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By Levi Banner


August 7th, 2017


The Full Moon opens the Eclipse Portal


Greetings from Vancouver, Canada! After spending the past week in Oregon, a few days each in my hometowns of Eugene and Portland, I made it up to Vancouver to check out the city before I teach a few workshops at Shambhala Music Festival.


It was trip being back on the west coast US for the first time in 4 years! Since I’ve moved to Bali, I haven’t visited home. So much has changed and so much is the same. I was grateful to see family and old friends. Looking forward to more! I will be back down to Oregon for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse! I will be teaching some workshops at the Symbiosis Eclipse Festival as well.


If you are coming to either the Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival Or Shambhala: Come to my workshops! I’m teaching yoga, astrology and shamanic breathwork. Tell your friends! Otherwise I will see you on the other side.


Here are my insights for the next two weeks:


August 7th

Full Moon In Aquarius

Partial Lunar Eclipse


On August 7th at 11:11am Pacific US time there is a partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. The moon is full and sun is exactly opposite as usual during a full moon. Except that now: the earth is exactly in between (Or at least partially in between)! The result: The earth is blocking the sun’s light that the moon is normally reflecting back.


Instead of the moon illuminating the darkest part of the sky, what we see is the earth’s shadow cast upon the moon.

This is symbolic of the collective earth’s shadow, or humanity’s shadow. What we normally see is the moon in it’s full brilliance at a full moon. It’s a peak of it’s light. Now it’s partially obscured. The light is blurry and what’s beneath the surface is more seen.


The full moon eclipse happens on the exact cross quarter known as Lammas. The cross quarter is exactly the middle between the solstice and the equinox. An incredible and magical timing to have a full moon on this day, let alone an eclipse! This is very rare!


A sign of the times: We are in alignment for something big here.


This full moon lunar eclipse sets the stage for the great American total solar eclipse on August 21st.


Eclipses always happen in pairs. Whenever there is a lunar eclipse: there is a solar eclipse two weeks before or after.


The portal is now open from the lunar eclipse and the two-week window of time to see ourselves in a new way lasts through the solar eclipse on august 21st.


These two-week periods are what my teacher Cayelin Castell calls: an Eclipse Cauldron!


This time period is like a meting pot, being stirred up like a cauldron of hot sticky energy.


What’s cooking for you?!

The sun is in the sign of Leo, shining the light of Leo. Leo is self-love, radiance, outgoingness and freedom.


The moon is in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of vision, rebellious, unique and eccentric views.


We now get a new viewpoint on our collective consciousness. Now what we cannot normally see comes to light. What’s dark behind the light? What’s beyond what you know?


Aquarius is all about expansion of consciousness


As far up and out as it can go


For it’s own sake.


Aquarius and Leo are fixed signs or what we call in Shamanic Astrology: Self interest signs. These signs primary motivation is development of Self. Self-development and self-awareness is the path of the Aquarius/ Leo axis.


For this Full moon: It’s all about you! And the big picture of your life.


If you have any planets or angles of your birth chart in the late degrees of Leo or Aquarius: This eclipse cauldron is especially activating for you!


For all of us: it’s a time to look beneath the surface and see our own shadows. For you with the Leo/Aquarius energy: It’s a once in a lifetime activation!


It’s a once in a lifetime initiation for the United States as well. The full moon is near the United States moon sign (counties have birth charts too). The solar eclipse will be opposite of the US natal moon sign and will be the only time in our lifetimes that a total solar eclipse will only be visible across the center of the united states like this.


The full moon lunar eclipse activates this portal. Leading up to the Leo Total Solar eclipse on August 21st!


While the country’s newly elected president has his Natal Mars and Ascendant within a few degrees of the Eclipses. This will surely be activating for the Donald.


This really sets the stage for what’s up ahead. Leo is all about being seen and being creative. A healthy radiant leader that loves the spotlight is Leo.


What’s the shadow of a leader? What’s beneath the surface? What’s the darkenss behind the light?


We shall find out.

For now: it’s time to go within. Take it easy on yourself and really take this opportunity to connect with others and the collective. Bring out the best of Aquarian energy and see a cosmic viewpoint. Collectively we can make a difference. Be you, be unique, and be together with humanity. As you expand your consciousness: we then all evolve through you!


See you on the other side of the eclipse portal!



August 12th

Mercury Retrograde


The planet of communication, thought and perception goes backwards for a few weeks. Starting today things that have to do with technology, transportation and planning are out of the ordinary. Mercury goes retrograde today and goes direct (which means to move forward again) on September 5th.


Now is not the time where everything you plan will work the way it was planned. Instead: Now is a time where you have the opportunity to be creative with what you’ve planned in regards to what actually happens.

It’s nice to know that this energy is here because potentially now you can laugh at mistakes and not take things to seriously 😉


Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity to see things in a new way.



August 14th

Venus Opposite Pluto and Square Jupiter (T-Square)


The planet of the feminine, Venus is opposite the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto. Also the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter is in a 90-degree alignment from the two.

In the signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Libra, these Cardinal signs, or in Shamanic Astrology we call householder or culture bearer signs are in a dynamic alignment.


This is all about how you treat yourself and those around you. These signs are community, family and relationship oriented.


The collective feminine (Venus) is faced with an underworld experience (Pluto) amplified by the world around us (Jupiter).


This is a rare alignment. If you have any planets or angles of your birth chart in the mid point of the cardinal signs: you are exceptionally activated by this alignment!


Let’s bring nurturing, care and compassion to our hearts and to the feminine. Let’s go deep within to find our connection to self and let it amplify and magnify towards others. Taking care of yourself first is taking care of others.


You can’t give what you don’t have.


It’s important to receive.




August 18th

Moon Conjunct Venus


The moon passes by the planet of the feminine, Venus. The moon illuminates the part of the cycle Venus is in. The moon now passes Venus for the 5th time on Venus’s descent towards the sun, what we call the underworld. In Shamanic Astrology: this gate is likened to the 3rd chakra or solar plexus chakra.


Now is the time to release any stuck or distorted energy in regards to the feminine with in you. How do you empower yourself and take care of yourself? Where do you give your power away?


Now is the time to release anything holding you back from your feminine power!


August 21st

Saturn goes Direct

The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017!!!


The direct movement of Saturn will end many people’s Saturn return or personal Saturn cycles. The Solar Eclipse will end this current Eclipse portal and will be like a reset button for all of us, especially those in the United States.


Please take care of yourself and love each other.


I will write more when I get back from Shambhala. See you then!




These insights are in great part a summary of what I learn from my teachers at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School: a 501-c3 Non-Profit organization Living the Magic of Earth and Sky.


August Calendar for Levi:

August 9th

Starlit Yoga Studio

Penticton, British Columbia

Sacred Cacao Elemental Dance Journey


August 11th – 14th

Shambhala Music Festival

British Columbia, Canada

Grove Stage: Shamanic Yoga, Astrology Basics, and Shamanic Breathwork


August 17th – 24th

Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival

Oregon, USA

Shamanic Yoga and Shamanic Breathwork


August 27th – September 4th

Burning Man

Camp Contact



I hope to see you there!

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