Astro Insights

By Levi Banner

September 18th, 2017


Festival report

New Moon in Virgo


Greetings from Lisbon Portugal! After a month and a half of living at festivals in the States and Canada, I have made it to Europe. Here I will embark on a weeklong cosmology course with my teachers Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell, the founders of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. In this course I will be trained under the night sky, learning the myths, legends and astronomy of the stars by a couple of astro masters. I’m very excited. We will also be exploring some sacred sites, megaliths and scenic beauty of the eastern mountains of Portugal.


It was along journey in the states! I made it to 4 festivals. Two of which were over a week long. I taught workshops at some big ones and also got to enjoy myself thoroughly. Something I haven’t done in years since moving to Bali. I grew up going to festivals so this was more than literally a homecoming. I did make it out to Oregon and California to visit family and friends (for the first time in 4 years). Though it really wasn’t enough time to visit as I spent my time in the midst of the transformational experiences that festival gatherings are. I am however grateful for the time spent with the few people I got to visit.


First I went to Shambhala in BC Canada. This was the 20th year of the festival and my first time even stepping foot in Canada! Here I taught a couple of great workshops before the rain came. Which was a huge blessing that put the heat out of the fire threat. I opened the workshop space with a Shamanic Yoga workshop, which really was like an unplanned opening ceremony to that space. I also taught a great Astrology Basics workshop though the breathwork was rained out. I did get to see some really great music and enjoy the pristine river and well established festival grounds with fully blossoming flowers and grown over tunnel temples. Shambhala is a great festival, I had a magical time.

I then made it through another 8-hour drive and a flight just in time for a 12-hour wait in line to get into the Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival. This was well worth it. This was the festival event of our lifetime. I have been to a lot of festivals. This one was one of the best! Mainly due to the magic of the astrological event: the great American eclipse of 2017! This was a phenomenon to witness. After a long night of magical ups and downs I made it to the indigenous camp just at sunrise where there was an elder talking story and doing a fire ceremony to welcome in the energies before the eclipse came. This was his 9th eclipse in a row! And the final in the overall eclipse ceremony he was a part of. This was the perfect space setting where many of my Bali tribe sisters and brothers met up before we all went to the main sun temple to witness the eclipse. There where over 20 indigenous elders and shamans to say prayers in their own native languages in a circle just before the eclipse. This was an extremely powerful invocation! Elders and representatives from all nations, and my Bali family all around me.


I was in awe as soon as the moon began to cross over the sun. The entirety of the eclipse lasted a couple of hours though the actual totality was only a couple of minutes. Then was when the sky went dark and the temperature dropped dramatically. Everyone and everything went silent, as if time stopped. When the sun peaked out the other side it was like a breath of fresh air after holding your breath for too long. When the sun returned we all rejoiced. A renewal. As we finished our individual prayers, we returned to the collective gathering, now, even more a celebration. We had all been through so much to be there together. Now I could really feel the oneness.

The whole event was incredible. People from all over the world were in my home state of Oregon to bear witness. I saw folks from all over and met many new friends. The music was off the hook and the workshops were fantastic. This was an event to remember. This one sticks out of the sea of festival experiences I have been swimming in since I was a kid with hippy parents. For me this was the one to tune in to. If more festivals could focus on honoring astrological alignments, they would be even more potent. I am extremely grateful for this Symbiosis experience. I got share some very well received workshops and really felt a great sense of contributing to the whole and to the evolution we are all a part of.


Then it was a couple of days back with the parents before heading off to Burning Man! This was my second burn though the last was 9 years ago! The playa was similar in many ways and of course very different. The entire experience was incredible. I believe everyone that likes transformational events should attend Burning Man at least once in their life. For me, I shall definitely return. Highlights include space station communication attempts from a temporary temple dome brought in from Sweden, Being one of the ring bearers for a wedding of 15 people under a giant steal chapel, tripping out under a tree made of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of LED lights flashing in different patterns, and seeing my friends erect a giant pyramid, the highest point on the playa… and a giant bird of prey sitting on top on the last night.

Then to decompress, I headed down to Bhakti fest where my dear friend and Kirtan Shakti Johanna Beekman had a ticket waiting for me. When I went to my first workshop I saw around 15 people I knew along the way there or back. Just one workshop I realized how many people I knew at this event! I really connected with the tribe at Bhaktifest. This was my second time there though the first was probably 8 years ago. This was a very different experience than before. I really felt at home in the Joshua Tree desert. This was also my first encounter with Sri Prem Baba. Indeed a being I will see and learn from again.


From there I got to visit my sister in San Diego before flying out to Portugal. Here I am in Lisbon awaiting the cosmology course. Up super early and excited to be a student for a week!!! I will teach on a teacher training in south Portugal afterward and will be back in Bali teaching at the Yoga Barn October 1st. See you there!



For these transformational times, it is extremely important to know what the astrological omens are suggesting. Here are my insights for these coming times:



September 19th, Wednesday

New Moon in Virgo

After two new moons in the sign of Leo, which included the total solar eclipse, we can now move on to other experiences. Gathering what we’ve learned this past month and leaving behind all we’ve let go of, we invite the energies of Virgo into this moon cycle.


The new moon is always a time to plant seeds of intention so they can grow throughout the lunation.


The sign of Virgo is an earth element energy. A time to get grounded and focus on what you are growing. Virgo is the most detail oriented sign and is dedicated to it’s sacred duty. In service to spirit, Virgo is dedicated to bringing spirit into matter to honor it.

Now is the time to notice what you are devoted to. Now is the time to plant your seeds of intention and honor them. Now is the time to be of service to what you know to be sacred and special.


Gather up what you got out of that eclipse energy and use it as fertilizer for the growth of your projects.



September 21st, Thursday

Moon conjunct Jupiter


The moon, which represents the collective unconscious, catches up to the giant planet Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. Being in the sign of Libra for almost an entire year, Jupiter is getting ready to move into Scorpio on October 5th. This is one of the last activations of the expansion of Libra energy that Jupiter has been invoking.


Libra is the sign of relationships and communication. Libra strives to get along and find harmony and balance in all that it does.


Now is the time to let go of any last bit of tension in your relationships. Now is the time to see clearly what holds you back from harmonious connections. Now is the time to clearly communicate your need and negotiate what works best for both.


You will see the moon approach the star Spica and then the bright planet Jupiter.



September 22nd



When the sun enters into the sign of Libra, we will have the September Equinox. Which means the part of the sun’s cycle where it rises and sets over the equator making equal night and day across the world.

Equi= Equal

Nox= Night

After this day, depending on which hemisphere you are on, the days will begin to get longer or shorter. This is a beautiful experience and metaphor for finding balance by restoring what you have been missing At least on this one day we can strive to find balance in our lives. Between the night and the day, the dark and the light, the masculine and feminine, the left and the right, the right and the wrong. Today all is equal.


Now is the time to strive towards balance. Now is the time to release the light, or release the darkness from your life. Now is the time to receive the equilibrium of the seasonal shift. Now is time to find homeostasis from the sun’s blessing.



September 24th, Sunday

Mars opposite Neptune


Today the planet that represents the collective masculine, Mars is exactly opposite the planet that represents the collective dream, Neptune. This brings up a softer more sensitive side of the masculine nature. Which doesn’t always have to be a warrior fighter archetype. Neptune brings a broader dream where kinder, gentler men are seen as powerful in their own right. Think nurturing father, artist or dancer, all valid expressions of a powerful and receptive masculine.


Mars is in the sign of Virgo where he is exploring the priest archetype, the attention to details version of the masculine. Where Neptune is in Pisces bringing out an even more open and fuzzy universal loving spirit that is related to both Neptune and Pisces.


Now is the time to soften. Now is the time for the collective masculine to see beyond what is seen with the eyes. Now is the time to heal the masculine. Now is the time to dream a new masculine.



September 25th, Monday

Mercury Square Saturn


The planet of thought and communication, Mercury is in a 90-degree angle with the planet of structure and form, Saturn. The square alignment is a dynamic that creates a crisis in action.


Mercury is in the sign of Virgo. Bringing to mind the importance of details and sacredness of thought.


Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius. Bringing evolution through limits and boundaries to the sign of travel and expansion of the awareness of truth.


Mercury is activating our thoughts and Saturn is keeping them in form. We are being informed by the messenger planet mercury to stay dedicated as the structure of Saturn helps to keep us consistent.


Now is the time to keep up with your daily devotions. Now is the time to tangibly touch the divine. Now is the time to keep in mind what is sacred and special to you and to really work on it.



September 27th, Wednesday

Jupiter opposite Uranus


The planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter is in the opposite end of the sky as the planet of abrupt changes and radical shifts, Uranus.


Jupiter expands anything it touches. It’s shining a spotlight on the sign of Libra.


Libra is the sign of relationships and communication.


Uranus brings moments of extreme novelty and unexpected changes that shift the reality before. Uranus is in the sign of Aries.


Aries is the sign of the warrior. The protector of the tribe that goes all in to what it loves.


Jupiter is expanding Uranus, which is like Jupiter on steroids! Expanded radical shifts. This could be like getting struck by lightning in a good way!


…I said to the wind as it blew me away that this is where I wanted to go today…


Now is the time to enjoy the changes. Now is the time to go with the flow. Now is the time to roll with the punches.


September 28th

Pluto goes direct


After a 6 month journey of going backwards, or retrograde, Pluto stations direct. Which means it will stay in place for a short time before moving forward.


This will take all the energy and lessons learned from Pluto from the past year and bring an opportunity to move forward with them.


Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Pluto is the planet of underworld initiations and transformational experiences.


Now is the time to move on feeling fully transformed. Now is the time to consciously leave behind all that you have let go of and gather up what is useful that you have learned. Now is the time to integrate it. Now is the time to move forward. That was the death. Now is the rebirth.


Today the moon happens to cross by Pluto. As if to show us where Pluto is since we can’t see Pluto with the naked eye. Pluto is the planet of your shadows. The shadow is the part of yourself you can’t see. The Moon represents the unconscious. The moon conjunct Pluto shows us the shadows so we can bring them to conscious light.




September 29th, Friday

Venus opposite Neptune

Mercury Enters Libra


The planet of the feminine, Venus is opposite the Planet of dreams and compassion, Neptune.


The collective feminine now gets a softer and gentler approach to being seen.


Now is the time to soften. Now is the time to choose your battles. Now is the time to heal the feminine.


Today Mercury enters Libra.

The messenger planet, Mercury enters the sign of relationship and harmony.


Mercury brings to mind the best ways to communicate in a healthy way, the best way to find harmony in all interactions, and the ability to work it all out.


Now is the time to hear the message of clear communication. Now is the time to see what works best for all.



September 30th, Saturday

Yom Kippur


The Jewish day of atonement. A day that is set aside for asking for forgiveness from god for your sins.


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