any planets in your birth chart in the middle of the 4 cardinal or householder signs then this is extremely relevant for you personally. Though there is also a collective connection to this process.


This is the major Pluto punctuation of the year.


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