Astrology Insights
By Levi Banner

January 17th, 2018

New Moon in Capricorn
Venus Enters Aquarius
Sun enters Aquarius
Mars enters Sagittarius

Happy New Moon and Happy New Year from Bali! This Capricorn New moon is the first of the year! It seems as though our intentions are truly stronger at this time and what we put into play during the solstice and our New Year’s resolutions are now really taking shape! I for one am extremely busy right now preparing for some short travels to Australia and India and then my Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training in March! I couldn’t be more excited to birth this new program into the world. If you’d like to know more about getting your yoga training certificate or deepening your personal practice while also experiencing a deep healing and training to get your 1st level breathwork facilitator certificate then click here.

Take your time. We are building the future now.

January 17th, Wednesday
New Moon in Capricorn

This is the first new moon of 2018!!! This one seems to be a particularly important to tune into for several reasons.

This is an apogee new moon, which means the moon is furthest to earth and gives way to the full moon on January 31st which is at perigee or closest to earth.

The seeds of consciousness you plant at this new moon will have a lot to do with how you experience the full moon which will be a super moon, total lunar eclipse!

The full moon on January 31st will also be what we call in modern times a blue moon as it is the second full moon in one calendar month after starting the new year with a full moon in Cancer on January 2nd.

There will be two full moons at perigee or two super moons in a row in January!

A blue moon hasn’t happened in well over a hundred years during an eclipse!

This new moon is the direct point to tune into to prepare for that intense energy of the total lunar eclipse coming in two weeks.
This then also prepares for our whole year of 2018. This is the first new moon of the year and new moons are always the best time to set your intentions for the month and in this case for the year!

It’s time to reassess your new year’s resolutions and make practical new moon intentions.

It’s then also another indication to prepare for two years ahead in 2020 when Saturn reaches Pluto along with Jupiter.

A massive three outer planet alignment that could only happen once in many lifetimes.

They will meet in Capricorn.

This new moon is in Capricorn. Very close to where that three-planet alignment will take place.

Capricorn is the sign of ground practicality, earth wisdom and the experience of an expert.

If on a big scale it has to do with structures and forms. If more personal it is your consistency in your day to day.

It’s time to call on your elder wisdom, your logic and reason.

What are you creating in your life this year? This month?

What are you building?

What are you growing? It’s time to plant seeds in your consciousness that will grow for this month, this year, the next two years and in the view of Capricorn and the native American tradition for the next seven generations to follow.

January 18th, Thursday
Venus enters Aquarius

The Planet of the feminine, Venus enters the sign of radical quirkiness, Aquarius.

Venus on her descent journey in the underworld, which means she is to close to the sun to see, is just beginning to come up. She will rise again in the evening sky in February.

Now the Aquarius big picture view can see what’s up ahead.

Aquarius is the visionary, futuristic thinker.

Venus is now on the rise.

January 19th, Friday
Sun enters Aquarius

The light of consciousness that shines light on all life, the Sun enters the sign of rebellious, eccentric behavior, Aquarius.

The sun is the collective fuel we are burning for the next 30 days.

Aquarius is the bird’s eye view, the connection to collective consciousness.

The Sun is the light of consciousness.

It’s time to expand the collective consciousness.

January 26th, Friday
Mars enters Sagittarius

The Masculine planet, Mars enters the sign of expansion into truth and meaning, Sagittarius.

Mars is on his current quest where he now enters the sign he once started in many moons ago.

In the overtone of Sagittarius, the Masculine has been on a long quest.

Sagittarius is the sign of this overtone cycle. It’s as if the masculine is returning home form the journey.

Sagittarius is the truth seeker, trailblazer on the quest for meaning and purpose.

This is the final phase of the Mars cycle that we call the elder wisdom phase. It’s as if the masculine has been through everything it will have gone through and has returned home with the wisdom of experience.

In this case the masculine has gained a new sense of truth and the experience of many adventures.

It’s now done searching and go on the quest within. Instead of the furthest reaches of the planet, the masculine can now look towards the new places in his inner world.

It’s now time to explore the inner landscape.

Go boldly where you’ve never gone before.

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